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Commissions are currently CLOSED.

1. :bulletred:

Types of Commissions:
:bulletred: Portraits: CLOSED :bulletred:
Fully shaded, oval colored background: -
- Additional subject: -

Additional examples:…

:bulletred: Partial body: CLOSED :bulletred:
Fully shaded, optional background
 - Simple color background: -
 - Detailed background: -

Additional examples:…

:bulletred: Full-body: CLOSED :bulletred:
Fully shaded, optional background
 - No background or simple color background: -
 - Detailed background: -
- Additional subject: -

Additional examples:

How to Commission
Please send me a note - titled COMMISSION - with all the details (what type of commission, reference, etc.) on what you want to commission. If you do not have a reference, I will work off of a description if I feel I can accurately represent your character from said description.
Paypal preferred, however, I currently also accept points (100 points = $1).
I will note you my Paypal after I have received your commission information.

What I Do and Don't Do
I sketch traditionally. Lineart, coloring, and shading is done on Photoshop CS5, using a Wacom tablet.

I will draw:
:bulletgreen: EQUINES!
:bulletgreen: canines
:bulletgreen: birds
:bulletgreen: dragons
:bulletgreen: most other animals
:bulletgreen: anthro

I will NOT draw:
:bulletred: PEOPLE
:bulletred: My Little Pony characters (I'm just not good at drawing them...unless you want a realistic version)
:bulletred: mature content
:bulletred: copyrighted characters

I reserve the right to turn down a commission for whatever reason, especially if I do not believe I can produce a reasonable piece of artwork.

Terms of Service
- Check out my gallery before requesting a commission!
- I take payment upon completion. I take payment via PayPal only. Since I take payment upon completion, I do not give refunds.
- By commissioning me, you allow me to post the finished work on deviantArt. You may do whatever you want with your commission, as long as you credit me. You may NOT remove my signature or make any changes to the artwork!
- I will post works in progress of all my commissions! If alterations need to be made, please tell me. You may request one free resketch if you are not satisfied with the sketch. You may request reasonable coloring/shading adjustments on WIPs, without extra charge.
- You may request JPEG or PNG formatting for your commission.
- I will provide an estimated completion time once I have received the details on what you would like to commission.

Feel free to note me or comment if you have any questions!

People Who Have Commissioned Me
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November 2, 2015


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