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Note: the following is not intended to invite discussion, but rather for the sake of explanation only. It appears that I have somehow failed to make this clear, so in case there is any confusion: I have no desire to open a discussion or get into arguments with anyone about this, or for you to tell me how horribly wrong I am, or for me to tell you how horribly wrong I think you are. This means also I don't want comments where you agree with me: while I appreciate the support, I really don't want comments at all. I really don't want to discuss this. If you're deliberately trying to be obnoxious and annoying by commenting, there's nothing I can do about that, but I really have no interest in getting into a big argument about any of this.

Three years ago, Deviant Art banned me because there was a link in my signature to a site with pictures of guys kissing. No nudity. Not even an image; just a link. Just kissing. It wasn't even tasteless, if you want to go that direction, but a challenging project into which I had diligently devoted my heart and soul in earnest for a number of years. But every other day there are images of gay women and female nudity making daily deviation. After I was banned for this, I didn't want to come to Deviant Art anymore, but I realized over time that almost all artists on the internet post their art first and foremost on Deviant Art, and if you don't come here, then you miss out on a lot of art. Eventually, I came back in order to look at the art of course, I took the link out of my signature, to the site where there were guys kissing.

I am not opposed to nudity, intimacy, or sex in principle. What I am against is the objectification specifically of women and not men. Unlike women, men do not have a deep-rooted history of being perceived as a representation of sex for the gratification of others; men have a history of being perceived as /having a desire/ for sex, not being a /representation/ of sex. The very social concept of what it means to be female is grounded largely in the notion of being a sex object, so objectifying men as a gender does not conjure up the same debasing history of being stripped of one's dignity and being exposed at the most basic level. Yes, men have been debased. But men have not been debased due to being men. Do not call me a hypocrite for liking naked men but not wanting to hear about naked women. Do not talk to me about how it's presumably somehow 'empowering' to be reduced to one's tits and vagina.

This site is presumably about love for art, that sounds so nice, doesn't it. But if that were the case, then the overwhelming majority of images that make Daily Deviation every day would not be sexually suggestive pictures of women. I don't care if an image is "pornography" or "art" if it objectifies women, then it contributes to the continued perception of women as sex objects in society. I might have been okay with it if there was an equal number of images making DD every day where women were objectified as men. I might have been okay with it if once, even once I had seen an image make DD where the woman depicted is not young. (Incidentally: by 'not young' I don't mean "she's 30+"; no one ever thinks of a man aged 30-40 as being 'old,' but a woman is 'an older woman' once she hits 27. By 'not young' I mean apply the same standards to women as you do to men in terms of age that they are depicted: having wrinkles and gray hair while that is portrayed as a good thing - heck, on here, I'd like to see it portrayed *at all*.) While images of men make DD where the man is older and without skin showing, featured images of women are consistently "sexy" and young. I've seen images of women kissing making DD, while I was banned for linking to pictures of guys kissing.

According to the rules of this site, you can't have pictures of nudity without an adult filter. This includes female breasts, but nearly every day there are images with exposed female breasts making DD without an adult filter - apparently this site is okay with breaking the rules, if it means objectifying women.  It's not that I'm against sexuality. It's that I'm against hypocrisy. And I'm against the objectification specifically of women, which is overwhelming on this site. And it isn't the doing of men, either; it's women approving the objectification of women, because it's women who pick these images for DD, it's women who willingly pose for these photos, and it's women who give me a piece of their mind when I express my disapproval. And women advocating the objectification of women is worse than men ever doing it, because what does it say about us as a gender if, when given the choice, we say, "yes, we want to be stripped of our dignity and reduced to our most basic body parts; we want to be subjugated"; what does it say about us as a gender if, when given the choice, we willingly push our own social perception of being parlor pets and sex objects for the amusement of others?  How can we ever blame men for doing this to us if, when given the choice, we ask for this, ourselves? If we strip ourselves of our dignity willingly and make ourselves into toys for entertainment, how can we ever hope to be taken seriously as a gender, as human beings?

Instead of others saying it isn't okay to continuously push the notion of women as sex objects, people overwhelmingly approve of this here, to the point where there is nowhere I can go on the site no group I can join where I don't have to view pictures of young women objectified without an adult filter. This includes the "men only" photo groups, the nature photo groups, the yaoi photo groups, and anything else. The least that I ask is that people use an adult filter when they take their many photos of women being objectified, but people don't. But I've seen many artists here use an adult filter for pictures of boys kissing, or bare-chested guys, because they're afraid DA will remove their image, or ban them like they did to me.

How am I supposed to just sit back and enjoy the art here with this sort of hypocrisy, with the image of the young "sexy" female continuously pushed in my face, with the knowledge that this sort of thing is not only against the rules at times, but is blatantly encouraged, that it isn't about the love of art but about the permitted double standard in favor of female objectification and nothing else?

Have you ever seen an image make DD where there was an older woman with wrinkles, who wasn't 'sexy' or 'pretty' but was featured for her character or any other virtue? Or do we only matter when we're still young? Has a single day ever gone by where the DD didn't include at least one (dare I say, at least three) images of naked/semi-naked/suggestive pictures of young women? Has there been a single day where there were as many images of 'sexy' young/nude women as men? When was the last time you saw an image of gay men on DD, versus gay women?

These are rhetorical questions as I have no desire to actually have a discussion on this, so I preferred if you didn't actually respond. I'm not looking to talk with you about this topic or tell you how wrong I presumably think you are. This is on here because I feel that something needs to be said, which I have kept silent for years because I was afraid of being banned again for saying anything. Believe you me when I say that I'm not the only one who was too afraid to speak up on this matter, there are many others who feel this way who can't handle all the hatred you get in response if you voice an opinion like this.


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