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N5327 Double Dipped

ID: N5327
Name: Double Dipped
Nickname: Dip, Twizzler
Breed: pure Padro
Gender: mare
Age: 6 years
Personality: Reserved and Flighty
Color: silver black overo CHIMERA NUITE ZINKER (rabicano carrier)
Genotype: Ee aa nZ RbRb nO CcmCcm nNt ZiZi medSpk*Spk
Class: uncommon II
Rare points: 40
Build: light (Akhal Teke)
Lineage: starter

Disposition: -
Distinguishing feature: -

Breeding :: CLOSED
personal :: Bullet; Green
public :: 
Bullet; Red

Breeding rules:
1. Slots are CLOSED.
2. Breeding picture is required.
3. I require a slot to the foal(s).
4. Comment with the link to the foal design or reference so that I can keep track!
5. If planning to sell or decease the foal, please contact me first! I may want it.
6. Include "apple" somewhere in your comment to show that you've read and accepted these rules!

owner || stallion || foal || Bullet; Green = ready for use  Bullet; Yellow = not ready for use  Bullet; Red = used || payment/breeding picture
1. DreamDrifter91 || 7906 MAS Devil May Cry || - || :bulletgreen: || n/a
2. KimboKah || K5673 HTS Heavenfrost || - || :bulletgreen: || n/a
3. Bullet; Yellow
4.Bullet; Yellow
5. Bullet; Yellow
6. Bullet; Yellow
7. Bullet; Yellow
8. Bullet; Yellow
9. Bullet; Yellow
10. Bullet; Yellow
11. Bullet; Yellow
12. Bullet; Yellow
13. Bullet; Yellow
14. Bullet; Yellow

Import sheet: N5327 Personal Padro Import
Design by: Ariausii 

Rank: -
Padro points: 14
N5327 Double Dipped: flat colored fullbody (3) + simple background (1) = 4
N5327 Padro Ref for Ariausii by DreamDrifter91 = 3

Import = 7

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Also I'll use my slot to

MAS Devil May Cry (7906)
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DreamDrifter91's avatar
N5327 Padro Ref for Ariausii

copy of the ref I did for PP since the old owner Ariausii deactivated

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Oof, thank you! Changed the credit too. ^^;

*waves goodbye to foal design* :facepalm:
DreamDrifter91's avatar
you are welcommmme

and sorry for making the design disappear with the edit ^^; 
casinuba's avatar
Oh no, that was just because of the account deactivation, you're good. ^^; Will have to check if I've saved it somewhere.
DreamDrifter91's avatar
oooh so pretty in your style :love: 
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