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String Theory

Or just a bad hair
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Hey, can I use this for my geometry report? I need a cover page illustration......
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Hi, thanks!!! And yes, sure be my guest, use it for your paper! And thanks for asking!!! :)
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Lovely coloring and dynamic in the whorls! Very cool!
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littledeviltoo's avatar
Soooooooooooooo sweet! Beautiful!!!
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Thanks!!!!!! GLad you liked it!
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I think string theory is really cool. Good work!
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Elegant and elaborate! It looks 18th century-ish for some reason...

HockeyWitch :flagcanada:
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hm, looks cool, nice collors
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I like bad hair days and Chaos theory lol so does mr. Maelstrom
Very attractive strind theory even if a closed loop be possible a welder will tell you."You can always tell where one starts and another begins."
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Ahhh Chaos Theory,, that will be my next
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I love it...beautiful as a wallpaper too:)
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Muchas gracias mi amigo!
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oooooooooooo...I like!!
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Thank you very much!
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you're very welcome!!!
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Wow, how'd ya do that? Paint shop pro / photoshop?
Do you know anything about string theory? hehe
<looks @ Astrophysics degree on the wall>
Casperium's avatar
Thanks!!!!! I did this in Apophysis, which is a Fractal Flame generator...
hmmmmmmmmm String Theory and Astrophysics, well i could almost call this one a Closed Loop String,,, perhaps that would give you a
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