3D Wallpapers 50 and Under...

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3D Wallapers 50 and Under

As you all know by now, and if you don't then HOWDY! I am Ali aka ^Casperium :iconcasperium: and I am now Co-Moderator, along with ^vsconcepts :iconvsconcepts:, for the

Wallpaper Gallery.

In this my first news article I want to Feature some lesser know and IMHO under-appreciated Wallpapers from the 3D section.

But first, lets talk about What is 3D, and What should go into that gallery.
If you look at what the definition is for that particular section you will see:
Gallery Info: 3 Dimensional
Wallpapers of 3D art that clearly depicts all three X,Y,Z-axes used, created with 3D software like Maya, 3Ds Max, and Poser.

You get an idea of the myriad of programs out there that can accomplish this, some of the newer ones being DazStudio, Blender, Carrara, C4D, and oldies like Bryce and Vue. I have

noticed 3 distinct types of 3d wallpapers in this group:

1)  3D programs like those mentioned above give you a feeling of being able to reach inside the picture and handle the objects within. And renders from these programs on their own

make marvelous and complex images that can grace your monitors.
Also combining renders from some of the 3d programs and making layers in Photoshop from them and combining them with PS layers of brushes...etc.

2)  But this can also be accomplished in Photoshop (or similar program)  using all sorts of geometrical brushes, line arts, embossing or beveling, using layers and shadows. Adding

textures and effects from different plugins help too. Even fonts. Altogether they bring forth an incredible 3d effect that parallels the beauty found in the 3d programs.

3) And probably a more controversial one, is the creation made from using premade models in Poser and DazStudio, Bryce, Vue, Carrara etc and adding a background.  Some look

at this as photomanipulation, but you are using 3D Models as the primary focus of the artwork.

In this article I am going to feature the first 2 types: 3d program and Photoshop 3d, and save for another article the Wallpaper scenes created using other types of models.

Personally I am a sucker for glass-like renders from 3d programs, so forgive me if I indulge myself a bit in my first article. For my next article on 3D Wallpapers using Poser, Bryce

etc. scenes and pre-models or models made and rendered in scenes, I want you the reader to send me your suggestions in your comments to this article.
I am a firm believer in self-promotion, but if you suggest yourself, please also include a suggestion for someone else too. :)

A.S.03.09-2 by bauki Therapeutic by LDN755 Argentum by deluxe 3DLevitationSculpture 2 by love1008 Hafssol by skupers the Darkness Within by DarkRiderDLMC :thumb37434944:  :thumb130840284: FLOWERS 11 3D by love1008 Flowing Shapes by spellbound Ride into the Night by aziroth Dodes Extreme Perspective by gonzalu Avon by xgod-0 :thumb41561084: Random Bees by El-Nombre feathers by jsdu19 World Map by softshapeart Unity by Furumaru cream by Steven-Becker water in milisecond by gbrgraphix   architect by LusTninE :thumb63464823: Duke by vervi59 Danny Dare by Ton-K300 :thumb180112043: Harem by Ton-K300 Cultivate by unscenemedia DOF Play by 3DnuTTa silina by Rilen Gnd Towers by amplifier404 AbZ 138 by sed Mating of light and dark by kristarella ColoredRings by At0mArt Cube Town 1680x1050 by jleoc Hyperion Flux by TexManson 80's Neons by Narodny-Geroy Panic by LKarkruff Triskele cross by Gestalt-creator Complication by vervi59 Jcl Ancient 01 by j4ck4l Captured 2 by fission1 Self Destruct by fission1

And some fun ones to brighten the mood:
Yellow Stereo by UNKWinc Archigraphs Pigs Wallpapers by Cyberella74 radioman by maxtengu   Green world by jsdu19 Chameleon VS fat fly by sergiob8 Pitbull by webgrafi
© 2010 - 2021 Casperium
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thankyou for the feature dude.
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you are welcome dudette!
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WOW, all of those look incredible.
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Thanks, there is a lot of talent there.
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wow great wallpapers collection !
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Thanks, we have a lot of talented people here on dA!
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it's true, but DA it is a huge bazaar i think
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Woah. There's some incredible stuff in here, awesome compilation, would love to see more of this. I've always enjoyed looking at collections such as these. I feel honored that something of mine is included with pieces as awesome as those surrounding it!
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You are very welcome. And thanks, you can help by sending me notes to more incredible walls. I plan on doing a feature for every subcategory in wallpaper. :)
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Great features! I liked so many of them!!
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Thanks!!! They are wonderful!
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Thank you so much for the feature!

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you are very welcome
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Thank you so much!! This is a great idea btw, there are plenty of hidden stuff to discover in deviantart
Casperium's avatar
There sure is, lots of wonderful treasures. You can help me find more, just note me if you see anything interesting! :)
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Thanks for including me to, much appreciated! :)
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NP Love your gallery!!
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Thanks again, much appreciated :)
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Great article and awesome artwork! Thanks for including me! :D
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Thanks for the feature!
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NP! you have an awesome gallery. I love your type of art!
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thank you very much!
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