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Interested in beautiful equine manipulations, fantastic giveaways and other events? Check out Ruanly's profile!

Not only does he have an awesome gallery:

...he also holds a variety of fun and kind events:
Closed: 300 Watcher Giveaway - WINNERS ANNOUNCEDThe winner circle
Thank you all for your patience! It took a while to compile votes here and come to the best decision I could. Based on the poll, I will be adding 2 more winner places, totaling 7 now. Not everyone will win, but more will, and they will get more than one prize, so it's the best happy-medium I could find. Prizes got rearranged a lot--sorry, had to make sure there were no repeats and spread everything out in a reasonable quantity. I never expected so many prizes so I didn't imagine I'd be adding new places this late in the game, though I am so, so appreciative for all of the donations! You guys are utterly marvelous and blew my expectations out of the freakin' water, I hope to one day properly repay such humbling generosity.
I will send out notes as soon as possible to further inspire communication between prize donors and prize recipients, but fe
Closed: Appreciation GiveawayEnded June 1st
Winners Announced
:bulletblue: 1st place: Nemenos 
:bulletblue: 2nd place: Skyfall122 
Notes will be sent out shortly to organize prize transactions. Thank you for all participants! Keep an eye out for my other events!

What are we doing this time?
To show my appreciation and undying love for all of my amazing prize donors, I am hosting this easy-peasy giveaway! Past and present prize donors will get special features and adoration for their generosity and everyone will have a chance to win some prizes. Read on, potential participant, read on.

What do you get?
Because this is what everyone wants to know first and foremost, I imagine!
:bulletblue: A full photomanipulation by Ruanly 
:bulletblue: 1 month premium membership by

(And does commissions!)
<da:thumb id="605922836"/>

For additional fun purchasing and advertising equine-related artwork, check out Ruanly's group, Equine-Purchasables:
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