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N3458 Padro Foal Design by casinuba N3458 Padro Foal Design by casinuba
Current ref: -

Owner: casinuba 
Breeding note:…
Ref due: April 11

***One breeding slot to designer
***I get first refusal if you sell my design
***I do not allow deceasing or transferring of my designs to other breeds

ID: N3458

breeding spots: 12
build: medium

geno: ee Ata nCr nD nSty nW nNs minnSpk
dominant white NONUS on sooty chocolate dunalino 
minimal one color speckling
mane stripes: Nonus
rare points: 29

class: uncommon I
generation: 8th
------------------------------------------ SSS: unknown
----------------- SS: 9413 HSS Struck By Lightning
------------------------------------------ SSD: unknown
Sire: N2808 Bet You Can't Catch Me
------------------------------------------ SDS: 9657 NGS Ravus
----------------- SD: N2275 Sea Bearing Queen
------------------------------------------ SDD: N578 Tikis Treasure Hut
------------------------------------------ DSS: 2558 WMS' Glowing Apricot
----------------- DS: K60 Hatsik
------------------------------------------ DSD: 2015 Lorena (DECEASED)
Dam: N3227 Juliet
------------------------------------------ DDS: 1574 SSC The Blue Wonder
----------------- DD: 3757 NMS Tanu
------------------------------------------ DDD: 1867 SPS Pallaton

continued from SDD N578:
SDDS: 3786 NGS Towaka
SDDD: N498 Moana The Keeper
SDDSS: 927 MES Reika
SDDSD: 1457 SPS Dementur Sindri
SDDDS: 3326 HSS Eosphoros
SDDDD: N426 Egyptian Royal Empress
SDDSDS: 1605 SPS Tribal Arrow
SDDSDD: 912 WMS' Indianers Dancer (Indira)
SDDDSS: 1674 SSC Champagne Fireworks
SDDDDS: 9717 AVE Roly
SDDDDD: 9755 NGS Jira

continued from DSS 2558:
DSSS: 1989 WMS' Star Shine
DSSD: 1787 WMS' Moon Dance

continued from DSD 2015:
DSDS: 1342 The Dragon Born Comes
DSDD: 1317 Shiver Me Timbers
DSDSS: 321 I See Fire (DECEASED)
DSDSD: 1245 ManEater (DECEASED)
DSDDS: 871 Abred
DSDDD: 1254 Midnight Lullaby
DSDSDS: 1072 SPS Abaddon
DSDSDD: 834 Reaper
DSDDDS: 847 WMS' Star Struck
DSDDDD: 1076 Next Door Down
DSDSDSS: 823 Tempest
DSDSDSD: 742 Tora

continued from DDS 1867:
DDSS: 1663 SSC A Dash of Sunlight
DDSD: 1890 NGS Tarak
DDSDS: 958 NGS Pharos
DDSDD: 572 SPS Adnan
DDSDDS: 428 Starkiller
DDSDDD: 710 Ruby Red

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March 11
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