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Just got back from a very irritating evening.
The weather has been very weird today, lots of rain when the sun was shining etc etc.
So I figured there would be a great sunset with a lot of color and cool clouds.
And guess what, I was right. The sky was all purple/blue/pink and the clouds got awesome highlights in these colors. Looked absolutely super to the dark backround.

Now to the irritating thing, and probably a very important lesson.
I took the car out to a great spot, and set up the tripod and everything was great.
Still quite early so the colors hadn't appeared yet.
Then all of a sudden, I got this stupid idea, "I bet I get better shots on the other side of town..."
So off I go, and while in the car, I see all the beatiful colors and the clouds shaping up.
Not very good to be in the car when this is happening.

Anyway, arrived at the new location, and now what? Well, the sky was absolutely dull and boring. Turned around and looked to the west again, where my original spot was, and saw the most amazing sky I've seen in months!
Rushed to the car, and got all GTA in the town..."Out of my way!!! BEEP BEEP".
Finally, got back to the first spot, but then it was all over.........................

Go sitespotting during the day, and STAY at that spot all time during the actual shoot.
Maybe have a few backup sites to go to, just in case. But be VERY sure that they will
work better. Otherwise you could end up missing out on a great sunset.


Take care!

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