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AZOCT Reference: Jill

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:star: Her partner :star:

:bulletpink: Jill Halloway :bulletpink:

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Age: 15

Birthday: July 7

Height: 5’2”

Weight: 116 lbs.

Likes: Cute things, animals, hats/hair accessories, hugging/cuddling

Dislikes: Cold temperatures, ice and snow, penguins

Strengths: Unnatural strength, very resilient, hidden intelligence, lithe and agile, unpredictable

Weaknesses: Cold temperatures, virtually no impulse control, can’t really counter long-range attacks, easily distracted (except when hyperfocusing)


The best way to describe Jill is “Cloudcuckoolander”. 
Her state of mind is questionable at best, often acting in ways that many find puzzling, illogical, or over-the-top.  She is energetic and impulsive, always charging into situations without much forethought about the consequences.  There’s very little that Jill fears, and it shows in her interactions with more powerful or intimidating characters.  She often treats threats like friendly banter, if not dismissing them entirely.  If Jill is ever afraid, she doesn’t show it.

That being said, Jill is quite an effective fighter.  Her girly appearance and ditzy personality can cause less savvy opponents to dangerously underestimate her.  She is much smarter than she allows others to perceive her, and is not afraid to use that to her advantage.  Her fighting style – much like her behavior – is hard to predict; she simply does what she pleases, regardless of strategic benefit.

If you manage to befriend Jill, you’ll have a doggedly loyal ally.  Sure, she may pull you into bizarre scenarios, and her antics might make you question her morality and/or mental stability, but she will never abandon you in a dire situation.


Jill is an average girl living in a town that is constantly a target for weird happenings.
  She is part of a ragtag group that helps protect this town from falling into ruin.  Jill is the main powerhouse of this group, relying on her strength to destroy obstacles or take out bigger foes, even though her antics are what usually gets them in trouble in the first place.  Her behavior and logic is off-putting for a lot of people, and they usually just chalk it up to ADHD.  Her friends and allies are often regarded as having the patience of a saint.

:bulletpink: Fun Facts! :bulletpink:

- Jill becomes more hyperactive and unpredictable after consuming sweets.  Interestingly, energy drinks and coffee actually calm her down and allow her to think more clearly.

- She has an affiliation with ferrets.

- Jill will occasionally say malaphors, which are unintentional combinations of idioms.  (
Here is a site with a whole bunch of these for reference.)

- She tends to run with "airplane arms"

- She is unreliable when it comes to keeping secrets.


Ayooooo another OCT let's do this! :D

I'll probably make some minor adjustments to this, as I don't think I'm entirely happy with layouts and such. *shrug*

Feel free to ask questions, though!

Jill, art © Me

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Shes-tStudent Digital Artist
She is super cute, I love how her hat changes expressions.
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CassadillerProfessional Digital Artist
Ah, thank you! owo
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HellStorm8000Hobbyist Digital Artist
The more I read her Bio the more I want her and Joseph to become friends XD Which alone makes me want to finish his ref.

Also *gives Jill a warm blanket and a hug* I feel obligated to keep this loli... teenager... alive!
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CassadillerProfessional Digital Artist
Ayyyy now I'm interested in seeing this Joseph guy!

And Jill appreciates the blanket and hug :D
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ExplainerHobbyist Writer
I was eating while I read this. We've talked about this character a lot, but I almost spewed cereal chunks when I saw she doesn't like penguins. 

That that made me laugh a little too much.
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CassadillerProfessional Digital Artist
Oh my god dude XD

It's not so much a dislike as it is a warning that it's way too cold for her lol
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