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N5099 Amberlynn

ID: N5099
Name: Amberlynn
Breed: pure Padro
Gender: filly
Age: foal
Personality: Creative and Determined
Color: silver pangare amber champagne rabicano OLTIN ZERNOX
Genotype: Ee Aa nCh nZ nP nRb nOlt ZrnZrn maxSpkSpk
Class: uncommon II 
Rare points: 37
Build: light (Arabian)
Lineage: starter

Disposition: -
Distinguishing feature: Fluffy deer tail.

Breeding :: CLOSED
personal :: Bullet; Yellow
public :: 
Bullet; Red

Breeding rules:
1. Slots are CLOSED.
2. Breeding picture is required.
3. I require a slot to the foal(s).
4. Comment with the link to the foal design or reference so that I can keep track!
5. If planning to sell or decease the foal, please contact me first! I may want it.
6. Include "apple" somewhere in your comment to show that you've read and accepted these rules!

owner || stallion || foal || Bullet; Green = ready for use  Bullet; Yellow = not ready for use  Bullet; Red = used || payment/breeding picture
1. UnknownRidersStable || - || - || :bulletgreen: || n/a (designer)
2. Bullet; Yellow
3. Bullet; Yellow
4. Bullet; Yellow
5. Bullet; Yellow
6. Bullet; Yellow
7. Bullet; Yellow
8. Bullet; Yellow
9. Bullet; Yellow
10. Bullet; Yellow
11. Bullet; Yellow
12. Bullet; Yellow
13. Bullet; Yellow

Import sheet: N5099 Padro Import
Design by: UnknownRidersStable 

Rank: -
Padro points: 11
N5099 Amberlynn: flat colored fullbody (3) + simple background (1) = 4
Import = 7

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UnknownRidersStable's avatar
I adore her and her tail in your style!
casinuba's avatar
:boogie: I adore her design. :heart:

Want to try and draw her lineless. Then I can make her tail REALLY fluffy. :D
LunarRocketStables's avatar
She has such a pretty name! :love:
casinuba's avatar
Thank you! :D Took way too long to chose her name, but I think it suits her. :aww:
LunarRocketStables's avatar
It definitely suits her :meow: She's so adorable!
casinuba's avatar
Thank you so much! :D
Plants-And-Tattoos's avatar
This little girl is just the cutest!! <3
casinuba's avatar
Right? With that huge tail... :XD: Thank you! :D
Plants-And-Tattoos's avatar
It's the tail that got me haha xD
She's so floofy xD
You're welcome! c:
casinuba's avatar
Yeesss, all the floof! :boogie:
Plants-And-Tattoos's avatar
Floof is the best xD
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