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:new: Continuing progress on owed art today, in between work. :nod: :new:

Just some updates on owed art and reminders of ongoing events!

I have some unexpected free time today, so I figured I would use it to make some headway on owed art and whatnot. :nod:

:bulletblue: Owed Art :bulletblue:
I will post progress updates here throughout the day!

user :: assignment :: ref :: status :: :bulletred: = not yet started / :bulletyellow: = in progress / :bulletgreen: = finished

 :bulletblack: for SammieAsMagPie :: Come on, let's play! :: :bulletgreen:
:bulletblack: for SkyeDaPie :: It's a race! :: :bulletgreen:
:bulletblack: for 
zhalia-moon :: Rebel [raffle prize] :: :bulletgreen:
:bulletblack: for 
LovellaTorendo :: Arienette [raffle prize] :: :bulletgreen:

:bulletblue: Ongoing Events :bulletblue:
Remember to check out my 200 watcher raffle and "Draw My Character" contest! Last day to earn tickets and submit entries is July 31st!

200 Watchers Raffle - CLOSED:new: to be announced shortly! :new:
Last day to earn tickets is July 31st. Winners will be announced August 1st!

A few weeks ago, I obtained 200 watchers. In celebration (and to thank all of my fantastic watchers!), I've decided to hold a watcher's raffle! w00t!

(And "Draw my Characters" Contest! Go check it out! :D)

STARTS: June 21st, 2016 || ENDS: August 1st, 2016
:star: How it Works :star:
You earn tickets. I give you ticket numbers. At the end of the raffle, I use random . org to select numbers for each prize (starting at the top and going down!).
:star: How to Earn Tickets :star:
:bulletblack: Be a watcher! Every one of my watchers automatically gets one ticket. Simply comment saying that you want to enter! New watchers are welcome. :D (+1)
:bulletblack: Share this journal via journal or poll. Link to the journal or poll. (+1)
:bulletblack: Share con
  Draw my Characters Contest - CLOSED:new: CLOSED - winners to be announced later today! :new:
Last day to submit entries is July 31st. Winners will be announced August 1st!
A few weeks ago, I obtained 200 watchers. In celebration, I've decided to hold a "Draw my Characters" contest! :w00t:

(And raffle! :D Go check it out!)

STARTS: June 21st, 2016 || ENDS: August 1st, 2016

First things first...the prizes (because we all know those are most interesting). :cough:
:star: THE PRIZES :star:
:bulletblue: First Place :bulletblue:
- full-body digital painting with background (up to three subjects)
- partial-body digital painting (one subject)
- portrait digital painting (one subject)
- colored and shaded sketch sheet (up to 10 drawings)
example: Padro sketches
- character reference sheet (one subject)

:bulletblue: OPEN Equine and Canine Adopts :bulletblue:
Interested in new equine and canine designs? Check out these adoptables!

Equine Adopts - [CLOSED] by casinuba  Canine Adopts - [CLOSED] by casinuba

:bulletblue: Waiting on... :bulletblue:
Just throwing this here as a reminder to myself. :XD:

:bulletblack: BeingBay :: art trade

Also, happy 4th to those who live in the U.S.! :aww:
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July 4, 2016