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Super Salvo by Casirethedragon11 Super Salvo :iconcasirethedragon11:Casirethedragon11 26 2 Super sonic Vs Super Scourge by Casirethedragon11 Super sonic Vs Super Scourge :iconcasirethedragon11:Casirethedragon11 28 0 Salvo The Hedgehog ( formally STorm ) by Casirethedragon11 Salvo The Hedgehog ( formally STorm ) :iconcasirethedragon11:Casirethedragon11 11 4 Kadie the Kyuubi Kitsune by Casirethedragon11 Kadie the Kyuubi Kitsune :iconcasirethedragon11:Casirethedragon11 9 3 Ami The Kobold by Casirethedragon11 Ami The Kobold :iconcasirethedragon11:Casirethedragon11 7 3
Mature content
Monster Musume: Everyday life with monster girls F :iconcasirethedragon11:Casirethedragon11 2 0
MonsterMusume Oc/Sona by Casirethedragon11 MonsterMusume Oc/Sona :iconcasirethedragon11:Casirethedragon11 5 0 Gemsona 2017 by Casirethedragon11 Gemsona 2017 :iconcasirethedragon11:Casirethedragon11 9 0 SSJ2 Rokin/Rokatta by Casirethedragon11 SSJ2 Rokin/Rokatta :iconcasirethedragon11:Casirethedragon11 7 3 Rokin/Rokatta REF 2016-2017 by Casirethedragon11 Rokin/Rokatta REF 2016-2017 :iconcasirethedragon11:Casirethedragon11 15 13 LSSJ Rokin/Rokatta by Casirethedragon11 LSSJ Rokin/Rokatta :iconcasirethedragon11:Casirethedragon11 11 10 Love Story: The Moon and Stars Cover by Casirethedragon11 Love Story: The Moon and Stars Cover :iconcasirethedragon11:Casirethedragon11 9 14 Blackstars Leo and Virgo Forms by Casirethedragon11 Blackstars Leo and Virgo Forms :iconcasirethedragon11:Casirethedragon11 4 2
The lost Prince: Before the crown
Blackstar has a new goal now! Final chapter :3
:star: Final chapter: Coronation :star:
After heading back down to the academy walls , Blackstar was a bit uneasy with the teachers/elders who told him about why he was left in Equestria. But luckily he doesn't hold a grudge against other pony's cause that's not in his ego , so he let it go for a long while , as he was in the academy, they tought him everything he needed to know about leadership, passion , caring for his subjects and many many more lessons ahead. But soon after the years recommended went by it was time for his final test to see if he was ready to be crowned Prince of all Neightopia and the next Star Creator for the world, Blackstar was a bit nervous while waiting outside the doors of the training room ,he was thinking to himself" by Cancer in nervous...I really hope whatever this test is I hope I'll pass it...hrrmmm... " he groaned as he was walking in circles back and forth, but one of his most trusted siblings , NovaStar
:iconcasirethedragon11:Casirethedragon11 0 0
Blackstars Guards #3 by Casirethedragon11 Blackstars Guards #3 :iconcasirethedragon11:Casirethedragon11 6 2
The lost prince: Before the crown
:star: Chapter nine: Immortal value :star:
Blackstar was running really fast through the brushes up to the Sagittarius mountains ,a Nebula Spire is located near there. As he slowed down , he heard guards close behind him yelling " Blackstar! Prince! Where are you? " He didn't want to be seen by them and ran to a nearby cave full of cosmic crystals of light , but what he didn't know is that his his siblings were alerted and told to search for him. In a short while the three pony's followed his tracks up to the ancient cave and found Blackstar I'm the center of it looking at the crystals, Nova looking worried at her brother she said to Blackstar" we've looked all over for you! We thought you- " she was cut off " quiet! I don't want to hear any more! My parents are gone and it's all their fault!! " She looked at her brothers then back to him walking slowly " there was nothing they could do, the queen- " he yelled " SHUT UP!!! , They should have done something! I've heard reports at the ca
:iconcasirethedragon11:Casirethedragon11 1 0
My new art :meow:


Redesign: Drinks by Chaos55t Redesign: Drinks :iconchaos55t:Chaos55t 733 40 Commission sheet 2018(+?) by Chaos55t Commission sheet 2018(+?) :iconchaos55t:Chaos55t 338 92 Comm: Karina Marko by Chaos55t Comm: Karina Marko :iconchaos55t:Chaos55t 234 4 Kento the Chibi by Shadow-Kento Kento the Chibi :iconshadow-kento:Shadow-Kento 77 67 Chinese by Shadow-Kento Chinese :iconshadow-kento:Shadow-Kento 124 48 What did you say..? by FortuneSoul What did you say..? :iconfortunesoul:FortuneSoul 57 6 Female Sangheili by R0ACHA Female Sangheili :iconr0acha:R0ACHA 99 10 Girls of the Cul-de-Sac by VampireMeerkat Girls of the Cul-de-Sac :iconvampiremeerkat:VampireMeerkat 579 151 A Surprise for Eddy's Brother by VampireMeerkat A Surprise for Eddy's Brother :iconvampiremeerkat:VampireMeerkat 1,762 427 Rolf by VampireMeerkat Rolf :iconvampiremeerkat:VampireMeerkat 741 124 Marie Kanker by VampireMeerkat Marie Kanker :iconvampiremeerkat:VampireMeerkat 330 20 When Kevin says nothing at all by VampireMeerkat When Kevin says nothing at all :iconvampiremeerkat:VampireMeerkat 321 42 Ed, Edd n Eddy Highschool - PedophiLEEa by VampireMeerkat Ed, Edd n Eddy Highschool - PedophiLEEa :iconvampiremeerkat:VampireMeerkat 376 76 Ed, Edd n Eddy Highschool characters by VampireMeerkat Ed, Edd n Eddy Highschool characters :iconvampiremeerkat:VampireMeerkat 640 111 Ed, Edd n Eddy Highschool by VampireMeerkat Ed, Edd n Eddy Highschool :iconvampiremeerkat:VampireMeerkat 514 66 ZR -Plague of the Past pg 65 by Seeraphine ZR -Plague of the Past pg 65 :iconseeraphine:Seeraphine 267 101
Hello all, its been a while, probably too long too

I decided to use a new Account for my General art that I do for commissions, Comics, projects or anything i have planned on it, this account I have here just had...too many mistakes...too many scars that have needed healing for 7 years and now they have I also apologize for any of the crap ive said and done I hope you guys can forgive me for that, No this account is not getting terminated and it is not getting deactivated, I will keep it as a reminder of what I can do better to do on my brand new account, ill still linger here as well and maybe post sometimes and reply to comments but thats about it, to anyone who supported me thank you very much! feel free to Jump over to I will be more Active there! :)

Thank you ^^


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I do roleplay…

if you dont like me dont talk or watch me!!
and if you guys dont like my art Skip the next one simple as that.…

what dinosaur are you?

Certificate: Test results

Which dinosaur are you most like?

1001For 40 % you are: You are Pod, a pyroraptor! Similar to the velociraptor, you are quick-witted and fast, but your main weapon is your claw. Ok, I know you don't really have a huge claw, but think about it. A human equivalent to a claw is ambition. You are a traveler, too, and have experience with the world. You are wise and intelligent, and also love your are also a leader.
42.8679 % of 10579 Quiz participants had this profile!
You could also get this result:
For 30 % you are: You are White Tip, a velociraptor! Be proud...velociraptors are the fastest and smartest of them all. However, danger is never far away. You are tough on the outside, but have deep feelings on the inside. You may also be very loyal and secretive...maybe shy at times. You always put your family first.
( definitely me ;) )
Or even this one:
For 10 % you are: You are Alpha, a saltasuarus! Saltasaurus are not the smarter of the kind...but they have strong feelings and rely on instinct rather than thoughts. However, you are deep-grounded, brave enough to survive, and successful...whether it's by dumb luck or pure destiny.

Or even this one:
For 10 % you are: You are Little Das, a Daspletosaurus! You are most likely the youngest of your family, or at least according to this test you are. Your techniques in life are're a little wet behind the ears. You disappoint your family often with your failure. However, you can lead your family to safety all in the other words, soon you will be the hero, just dream big.

Take this quiz: Which dinosaur are you most like?


You are a careful little creature who is incredibly smart

take the quiz ;) ( Quizilla ->… )

Goku and Vegeta Fan Button by gonzalossj3

Casirethedragon11 Banner (Working Link) by SnowingInAdelaide Von'cros foreva! 8D
super vegeta stamp by Dbzbabe Saiyans stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stamps DBZ_Raditsu Stamp by monstee Stamp: Bardock SSJ by wLadyB91:thumb47878860: Dragon Soul Stamp by Dbzbabe Goku Fan Stamp by Furiael Fusion Gogeta Stamp by Dbzbabe Dragon Ball Z Fan Stamp by Furiael Variety of Flower Stamp by DarthRegina125 Vegeta pissed stamp by Dbzbabe Attack on Titan stamp by SolusNox Eren Stamp by RevivalSnK Armin Stamp by RevivalSnK rei stamp by mafia-stamps :thumb351830518: Primal Carnage Spinosaurus Stamp by Acro-Sethya Primal Carnage Dilophosaurus Stamp by Acro-Sethya Stamp: Adventure Time by ArtByFlan Sonic Stamp by Miha85 Shadow Stamp by RecklessKaiser Tails Stamp by RecklessKaiser Silver the Hedgehog Stamp by NoNamepje I HATE SCHOOL stamp by izka197:thumb304418132: Don't Give Up Stamp. by NaruButt Husky Love Stamp by cloudrat Halo Stamp by darkdisciple-stamps
:iconreadcplz1::iconreadcplz2::iconreadcplz3::iconrpstamp1plz::iconrpstamp2plz: I love Frill-necked Lizards by WishmasterAlchemist I love em!! :thumb200508134: 8D beardies!!!!!
:iconsupportdafriendsplz1::iconsupportdafriendsplz2::iconsupportdafriendsplz3: Paint Tool SAI Stamp by Energyzed
:iconknowmeplz::iconjudgemeplz:<--- :thumb175409319: Stamp: Dragon Fan by DreamCrystalArt Popularity stamp by MyStamps I am shy by Krissi001 Rock Music Stamp by Davidgtza2:thumb303765527: Notes Stamp XD by AmberSea exciting stamp by Elegant-Rose <3 Legend of Spyro: DOTD Stamp by spiderwuff Why? stamp by aftersunsets I love airplanes stamp by Star-buckDevstamps:thumb176310784::thumb133937006: Sick of Haters Stamp by MyStamps:thumb306922351: Online friends stamp by Suyy <3 Anthros by Blubble-The-Blubs some Coffee lover by LillemorGull TKD stamp by KiraKats
Monsters Stamp 12 : Ghidorah by dA--bogeyman No messages? Stamp by rJoyceyy .:Nom nom Toothless:. by OxAmy <3 I support Night Fury OC's by WildTheory STAMP: Suicune Fan by Graphrite i love him so much <3333 :heart: Latios Stamp by StrawberrieMew my Fav Dragon-Type pokemon <3
its true. STAMP: Age.... by Drawing-Love age has nothing to do with what people on DA do! :thumb158865983: Im mature and proud of it! and support it
Toothless Useless? by TheWritingDragon always funny xD
:thumb330090171: I agree so shut up! I Love Dino Squad stamp by Bluedramon i luv it!
The Final Seashore by pierrot-lunaire :thumb351976148: Scotland Stamp by phantom Scotish and proud!
France Stamp by phantom Irish Stamp by jerseygrl246 HTTYD: RQ Vonc'ros by SrMario The most epic one yet!! :love: High-Function Autism Stamp by GaneneTheInkling yes I have high functioning autisum get used to it! Im not mean or anything I just have a tough life ,
My Little Pony Personality Test!
My Little Pony Personality Test!
Hosted By Anime…
What Element Fits You Best?
What Element Fits You Best?
Hosted By Anime
Autism is a Gift by MOJAL Age is just a number... by Softijshamster I love raptors stamp by sayuri-hime-7 I LOVE EM!! :D :thumb319373129: Brony Stamp by SnowSniffer :thumb313972083: Rainbow Dash Stamp v2 by jewlecho
2BSP persona 4 stamp by ElementOf-Loyalty Luna -New Version- Stamp by jewlecho:thumb372311111: Gamer Luna Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Princess Luna Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Polt Fan Stamp by ShinanaEvangelian

If you have any issues come to me, dont get all bitchy at me just because I am sometimes negative ok?
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* R * Put this
* E * On your
* A * Page if you
* L * Want To Be a DRAGON! :D


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