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N3000 Once I Had a Nightmare (Wanda) by casinuba N3000 Once I Had a Nightmare (Wanda) by casinuba
Temp ref because of deadlines and schedule chaos.
Lineart: Free to Use - Headshot Lineart Pack by Kumoulogy

ID: N3000
Name: Once I Had a Nightmare
Nickname: Wanda
Breed: pure Padro
Gender: filly
Age: foal
Personality: -
Color: grey on sooty pangare seal bay roan sabino splash DEER GLOW MIRRUDO NUGISA
Genotype: EE Ata nR nG nSty nP nSb nSpl nDr nGl nMrd nNgs medSpk*Spk
Class: very rare
Rare points: 79
Build: medium
Lineage: 2nd generation
------------------------------------------ SSS: unknown
----------------- SS: unknown
------------------------------------------ SSD: unknown
Sire: #9114 Once in a Blue Moon
------------------------------------------ SDS: unknown
----------------- SD: unknown
------------------------------------------ SDD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSS: unknown
----------------- DS: unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: unknown
Dam: A Hellish Hallowed Nightmare ~ 9190
------------------------------------------ DDS: unknown
----------------- DD: unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD: unknown

Twin to: N2999 Nightmare Moon (Pietro)

Disposition: -
Distinguishing feature: -

Breeding :: CLOSED (too young)
personal :: Bullet; Green
public :: 
Bullet; Red

Breeding rules:
1. Slots are - PP or - points.
2. Breeding picture is not required.
3. I require a slot to the foal(s).
4. Comment with the link to the foal design or reference so that I can keep track!
5. If planning to sell or decease the foal, please contact me first! I may want it.
6. Include "apple" somewhere in your comment to show that you've read and accepted these rules!

owner || stallion || foal || Bullet; Green = ready for use  Bullet; Yellow = not ready for use  Bullet; Red = used || payment/breeding picture
1. Pipsqueak09 || - || - || Bullet; Yellow || n/a (dam owner)
2. Bullet; Yellow
3. Bullet; Yellow
4. Bullet; Yellow
5. Bullet; Yellow
6. Bullet; Yellow
7. Bullet; Yellow
8. Bullet; Yellow
9. Bullet; Yellow
10. Bullet; Yellow
11. Bullet; Yellow

Import sheet: N3000 Padro Foal Design
Design by: casinuba 

Rank: -
Padro points: 34
- : flat colored fullbody = 3
This ref*: flat colored headshot = 1
Lineage: sire (30) + dam (3) = 33

Award Wall:

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Nabashta Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Holy cow! So pretty. *Looks at breeding slots and does many motions*. May I have a slot? 
casinuba Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! :D Slots are closed for the moment, because too young and she's a Once baby... ^^; Will open them once I age/rank her up!
Nabashta Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great! Can't wait.
RebeccaMArt Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Love those colorful horns!
casinuba Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Right? Very colorful. :D Thank you!
RebeccaMArt Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Yessss lol you're welcome :)
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November 3, 2017
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