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1. Would you have sex with the last person you text messaged? Yes, I most definitely would2. You talked to an ex today, correct? No, haven't had a conversation with an ex in a while3. Have you taken someones virginity? I've given mine away, but never taken anyone elses4. Is trust a big issue for you? ...Sometimes5. Did you hang out with the person you like recently? I only ever get to text or call with the both of them6. What are you excited for? ...Nothing7. What happened tonight? I had a mild breakdown, watched Hercules and Road to El Dorado, talked someone out of self harm, etc8. Do you think it's disgusting when girls get really wasted? I think it's disgusting when both sexes get so wasted that they puke...9. Is confidence cute? Confidence is down right sexy10. What is the last beverage you had? Coffee with Baileys creamer11. How many people of the opposite sex do you fully trust? Very, very few12. Do you
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Sorayami Todashi
For :iconmonsteracademy:
(Thank you so much to  :iconl-o-r-d-g-r-e-g: for helping me revamp this bad boy!)

Sorayama Todashi

524 Birthday: Tomobiki, Yokka Uzuki, Chokyo 2 (April 4th, 1489)

Height: 7'2"

Monster type/species Description: Arashi no Oni (Japanese Storm Demon)

Dean of Discipline, MPE Teacher

Glamor item:
Red Martial Arts Headband

Current Points: Please keep track of your own points!

Natural Weapons: None

Trained Weapons:
Unarmed, Katana, Kanabo, Tetsubo, Naginata, Odachi

  • Jade: Jade is an extremely purifying element in the east and has an impressive effect on an Oni. When exposed to jade prayer beads they can incapacitate them to various levels depending on the size of the beads. A bracelet with beads the size of normal prayer beads will cause the Oni to become peaceful and unable to become angry or take any violent actions for one full lunar month, after which the jade blackens and turns to dust, the Oni returning to normal. If they are the large monk beads however, the Oni will sit in a meditative state like trance until the beads are removed, and the beads will not decay. Also weapons made of jade, besides being horrible cumbersome, ignore an Oni’s toughness. In all these cases the jade must be mundane, as any magic effect ruins the jade’s purifying properties.
  • Soy: As the favored food of vegans and pacifists everywhere it might seem odd that soy and its beans would have an ill effect on an Oni, but they do. If an Oni ever ingests soy in something that has it as a main ingredient they will become violently ill, robbing them of their strength until they can purge themselves of it. Oddly with modern techniques of adding soy protein to things not normally soy does not make them sick, but it does taste pretty foul to them.
Major Skills:
  • Strong: “Strong like an Oni!” is a Japanese phrase, and with good reason! An Oni is a force of natural destruction and has the strength to back it up. A full grown Oni can lift approx. 100 tons and can push themselves to maybe half again that weight, any more and they risk pulling something, but that won’t stop them from trying. Todashi generally tries to bench about 80 when working out, but that’s because he’s lazy. He claims it’s because he’s going for definition and not bulk.
  • Tough: An Oni is immensely strong, but that strength would be meaningless if they weren’t tough enough to take what they can dish out. An Oni is extraordinarily tough, regular swords fail to cut them, and most firearms less of tank shells are more like annoyances than anything serious, and the latter maybe cracking a few ribs if hit, well and sending them flying from the force. Their bodies are dense like iron and can take similar damage as long as it’s not related to their weaknesses.
  • Storm Control: Due to his nature of being an Arashi no Oni Todashi can control lightning, thunder and wind. He is extremely proficient with this control having perfected it to the point of lethality. He can do a variety of things with these elements such as:
    • Summon a storm. It is always thunderous and electrical in nature, but the exact type of storm is always appropriate for the climate. (And he really hates getting rained on)
    • Generate a blast of toppling forceful wind or twirling it into a small twister
    • Fire a bolt of electrical energy, either enough to seriously hurt someone or more like a stun gun. He can also summon lightning from an existing storm.
    • Enhance his already impressive martial arts with electrical effects such as a devastating lightning punch or a whirling wind like blast to topple foes.
    • Create a blinding flash of light or deafening roar of thunder. He often uses these effects when trying to be less than lethal, or be a mischievous asshole to use a distraction to annoy and embarrass an opponent
    • Short circuit electronics. This was unknown to Todashi until a couple years ago but he has since found it quite useful. With a little concentrating he can completely foul anything that runs on electricity, whether it be a cell phone or a flash light
    • Electrical Immunity…he IS a storm demon after all
Minor Skills:
  • Flight: Todashi can summon a small black angry looking thunder cloud (Kanshaku) to fly around on, able to move at speeds of around the speed of sound. He often enjoys breaking the sound barrier near the ground to be aggravating.
  • Thunderous Voice and Action: Todashi can cause an intense peal of thunder from what would be normally much quieter actions. A clap of his hands can deafen an entire football stadium if he so chooses. It also makes him like a natural megaphone
  • Superb Reflexes: While by no means the fastest sprinter Todashi’s reflexes allow him to react to things that would be impossible for normal people and some monsters. In combat this makes him especially dangerous, for while cannot move at hyper speeds he CAN react effectively to such opponents, much to their chagrin.

  • Lazy
  • Irritable
  • Stubborn
  • Taciturn
  • Loyal
  • Bombastic
  • Jovial (at times)
  • Honest
  • Proud
  • Determined
Character's Background:
    Born of a thunderstorm and mountain, or so he says, Todashi began life as a small oni, a toddler really. Like most oni he was spawned during a particularly violent natural event, in his case a thunder storm of unbelievable power on Iejima island. A lightning bolt struck a large boulder at the summit of  
Mount Gusuku, and Todashi was born. As a young oni he wandered the island, coming down from the summit to cause mischief for the local villagers. When he was about 13 he ran across a young owl lady who was determined to teach the young man manners, much to his chagrin. But she had a way with convincing him and the two eventually became friends as he developed a begrudging respect for her incredible patience. Eventually she left and he grew into a surprisingly well mannered, well as well mannered as an oni can be, adult oni. He was fairly content with his relatively quite existence until the Japanese annexation of the Ryukyu kingdom. Feeling his roots had been violated he became sullen and taciturn, and took to sinking small merchant ships with lighting in retaliation.
     During WWII the allied attacks on the Japanese islands he viewed with more annoyance than anything else as the constant artillery and machine guns made it hard to take a good nap. One day while wandering through the jungle he happened upon a young navy man lost from the rest of his unit. Striding towards him with kanabo raised he stopped when he smelled a familiar almost forgotten smell. The navy man shaking offered him his hip flask, filled with gin. Todashi greedily drank it, and as he did thought about the situation. He realized this with a bit of amusement this outsider inadvertently understood the old ways better than the most who lived there. So in true oni fashion he began working against the Japanese, causing thunderstorms and bad weather for their planes whenever he could. At the end of the war he once again went back to his mountain.
     As time progressed he became more and more curious about the world outside, namely in that it seemed he could feel more electricity and static. He left his mountain in the guise of a beggar using a disguise he tricked a kitsune into betting in a game of mahjong and his faithful if angry black cloud. He began visiting around the world and was amazed at technology. But in the early turn of the 21st century he discovered and fell in love with mixed martial arts. The brutality and combat called to his oni self and he couldn't help but enter and compete in some of the back room underground circuits in Asia. He would probable still be competing and winning if a letter addressed to him with an owl feather tied to it hadn't called him away to come to monster academy.

Todashi is a master of Okinawan marital arts. While this makes him a very formidable karate user his true nature gives him the ability to use a style he created called Akuma-te yōshiki, or Devil Hand Style, which emphasizes using inhuman strength to decimate an opponent with superior power.

Being an oni Todashi does not get along with kitsune, like most oni. Both are embodiments of natures chaos, but kitsune or whimsical, not the clear cut destruction the oni represents and they rub each other the wrong way.

Todashi is fluent in Japanese and English. He can muddle his way (poorly) through chinese.

Roleplay Info: I generally prefer Lit through either forum style private message posts (paragraph) or through a messenger style app.

Roleplay example:

Todashi hummed to himself as he walked through the halls preparing for the students to arrive, the slight cloud cover outside a welcome relief from the previous days sunny weather. Rounding a corner, he spied an old barrel on its side, probably being moved from the kitchens. Grinning ear to ear he looked around to make sure no one else was nearby before jumping in front of the barrel. "Siiiik....SIA!" Todashi bellowed as he hit his hand once against the barrel, causing it to boom with thunder like a taiko drum, his grin broadening like a child with a toy. Again, he struck and again the barrel thundered. Slowly again and again, gaining more and more speed with each hit Todashi struck. He began building to a crescendo, the barrel his impromptu drum reverberating as the school was filled with the sounds of thunder. Outside the clouds darkened and began to swirl, great primordial swaths of grey with flashes of blue and violet as the storm peeled in response to their drummer’s call. "HEEEAHH!" Todashi bellowed as he continued, the thunder cracking in time with its master’s call, before coming to an abrupt stop as he heard a small clapping.

Whirling about with a growl, his glowing violet eyes narrowed and crackling with lighting, as he glared trying to find the source of his interruption. Standing there was Cyrix, the Mischief and Mayham teacher. Todashi turned a deep shade of indigo, cleared his throat and set the barrel upright before giving it an assessing knock. "Uhh....Sturdy..." Todashi said curtly before turning on his heel and hurriedly walking off, the barrel falling apart as he rounded the corner. Cyrix watched the scene with a slight chuckle and mild amusement.



United States
Current Residence: Reno, Nv
Favourite genre of music: Any
Favourite style of art: Anime, anything goes!
Operating System: Windows 7 Student
MP3 player of choice: Nook HD aka Android
Favourite cartoon character: Spike (Cowboy Bebop)
Personal Quote: ~What the frak is your malfunction?!~
So had my wisdom teeth removed today, three out if four of them anyways. Needless to say...ow. apparently according to the surgeon who called me at home to follow up I was one of the hardest extractions he has ever done in his life. One of the teeth was against a nerve, we knew that. But when he cut the top off the tooth and got a look at it he practically shat himself. The nerve was running along the tooth like the CT scan had shown, but it had nothing under it just the toothnsocket itself, like a power line running over a pit! Dude has skills though cuz he still got it out and got it sewed up, apparently he was super afraid he hit the nerve . Anywho if I don't respond or seem absentee over the next couple days that's why, I'm taking a painkiller cation, whooooo!


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[MA] The Slayer and the Dragons by IdiotTwins
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