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A Titan's Crew Hearth's Warming
Hearth's Warming is a festive holiday in Ponyville. And everyone has thier own ways of celebrating.
The snow was coming down gently on Ponyville as everyone hustled and bustled to get thier shopping done and finish decorating. Titan and Creative Wave were finishing their papers on gift giving for Rarity's generosity class when Silverstream and Yona stopped by their dorm room. "Ready to go bestie?" asked Silverstream. "Almost done" said Creative Wave as he finished writing. He spit the pencil into his pencil cup and stapled the papers together. Titan was just finishing too, but it was times like this when he wished he was a unicorn or an alicorn, because he can't write if his life depends on it. "Damn my writing sucks" said Titan as he looked at his paper. "As long as Rarity can read it, I'm sure it's fine" said Creative Wave. An announcement came over the intercom that the campus was now closed for the holiday and all students needed to exit the premises. Titan wrapped his Hufflepuff s
:iconcasimusprime:CasimusPrime 0 2
12 Years a Ducks Fan by CasimusPrime 12 Years a Ducks Fan :iconcasimusprime:CasimusPrime 0 1
CasimusPrime + CybertronianBrony: Christmas Date
It was still a few weeks before Christmas. But that didn't stop a few friends from having some festive fun.
Casey was sitting in the living room tossing around a pair of dice. Just as the doorbell rang, he gave the dice one last toss. "What?! Snake eyes?!" he said. He then went to the door to see Callum and Sunset. "Ready to go?" Sunset asked. "Let me just go grab a jacket" Casey replied as he headed upstairs. He slipped on his shoes and a hoodie and then returned downstairs to see Sunset and Callum. They all walked together. Sci Twi was meeting them at a Christmas tree farm just outside of town. She and Casey had not yet put up or decorated their Christmas tree. This double date was meant to help them pick out a tree and buy some nice decorations.
Eventually they got to the Christmas tree farm. Callum went up to Sci Twi and hugged her and kissed her before doing it again for Sunset. "I'm glad Casey and I can get some help" said Sci Twi. "Picking a tree is so hard". "Why don't you just
:iconcasimusprime:CasimusPrime 0 0
Andy x Twilight: Birthday Date
Twilight will do all sorts of things to help her friends celebrate their birthdays. Whether it be attending a party for Pinkie Pie, or attending a Wonderbolts performance for Rainbow Dash, she does whatever she can to make her friends happy. And tonight, she was going on a birthday date.
Andy had just gotten out of the bathtub and dried himself off. He was doing a few things he needed to do to prepare for his date with Twilight. He was trying to make sure he looked nice, smelled nice, and was all around presentable. He combed his mane, dabbed a little bit of cologne on, and was finally ready. He made the walk from his house to Twilight's castle. It wasn't very far, but he enjoyed the walk. He knocked on the door to the castle and was greeted by Spike. "Twilight will be out in just a minute" said Spike. Twilight was doing the same things Andy did to prepare herself. Take a bath, brush her mane, and just make sure she looked super pretty for Andy. Eventually, she came to the door and was
:iconcasimusprime:CasimusPrime 6 11
Casey x Sci Twi: Date Night
Of the five boys in the group, Casey is probably the one who goes on the fewest dates with the Equestria Girls. He's also a one woman kind of guy, choosing just to date Sci Twi instead of all 26 girls like Callum does. But when the two get to have a date, they make it a special one.
Sci Twi was at Rarity's boutique picking out a new winter outfit. The temperature was changing and that meant bundling up to stay warm. Rarity wanted to make sure Sci Twi looked perfect for Casey. She picked out a nice hoodie jacket and some nice slacks. Casey was also shopping for some new winter clothes. Since Sci Twi developed her allergy to hockey, Casey wasn't able to use his jerseys as sweaters. He hoped one day that an antidote could be developed, but just like his diabetes, there was currently no cure. He saw a nice sweater that looked identical to the one worn by The Dude in that Jeff Bridges movie "The Big Lebowski". But then Casey saw the price tag of $239. "Maybe HotTopic will have something mor
:iconcasimusprime:CasimusPrime 0 1
CasimusPrime: Christmas Shopping
Now that Halloween had come and gone, it was time to focus on the next big holiday in Canterlot City, and that's Christmas.
It would still be a few weeks before the town put up decorations or snow would start falling, but some people were already feeling festive. One of these people was Casey. He decided to get his Christmas shopping done early to beat the Black Friday crowds. The only hard part was getting around since the DeLorean was blown to bits when he was kidnapped. Luckily he had the Ride Striker, the motorcycle he rides when he is Kamen Rider Zi O. He went into the closet looking for an outfit to wear. Ever since Sci Twi developed her hockey allergy, Casey had to get rid of all his jerseys and t-shirts. He didn't throw them away or donate them, he put them all in a trash bag which is safely tucked away in the attic. He hoped one day they would develop a cure for Sci Twi's allergy. Soon he settled on an outfit. He wore a long sleeve t-shirt under his Canterlot Knights jersey al
:iconcasimusprime:CasimusPrime 0 1
Bullet Club Myers by CasimusPrime Bullet Club Myers :iconcasimusprime:CasimusPrime 2 5
CasimusPrime + CybertronianBrony: Halloween
Halloween is a hot holiday in Canterlot City. Every year the town throws a carnival in the park to celebrate. Kids go trick or treating as soon as school lets out. It's one of those holidays where the grocery stores sell out of candy in under an hour. And the best part is the carnival in the park.
Sci Twi was downstairs in the living room admiring her 13th Doctor costume. She and Rarity had spent weeks making every part of it from scratch. Even the electronic Sonic Screwdriver. She soon wondered what was taking Casey so long to come downstairs in his costume. Sci Twi leaned alongside the staircase and called up to her room. "Honey, you okay up there?" she asked. Casey came downstairs in his normal clothes. He let out a sigh. "The costume doesn't fit" he said. "Kind of hard to when the person who originally wore it wears 150 pounds less than you". Sci Twi was a little disappointed. The costume in question was a pink version of Deadpool's movie suit. The movie theater that Juniper worked
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CasimusPrime + CybertronianBrony: Casey's Escape
It's been several weeks since Casey and Fahrenheit's brutal battle. Many of the citizens of Canterlot City believe Fahrenheit's body was cremated, and his remains scattered at sea. Unfortunately, they were wrong.
Casey was out for a drive one day. He wasn't really going anywhere in particular, just felt like driving. The girls were staying over at Callum and Sunset's again for another sleepover, their third in a week. Casey never attends these things, so it shouldn't bother him. Just as he went to change the radio station, the engine of Casey's car suddenly shut down. He pulled over to the side of the road to inspect the damage. As he popped the hood, an explosion destroyed the DeLorean and Casey lay wounded. His body was found by two hooded men who loaded him into a truck and hauled him away to a cave deep in the outskirts of town.
Casey awoke several hours later. But his surroundings surprised him. He saw Fahrenheit's destroyed remains on a giant table, a ball of energy in a glass co
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How CasimusPrime Joined The Brony Herd
If you had told me 8 years ago that a cartoon for little girls would impact my life so much, I probably would've thought you were joking. But looking back on it, I still can't believe I've been part of the fandom for 4 years. It truly has been an amazing ride. You're probably wondering how it all started for me?
Let's wind the clocks back.
When The Hub and My Little Pony first was launched, I didn't think much of it. The only shows I watched on The Hub were Transformers: Prime and Transformers: Rescue Bots. It wasn't until 2012 when I first discovered traces of the fandom. I was at a HotTopic in the mall. They had a black rubber bracelet that had the word "BRONY" written on it in rainbow colored lettering. I was under the delusion that was just the name of male characters on the show. Boy was I wrong. About a year later, I was in FYE at the same mall looking at phone cases. They had two MLP themed cases. One of Pinkie Pie, and one of Rainbow Dash. A whole year went by without mention o
:iconcasimusprime:CasimusPrime 1 4
The Equestria Girls 18th Birthday Bash
When you turn 18, it's a once in a lifetime celebration. But imagine when it's yours and 7 of your friends birthdays at the same time?
Callum, Andy, Emilio, and Justin were all at the mall looking for gifts to buy for the girls 18th birthday. Tree Hugger insisted she buy them cigarettes, but they knew better. They couldn't get anything too extreme because Christmas was right around the corner. Sunset and Pinkie were busy setting up at Sunset's house. Unfortunately not all the girls could attend. The Dazzlings, Vinyl Scratch, and Octavia had a concert that night, Trixie was putting on a magic show at the children's hospital, Juniper was working because Venom was still in theaters and the upcoming sequel to Halloween was due out next weekend and people were preordering tickets, Wallflower was babysitting, Lyra and BonBon had a date, Derpy was hosting a muffin making class, The Shadowbolts had a crap ton of homework, and Skystar got grounded......again.
One by one they all showed up at Su
:iconcasimusprime:CasimusPrime 1 1
Casimus Prime vs Fahrenheit: The Final Battle
For months, Casimus Prime has waged war with Fahrenheit, the arsonist Decepticon fireman. But now their war was about to come to an end.
Sci Twi was downtown trying to get in contact with Casey. It was a little difficult considering Casey still didn't have a cell phone. Suddenly, Sci Twi heard the sound of robotic clanking and the G1 transformation sound as a black and red fire truck transformed behind her. "Where do you think you're going?" said Fahrenheit as he got up. Sci Twi panicked. Fahrenheit pointed one of his flamethrowers at her. "Your services are no longer required" said Fahrenheit as he prepared to fire. But before he could, he was attacked from above by Casey, who flew into him and caused their battle to shift to the nearby interstate. Fahrenheit picked up a van. "I love to burn!" he shouted. "Put 'em down!" Casey shouted back. "Collateral damage Autobot" replied Fahrenheit. Casey decided to try an attack he had never done before. He opened up his chest and fired a burst
:iconcasimusprime:CasimusPrime 2 1
The Brony Screwjob
It was exactly one year ago today that My Little Pony: The Movie was released into theaters. If only I had known what kind of an impact it would make on the fandom. The songs, the characters, the story, the cast, it was something that brought the fandom together. But what if you're the one Brony who, even after a year, still hasn't seen the movie? When I tell people this story, they call me a liar, a troll, a hater amongst other things. It doesn't help that I got banned from Equestria Daily long before this took place. Very few people believed my story of The Brony Screwjob. Today I'd like to share it with you.
When the trailer was released in late June, I tried avoiding it like the plague. I prayed to Celestia that the movie would be a straight to DVD release. But when I found out it was going to be released in theaters, it was in that moment I knew I would probably never see this movie. It's bad enough there's barely any Bronies in Florida. Anytime I see anyone wearing My Little Pony
:iconcasimusprime:CasimusPrime 0 1
CasimusPrime: Job Jumping
What happens when your job backfires? You hope the next one gets better
Casey was looking down at a picture of Sci Twi on the handlebars of his scooter, but he realized he was about to run into his boss. "Dean! No no! Stop! Stop!" he said as Casey came to a screeching halt. "You're late, man. Always late" he said. "I'm sorry Mr. Aziz" said Casey as he tried to hide his Casimus Prime suit. "There was a.....disturbance". Mr Aziz was pissed. "Disturbance? Another disturbance with you?" he asked as he denied Casey's excuse. "Come on. 21 minutes ago, in comes order. Hamilton, Burton, and Smith. 8 extra large deep dish pizzas. In 8 minutes I am defaulting on Joe's 29 minute guarantee. Then not only am I receiving no money for these pizzas, but I will lose the customer forever to Hungry Howie's. Look, you are my only hope. You have to make it in time. Casey, you're a nice guy, but you're just not dependable. This is your last chance. You have to go 42 blocks in 7 and one half minutes, or your
:iconcasimusprime:CasimusPrime 1 1
The Autumn Wind is A Raider by CasimusPrime The Autumn Wind is A Raider :iconcasimusprime:CasimusPrime 3 2 Marvel Giving Me The Finger by CasimusPrime Marvel Giving Me The Finger :iconcasimusprime:CasimusPrime 1 0


Memories From The Best Equestria Girl Gone Image by LoneCoat84 Memories From The Best Equestria Girl Gone Image :iconlonecoat84:LoneCoat84 44 7 You Totally Have What It Takes by AndoAnimalia You Totally Have What It Takes :iconandoanimalia:AndoAnimalia 32 7 Motown Warriano Kirin by MotownWarrior01 Motown Warriano Kirin :iconmotownwarrior01:MotownWarrior01 19 6 Blushing Blizzard by EmeraldBlast63 Blushing Blizzard :iconemeraldblast63:EmeraldBlast63 122 7 SciTwi by RairaiThepie SciTwi :iconrairaithepie:RairaiThepie 15 0 W RideWatch by Zeronatt1233 W RideWatch :iconzeronatt1233:Zeronatt1233 17 3 Ts Colors Final Rbg by tentreesart
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Ts Colors Final Rbg :icontentreesart:tentreesart 29 7
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CasimusPrime's Profile Picture
United States
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Casimus Prime (but my friends call me "Prime" or my God given name of Casey). Even though most of my posts are MLP and Equestria Girls related, I'm just a huge geek. I also fancy the great game of hockey, especially the NHL. I'm a genuinely nice person, so don't be afraid to talk to me.


1. Enjoy my profile.
2. Feel free to comment.
3. I am open to suggestions for future stories.
4. NSFW is for friends only. Trust me, I'm not very good at writing clopfics
5. If you don't have anything nice to say, please don't say it. I don't need negativity
6. If you want to use my OC for anything, please ask first (and give credit for his appearance)
7. Please don't feel bad if I don't have you as a "friend". All my watchers are important to me.
8. Don't be afraid to talk to me, I'm a very nice guy.

My Friends
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Some people were a little shocked when they offered to draw me something as a Christmas gift and I said they shouldn't.


Not because I don't appreciate the gesture. It's the fact that I probably won't be able to reimburse you with a story as lengthy and detailed as the one I recently uploaded and the one that will be uploaded next week.
People keep asking me if I’ve seen the trailer for Avengers: Annihilation.

A 15 second clip of Tony looking at an Iron Man helmet followed by the words “Trailer coming soon” does not a trailer make.
“Sir” said I. “Or madam. Surely your forgiveness I implore. But the fact is I was napping and so gently you came rapping. Merely tapping at my chamber door.”

Here I flung wide the door

Darkness there and nothing more
Got a fair amount of questions in the inbox. Time to answer them.

Who Do You Ship The Most Out of Everyone On The Show? (asked by :iconshutterflyeqd:)

Honestly, that is a damn good question. And a really tough one. If I had to pick, it would either by SciSet or StarTwi.

Have You Decided on a Captain for the Canterlot Knights?

Not yet. 2 members have voted for Andy, one of us doesn't care, and one of us voted for me. I thought of just having me and Andy as alternate captains. But until I reach a decision, the title shall remain vacant.

If You Had To Change the Name of the Canterlot Knights, What Would You Change it To?

I'd hate to do that because I feel like the Canterlot Knights is my calling card in the Brony fandom. It's a faction of Bronies I've dreamed of assembling and I can't imagine us changing our name. Granted, there were other names for our faction before I settled on Canterlot Knights, but trust me when I tell you they weren't very good. If I HAD to change the name, part of me wants to say Canterlot Kraken, but that just doesn't roll off the tongue as good.

Without Spoiling It, Is There Any Other Details You Can Give Us About The EG Christmas Special?

Much like the earlier episode, there will be some time focused on the shipping of Callum x Sunset and Sci Twi. I know some of you have wanted some more Twisey, but I can't help it that people are reporting me to DA for writing about what they call a "crackship" and a "crime to the fandom". There will be some Twisey time in the story, but when it occurs, you'll just have to wait and see.

Do You Still Have a Fear of Twilight Not Liking You?

A little bit, yes. Especially considering there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of other Bronies who would seem more qualified to be her friend or lover instead of me. I'd rather remove myself from the equation all together to avoid getting my hopes up and then dashed by rejection.

Besides Lack of Quality, Is There Any Other Reason Why There Won't Be Another Twisey Clopfic?

Much like the earlier question, if all the guys in our fandom had to form a line in order of qualification of who deserves to be featured in a clopfic with Sci Twi, I would be near the very back of the line. When the artist ties the fanfic writer, the artist wins. Plus, I haven't really had the desire recently for anything dirty. I know there are others who need it more frequently than I do, but when someone gets me an IOU for a naughty role play, it will probably be a while before I cash it in.

A Time Ago You Said Something About An Episode About A Wedding, Is That Still Happening?

Probably not. Mainly because I don't know which shipping in our stories the wedding would focus around. It would either be Justin x Starlight, Callum x Sunset, or Andy x Twilight. Although if I do Andy x Twilight, it would have to take place in Equestria and not Canterlot City.

Would You Be Willing To Pay Above Retail Price for a Funko Pop of Genie from Aladdin?

No. I know they just recently released one of him styled like he's coming out of the lamp, but I'm pretty sure that one will sell out fast and go for a pretty penny on the aftermarket. I'm sure the Will Smith version, if one exists, will meet a similar fate. As much as I love Genie and I can relate to his character so much, I'm just not willing to spend that kind of money.

Do You Own Any Gaming Jerseys?

Not yet. I'm waiting for the Atlanta Reign and Washington Justice of the Overwatch League to release theirs to retail. But from what I've come to understand, that won't be until the next season starts in 2019. Plus they're teaming up with Fanatics instead of Blizzard or IntoTheAim.

What Are Your Thoughts On Seattle Being Awarded an NHL Team?

I LOVE it. Seattle is a city I would love to visit and I feel like they deserve an NHL team. Granted, it does really suck that they won't begin play until 2021, but I can wait. If I can wait 3 years for Avengers: Infinity War, I can wait 3 years for an NHL team. I do hope they reveal the name and logo sooner rather than later. Part of me really hopes they call the team the Seattle Kraken, just because it sounds badass. Plus, when the players are skating out onto the ice during the opening of the game, the announcer can shout "Release the Kraken!". But like I said, I will have to wait and see.


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