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Okama Gamesphere

By CasinoJack
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This was my first 3D Studio Max "project", by which I mean that it was the first piece I actually planned beforehand.

The model is based on the Okama Gamesphere featured in episode 508 (Towlie) of South Park. Those of you who have seen the episode will agree that I didn't have much to work with, so most of my version comes from the deep, occasionally disturbing recesses of my mind.

If this were a real device, it would make a good paperweight - the glass sphere would likely crush the base unit and the controllers would be usable only by those with the plumpest of hands.
Regardless, I enjoyed making it.
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And Its Spherical! Spherical MAN IconSPHERICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
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If you ever decide to make more and sell them, I'd be the first in line.
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I so want that console, and I love that episode of that South Park, where they meet Towelie, and see what the game sphere is like.
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wow! I'd SOOOO by the Okama GameSphere if it was as cool as you made it look!
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HAHAHA! I can not believe that you have made the okama gamesphere from SP xD
Great work, That episode it's amazing, Towlie rocks!
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Makes me wanna get high with towlie.
Fantasticly done i always thought that machine would look cool in real life
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Awesome :lol: I recognize what it was by the thumbnail alone. I like what you've done with it, given the original material.
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It took a fair amount of imagination juice to balance the 'recognisability' and sexiness.

Congratulations on being the first person I've come across who knows what an 'Okama Gamesphere' is :)
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lol, if they made one I'd buy it :slow:
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