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N3139 Padro Foal Design by casinuba N3139 Padro Foal Design by casinuba
Current ref: LRS Key Lime Pie | ID: N3139

Owner: LunarRocketStables 
Previous owner: casinuba 
Breeding note:…
Ref due: Dec 25

***One breeding slot to designer
***I get first refusal if you sell my design
***I do not allow deceasing or transferring of my designs to other breeds

ID: N3139

breeding spots: 10
build: light

geno: ee Aa nD nZ nf nLp nKsn minnSpk
flaxen red dun snowflake KIUSAN (silver carrier) (random Kiusan)
minimal one color speckling
mane stripes: yes
rare points: 25

class: uncommon I
generation: 7th
------------------------------------------ SSS: 2040 I'm Your Doctor I'm Your Cure
----------------- SS: 1588 Maddox Table
------------------------------------------ SSD: 1180 Kendi
Sire: N974 Mason
------------------------------------------ SDS: 6116 Cavalier
----------------- SD: N507 Savannah
------------------------------------------ SDD: 2237 Ginger Peach
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DS: 9994 NGS Waiting for a Girl
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown
Dam: 9591 SLS Oreo Banana Creme Pie
------------------------------------------ DDS: 1273 Pompeii
----------------- DD: 3362 NGS Garase
------------------------------------------ DDD: 684 Tomorrow Comes Today

continued from SSS 2040:
SSSS: 1171 WVF Snow Patrol
SSSD: SPS Zuckerdiamant 546
SSSDS: 563 Moonfall
SSSDD: SPS She's So High 416

continued from SDS 6116:
SDSS: 4711 WMS' Bio Fly
SDSD: 4389 Evening's Shadow
SDSSS: GR025 Smith
SDSSD: SPS Beneath the Winter Skye 1866

continued from SDD 2237:
SDDS: 1609 Thor's Helmet
SDDD: SSC As The River Flows 1999

continued from DDS 1273:
DDSS: 135 Birite
DDSD: 1041 WR Imma Polkadotted Girl
DDSDS: 809 Silver Bells
DDSDD: 632 EFF O'Golly Miss Molly

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Submitted on
November 25, 2017
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