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Hi, How do I go about buying the rights to use 'the dancing nebula' commercially?
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It depends on what it is being used for. Contact me at
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Sorry I thought the message was assigned under the artwork specifically. I was interested in getting a print of the Iridescent Nebula in the size 67.5cm H and 75 cm L. I was wondering if you provide that service, as I would like a good quality print in that size that is not showing pixilation. I am happy to cover the extra etc for shipping. Thanks
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I do not have it in that size.. the only size is the one that is available via the Print dept here n dA. Sorry.
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What is the dimensions of that size please in cm? Cheers
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30x46 cm  if you click on buy this print, it brings up the print, and it has it in inches and you can change to cm and order from there
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Thanks for that! :)
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Hi Is it possible to order this print in 75cm (L) and 65cm (H)? I am thinking about quality and need to know that if I get it in this size there wont be visible pixilation? I am not sure where to make an actual order on this site for your work, I live in Australia. Could u please email Thanks Casperium :)
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I am confused... you want the sign "This artwork...." as a print????   if not them which artwork of mine are you looking at.
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I create PS brushes at DAZ3D and would like to look into working with you or buying the rights to make brushes to sell, I know others have made the same offering but I pay good money for this option or work on a percentage with you. Let me know all credit will be yours but if we worked on a percentage you would have the say. but you won't hurt my feeling or respect if you said no, I just enjoy viewing your art!
Thanks Ron Deviney-devineydesignsLLC.
Thank you for your time.
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Are you kidding me? I own half of your brushes, you are the best brush man around. I would be more than happy to talk to you.
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hello, I'm 3d artist working in south korea.
The company i'm working for want to use your space images to create background for game cinematics.
Would you please let me know how to get your permission to commercial use?
I cannot find any email address here, so I write this message here.
please send me some information about your licensing rules.
my email address is
thank you
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