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Come 2012


Please Fave if you download. Thank you!
This is not STOCK!

Sorry if I can't thank you all personally.
Every :+fav: is a compliment and highly appreciated.
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Thank you very much. I have TV shows, book covers, and a movie and many more in the works.
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They just sought me out, emailed and noted me here. I have made a few connections recently with famous people of Star Trek VFX backgrounds and I am working with them too. It is fun to do something you like and make money from it too.
great wallpaper
thanks a lot
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Man....a gorgeous piece. Instant fav.
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Thank you very much!
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:iconclappingplz: I so adore your worlds :love:
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awwwww thanks sweetie!
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You're welcome :)
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every time i look at your outer space pics, i get reminded of the game i love the most: Eve-Online. If you like this kind of stuff alot and haven't played the game already, you should consider playing Eve. Lots of spaceship fighting and such and it's much more complicated than WoW, but very addicting. You should try it if you haven't already :D
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Thanks! And thanks for the Faves too! I have not played that game...but then i do not play video games or RPG's for the most part. I have a couple of Slots Vegas gaming games,,lol,, but that is about it. lol
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1nce again just when i think i've done something majickal and awesome with apophysis and bryce you continue to make something me feel stupid and worthless. DAMN this is awesome! it looks like angels in the gas clouds there.
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aww you say such sweet thangs! You are damn good and you know it...i just happen to have a few more years practice...but you will beat me sooner than you
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maybe so who knows? you like the "traveling @ hyphyspeed" submissions?
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the planet going out the nebula
very nice
i just take of the bottom outher glow and add more light in the front

could make the planet with more depth
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lol I don't think 2012 is the end of the world,, it will be just another day.... Thanks!
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