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The Bello Nebula by Ali Ries 2009


Extra large version available for commercial use.

Full view suggested. Please fave if you download.

Sorry if I can't thank you all personally.
Every :+fav: is a compliment and highly appreciated.

Featured in opening credits of the Discovery Channel's show "Curiosity".

Featured on Abduzeedo [link]
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Oh my god...
You make these?
Jawdropping, i actually thought this was a real space-picture....
Uhm... i kind of carelessly found this one online and tinkered with it.
Didn't do nothing commercial with it but it did end up being re-blogged a bit..
Anyways i'm sorry, i guess i should consider this a final lesson not to disregard copyright.
i deleted it from deviant art but you can still view it here:
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Thank you very much for your honesty. Unfortunately people have taken what was once Wallpapers for personal use and distributed it without credit throughout the internet. Even a TV used this thinking it was a NASA photo until I contacted them and set them straight and got paid for it, so you are not alone in thinking it was a
But as I tell everyone, that every artwork has an author, even if it is a NASA photo, and it shouldn't be used until you find the artist and get permission. I love what you did with it, and if you would just give me name credit: Ali Ries and perhaps a link back to the original, the you can leave it up on Abuzeedo and post it to your dA account. State on the dA account, used with permission by Ali Ries, that way if I see it months from now I will know I gave you permission. :)
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Hey just wanted to let you know that I used this amazingly beautiful image as the background to a Dr Who image I have been working on! [link]
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I will allow it this time, but if you would have read it said THIS IS NOT STOCK..Wallpapers are Not stock, so please do not use them unless you ask first. Thanks
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I'm sorry, at the time I had no internet and I noticed this when my background changed (thank you windows 7) and thought it was perfect, I will if you wish change it, it'll be absolutely no hassle at all :)
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No need,,no hassles. :)
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Thank you, I'm honored. I can see my face in the night sky ;-)
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lol Thank You!
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:wow: looks cooool :clap:
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I would love to see some sort of a tutorial on how to make a nebula like this, I have been looking far and wide for a good nebula tutorial and I can't find one that looks realistic, but this one hits the nail on the head!
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Thanks, tutorials are in my gallery with links to other tuts on my other account. You must have Apophysis (free), the scripts and plugins to go with it and a working knowledge of the program in order to use the tuts. I use fractals to make this.
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Thank you very much, and thanks for the fave too!
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Thanks, and thanks for the Faves!
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