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AZOCT Reference: Allen

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:star: His partner :star:

:bulletblue: Allen Kent :bulletblue:

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Age: 16

Birthday: December 17

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 125 lbs

Likes: Videogames, technology, tinkering, logic

Dislikes: W
ater/swimming, being told he can’t protect anyone, cheaters/hackers, his hair, magic/supernatural forces

Resourceful, dexterous and fast, can craft devices with various purposes, very intelligent, can fight melee or long-range

Can’t swim, physically weak without his weapon, overly cautious, susceptible to intimidation, often fights defensively, nearsighted


Allen is a pretty shy kid.  In normal circumstances, he doesn’t say much unless he’s around friends.  Given his current situation in the OCT though, he will be doing a lot more talking in order to prevent Jill from causing more problems.  In general, he is meek but level-headed.

Allen is also rather cowardly; he will rarely ever initiate a fight or willingly jump into the fray.  If he ever is forced into combat, his preferred method of fighting is either aiding his allies or distracting opponents so that said allies can gain an advantage, usually doing the latter from a distance.  Interestingly enough he has proven to be a very skilled fighter, and when backed into a corner can actually hold his own quite well.  His overly cautious nature tends to be what inhibits him from using his full capabilities.

Despite the overwhelming urge to run away, Allen could never bring himself to leave behind those he cares about.  No matter how bad things get, he will never abandon Jill in the middle of a fight.


Under that quiet disposition, Allen is a gifted inventor.  He’s essentially a young MacGuyver, being able to cobble together devices and contraptions from scraps of material that most people would overlook.  Of course, what he can make is limited by what resources he can find.  If situations are dire, he may ignore these limitations, causing him to take greater risks with the stability of his creations.

* I will post an update at the beginning of each round about what devices Allen has on hand.


A shape-shifting, multipurpose wrench that Allen constructed himself.  Most of its forms are just tools that aid Allen with inventing when he is away from his workshop, but there are several types of weapons programmed into it as well.  Because Allen tries to avoid combat, these weapons are pretty simple ones, but they get the job done.  He mostly uses the sword, shield, and slingshot settings, but will use other weapon settings if the situation calls for it.  There’s also a grappling hook setting, because you never know when you need a grappling hook.

Myria’s forms are voice-activated and respond only to Allen’s voice.  He just needs to state the name of the tool or weapon that he needs.


Allen’s past is known only to him, and it’s not something that he’s willing to disclose with others.  All that is known is that he mysteriously showed up in town one day and was eventually adopted by a family who loves him very much.  The feeling is mutual.

Allen is also part of a ragtag group that helps protect this town from the strange happenings that often occur there.  The group relies on his technical expertise to make their job easier.  He also acts as the team mediator, providing the voice of reason when things start getting out of hand.  Despite this, he does have his own moments of unreasonable behavior, usually as a result of panic.

:bulletblue: Fun Facts! :bulletblue:

Allen’s technical expertise is restricted to inventing/engineering.  Stuff like hacking security systems is out of his league (not that he would do it anyway).

- He is fluent in Japanese.

Allen enjoys playing videogames in his spare time.  He has a fondness for old-school 8-bit games.

He has no respect for those who cheat or hack games.  It’s one of the few things that makes him legitimately angry.

He has a driver’s license, though it probably won’t do him any good in other dimensions. =P


Alright, ref number two!  Now to finish my audition rip

Also weapons are clearly not me forte lmao

As with Jill, feel free to ask questions!

Allen, Art © Me
Dr. Ametsuchi cameo © AndYetNoBananas

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Makeshift weapon: Stabby hair
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If he reinforced it with the finest of hair gel, then maybe =P
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Awesome job Cass!
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Thank you! ^_^
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Nise color of the hair X3
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Haha thanks!  Too bad he doesn't think so XD
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