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Dashie, Thats a Hockey Puck, Not a Donut by CasimusPrime Dashie, Thats a Hockey Puck, Not a Donut :iconcasimusprime:CasimusPrime 1 0 Twiley Snuggles by CasimusPrime Twiley Snuggles :iconcasimusprime:CasimusPrime 2 2
CasimusPrime's Special Delivery
Normally people my age don't get excited over things that come in the mail unless it's something they ordered online. But not me, at least today.
Sometime a few weeks ago, I had entered a contest being held by my dear friend Belle. She decided to keep it "in the family" which basically means it was exclusive to those she considers her close friends. This past Tuesday in the afternoon she drew the winner. Shockingly enough, it was me. But it wasn't the only thing that came unexpected. Previously she had put one of her plushies up for adoption and I told her I'd be more than willing to give it a new home. I just waited for the results of the contest. As it turns out, I was getting two instead of one. Now I just waited for the day the package showed up at my front door.
I awoke this morning very exhausted. I saw some messages on my phone like always. One of them was from USPS saying it was out on the truck and would be delivered by the end of the day. I had a light breakfast of some eggs,
:iconcasimusprime:CasimusPrime 1 3
CasimusPrime + CybertronianBrony: Knights Return
Over the summer of 2018, Casey formed a gaming team that he called the Canterlot Knights. In thier inaugural tournament appearance, they captured the championship over the reigning Dark Magicians. They haven't been seen since. But now it was time for the Knights to make a comeback.
Since the Knights' last competition, some things have happened involving the roster. Applejack and Rainbow Dash were signed as the team's first female players. Nick was also added to the roster. And Andy decided that Casey should be the team's captain. But during all this time, there was no competitions being held, that was until a new two new teams came into existence. The Manehattan Roughriders and the Whinnyapolois Vikings. Both teams wanted a shot at the Canterlot Knights. The CCGL commissioner contacted Callum and told him they wanted the team to compete again. He called the group together to discuss. "It's been too long since we've competed" said Callum. "This team was formed to show Canterlot City kno
:iconcasimusprime:CasimusPrime 1 0
Casey and Sci Twi's Adventures: Surprised
Some days you can plan for, others you can't. There's an old saying: Expect the unexpected. I guess I sorta did that today.
I was awoken around 9:30 maybe 9:45 this morning by the shrill whining of my dogs. Something they love to do when my mom leaves for work in the morning is bark and whine because she's not home. I tried everything I could to drown it out and try to go back to sleep. Finally silence fell upon the house and I was able to doze back off for another 2 hours. I woke up again around 11:30, which is roughly the time I've been waking up lately. But I didn't want to get out of bed just yet, so I just sorta laid there and checked my morning messages. One thing I always love waking up to is messages from one of my Discord servers called The Herd 6. The group consists of myself and few close friends. Something in the group was going to happen today at some point in the afternoon. I just didn't know when so I'd have to be patient. When I did finally get out of bed, I made a ligh
:iconcasimusprime:CasimusPrime 1 0
Casey and Sci Twi's Adventures: Under Stress
It's been a few weeks since Sci Twi came back from the UK to be with me. Seems like she came at a rough time in my life.
I felt a bit rushed on my way to work this morning. I got up with just enough time to shave and get dressed. At some point, Mom oversaw my phone wallpaper had Twilight on it. She had been under the delusion for the last few years that I had stopped watching the show, she thought the MLP Movie was the series finale. I told her I had it set as my wallpaper because today was the day the final season premiered. She irritably asked why I still watched the show. I tried to explain my reasons, but she thinks there are other shows I could watch that have the same things in them. I tried telling her it's just not the same, but she wouldn't listen. I felt discouraged as I got dressed. I would've leaned over to Sci Twi and given her a goodbye kiss and a hug, but the poor girl was still asleep. I got that weird feeling she was up late last night or maybe she's still adjusting to
:iconcasimusprime:CasimusPrime 1 0
CasimusPrime + CybertronianBrony: Cruise Part 3
It was the cruise's final day at sea. Everyone onboard had to make it count.
The night prior, Casey and Sci Twi were getting ready for bed. Sci Twi had just finished brushing her teeth when she saw Casey looking at something on his phone. He looked sad. "Something wrong sweetie?" asked Sci Twi. Casey put the phone down. "Nothing" he said. "It's a hockey thing". Sci Twi sat down on Casey's bed and tried to get him to tell her. "Just because I'm allergic to it doesn't mean you're not allowed to talk about it" she said. "You'll feel better if you tell me. I won't judge". Casey realized she was being honest, she supported his passion for the sport long before her allergy. He grabbed his phone and showed her a headline on the NHL app, it simply said "DUCKS MATHEMATICALLY ELIMINATED FROM PLAYOFF CONTENTION". Sci Twi knew this hit close to home for Casey, the Ducks were his favorite team. "Sit up honey" asked Sci Twi. He did because he knew what was gonna happen next, she hugged him. "This wa
:iconcasimusprime:CasimusPrime 2 3
CasimusPrime + CybertronianBrony: Cruise Part 2
The cruise was still going for a few more days, which meant more fun to be had with the guys and girls.
Casey and Sci Twi awoke in their room and got dressed so they could join everyone downstairs for breakfast. Sci Twi thought she looked like a hot mess with her hair still messed up, but Casey insisted she was still beautiful. "Not awake for an hour and you've already made my day sweetie" said Sci Twi. The two held hands and headed downstairs. They were in agreement on one thing. For this cruise, they wanted things to just be normal for once. No evil Equestrian magic, no Decepticons, no Firemen, none of that. They just wanted to have a good time. They soon met up with the other girls and guys for breakfast. The crew had decided to put out an all-you-can-eat buffet with every breakfast food imaginable. Cereal, toast, oatmeal, pancakes, waffles, bacon, eggs, gravy. You name it, it's in the buffet. Sci Twi settled on a bowl of gravy while Casey had some bacon, eggs, and pancakes. Of cour
:iconcasimusprime:CasimusPrime 1 0
CasimusPrime + CybertronianBrony: Cruise Part 1
At some point in the past, the Equestria Girls went on a cruise that ended rather eventful. Now they were about to embark on their second one.
Sci Twi had just finished packing her bags and was writing the instructions for Wallflower who would be house sitting and taking care of Spike while she and Casey were away. "Honey, you coming?" asked Sci Twi. "Our ride will be here any minute". "I'll be down in a moment" Casey called up from upstairs as he finished packing his suitcase. He packed everything he thought he'd need. Swimsuit, pajamas, spare changes of clothes, socks, underwear, phone charger, etc. Soon he got his suitcase zipped up and met up with Sci Twi downstairs, their ride had just shown up to take them to the port where the ship would depart. It wasn't too long of a ride. The other girls and guys were waiting for them. "We're here" said Sci Twi. "Fashionably late. Per the norm". Callum hugged her and kissed her. "I'm just glad you made it" he said. Casey unloaded the luggage
:iconcasimusprime:CasimusPrime 1 3
Casey and Sci Twi's Adventures: Unlucky Day
A long time ago there was a cartoon I used to watch. In one episode, the lead character was having a bad day. A secondary character said "Days aren't bad. A day is a day". Clearly that episode was a product of its time and people DO have bad days.
I awoke really early in the morning, around 8:30 maybe 9:00. I didn't wake up intentionally. My dogs were barking and whining. They usually do this because my mom has left the house to go to work and I guess they have separation anxiety for some reason. I figured while I was up I would do something to try and get them to calm down, while also having a light breakfast. I popped some stuff in the toaster and had some ready to eat bacon. After breakfast I tried to go back to sleep for a few hours before my alarm clock went off. I clearly slept through it, because next thing I know, Sci Twi is shaking me trying to wake me up. "Honey get up" she said. "You're gonna be late for work". I looked over at the clock, it was 12:30. I got out of bed, made
:iconcasimusprime:CasimusPrime 0 0
Gatsby and I Thank You by CasimusPrime Gatsby and I Thank You :iconcasimusprime:CasimusPrime 2 0
Casey and Sci Twi's Adventures: Day Off
It's been a few days since Sci Twi moved back in to my house. It's really nice having her back.
I awoke around 12:45 in the afternoon. I had worked a long shift at work yesterday and I was exhausted. Sci Twi and I didn't do anything yesterday other than run a quick errand for my mother. We didn't really have anything planned at first, but that would change. Shortly after I awakened Sci Twi followed suit. She let out a cute yawn. "Morning sweetie" she said. I rubbed my eyes. "Morning" I said as I slipped my watch onto my wrist. "Hungry?" I asked. "Not really" said Sci Twi. She followed me into the kitchen as I fed my dogs and prepared my own breakfast. She grabbed my phone off the charger and handed it to me. I noted a list of things I needed to do today. Like always, I invited Sci Twi to go with me. She and I headed to the bedroom to change. Sci Twi really only has two casual outfits to wear, while I have many. I decided on a t-shirt from Impractical Jokers and a pair of shorts. We got
:iconcasimusprime:CasimusPrime 1 0
Sci Twi's Return
Things have been interesting over the last calendar year. Half the universe was wiped out by Thanos' snap, I was involved with a car accident, The Big Bang Theory entered its final season, and the Washington Capitals won their first Stanley Cup. These things would've been alot more interesting to experience if the Equestria Girl I hold so close to me was in my life. She had been spending the last year alongside the other girls in the UK with my dear friend Callum. I thought she'd be safer there. But sooner rather than later, she would make her return to my home.
I awoke on Tuesday morning. I looked over at the clock on my nightstand. Normally at this time I'd be panicking that I'd be late for class like Peter does in those videos on YouTube in which he sounds drunk. But that wouldn't be the case for a few months. This class was stressful to take, and my teacher was a jerk. So I did myself a favor and withdrew. For the first time in a while, I was free. Meant I had a few days off from b
:iconcasimusprime:CasimusPrime 1 0
CasimusPrime + CybertronianBrony: Expansion
When Callum first came to Canterlot City, he had 9 girls as friends and lovers. By the time Valentines Day rolled around, it was 28. Now it's up to 32.
The most recent addition to the group was Autumn Blaze. Before her it was the other members of The Besties. Skystar and Silverstream. But now 3 more from Equestria would join them in this world. Smolder, Ocellus, and Gabby. They also enlisted someone who was already in that world. Rarity's beloved assistant Coco Pommel. It would take some time for them to adjust to human bodies, but it would come naturally in time. Callum was the first one introduced to them. As with other times when the group expands, a sleepover was to be held to introduce the newcomers to everyone else. Unlike previous sleepovers where Casey is hesitant to attend, he now shows up willingly. Ever since he was open and honest with Sci Twi, the other girls also became aware of Casey's fear and vowed they would help him overcome it. They expressed more interest in him an
:iconcasimusprime:CasimusPrime 1 0
Memes By Haters #2 by CasimusPrime Memes By Haters #2 :iconcasimusprime:CasimusPrime 2 0 Memes By Haters #1 by CasimusPrime Memes By Haters #1 :iconcasimusprime:CasimusPrime 0 0


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United States
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Casimus Prime (but my friends call me "Prime" or my God given name of Casey). Even though most of my posts are MLP and Equestria Girls related, I'm just a huge geek. I also fancy the great game of hockey, especially the NHL. I'm a genuinely nice person, so don't be afraid to talk to me.


1. Enjoy my profile.
2. Feel free to comment.
3. I am open to suggestions for future stories.
4. NSFW is for friends only. Trust me, I'm not very good at writing clopfics
5. If you don't have anything nice to say, please don't say it. I don't need negativity
6. If you want to use my OC for anything, please ask first (and give credit for his appearance)
7. Please don't feel bad if I don't have you as a "friend". All my watchers are important to me.
8. Don't be afraid to talk to me, I'm a very nice guy.

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Time for another QnA.

I was gonna do this back in February on our anniversary or maybe wait til August for our half anniversary. But I figured since SlitherLynn's birthday is tomorrow, I would do it now. If you have any other questions, ask in the comments, but please keep them clean.

What is SlitherLynn's real name?

Out of all my online friends, a handful know her real name. Either because they're my friends on Facebook and saw her under my relationship status, or I told them directly. If she wants me to reveal her name, I will.

Where did you two go for your first date?

She says our first date was to the movies when we saw The Greatest Showman. We did alot during that week, but she says that was our first date.

How did SlitherLynn react when she found out you were a Brony?

She had no problem with it. Like I said before, she was the one who got me my first Twilight plushie.

Besides the naughty stuff, is there anything else you two don't do?

We don't sleep in the same bed. Only time we're on a bed together is when we're in my room watching a movie or TV. We also don't make out or play tonsil hockey.

Where will you go for a cute date?

Depends if we're in her jurisdiction or mine. In her neck of the woods, the best thing she has is Walmart. Alot of couples will go on dates to Walmart. And no that's not because of the guy in North Carolina from John DeLancie's Brony documentary. She lives in a small town compared to me and Walmart is the best thing they have. If we're in my jurisdiction, we have alot more at our disposal. Not only do we have Walmart, but we also have Target. We also have a mall. Plus we have alot more restaurants in my area than in hers. Near her, she only has McDonalds, Wendys, and Hardee's. We have almost everything in my area. McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's, Taco Bell, Chick Fil A, KFC, Checkers, Five Guys, Chipotle, PDQ. In terms of sit down, we have Applebee's, Dennys, Red Robin, Outback, Olive Garden, Twin Peaks, and a few local establishments. In her area, the best things they have are a local tourist trap and Beef O'Bradys.

What did you two do for each other's birthdays last year?

For her birthday, she came to my neck of the woods. We went to the mall, had Sonic for lunch, and that night we went with my family to a local restaurant for dinner. In terms of gifts, I got her The Greatest Showman on DVD. For my birthday, I came up to her area. The only part I remember is seeing Christopher Robin. In terms of gifts, she took me to Hardee's and picked up the tab (usually that's my job).

What did you two do for your first Valentine's Day?

We went to that restaurant that's a tourist trap. They were really busy that night, half the food on the menu was gone and the other half was running low. Later on that night, we went to her place and watched the performance of Phantom of The Opera at the Royal Albert Hall. We also watched its sequel Love Never Dies. Eventually we need to watch the 2004 film with Gerard Butler as The Phantom.

What is your song?

Our song is Rewrite The Stars from The Greatest Showman. We gravitated towards that song for a few reasons. One of them was because SlitherLynn loved Zac Efron from High School Musical and him starring alongside Hugh Jackman was the icing on the cake. The other reason was that the same day we saw the movie in theaters, we had gone to the fair in the afternoon. In the expo center, they had this ice skating show, and they had this couple do a performance to Rewrite The Stars. After we saw the movie, something sparked in her whenever she heard the song. She knew I was a theater nerd and had a knack for show tunes. The rest is history I suppose.

Besides the Atlanta Falcons license plate, what else did she get you for your anniversary? What did you get her?

I got her a few things for our anniversary. I got her one of those diorama Funko Pop sets of Jack and Sally from the end of the movie. I also got her Evie's necklace from Descendants. She got me two Funko Pops of my own. One of them was of Gellert Grindelwald from the second Fantastic Beasts movie. The other was the recent release of Genie from Aladdin.

How did SlitherLynn react to your car accident?

The way you'd think a significant other would react. Shocked and a little scared. She was hoping I would be OK after the accident and I'd be safer on the road. If only she was with me when I went car shopping.

How does SlitherLynn feel about dating a No Maj?

A little unbalanced. She's a Slytherin (as the name would imply) and I'm a No Maj. I used to think I was a Gryffindor or maybe a Hufflepuff, but no, I'm not.

Have you ever had to do something for a date that she would like, but not you?

Only once. It was when she was visiting for her birthday last year. There were two movies we wanted to see that were in theaters, Ready Player One and Sherlock Gnomes. I felt like since it was her birthday weekend and she was a guest in my home, we'd go see what she wanted to. I didn't enjoy the movie, but she did. At least I earned some boyfriend points.

When do you think you'll cash in all the boyfriend points you've earned?

No clue. I have no idea what my options are to redeem them for.

Even though it's not for 4 months, have you dropped any hints as to what she could get you for your birthday?

Nope. For two reasons mainly. 1, some of the things I'm asking for this year are out of her budget. Not exactly gonna request a $160 hockey jersey. 2, she doesn't have as big of a salary as I do. She barely makes minimum wage and hasn't gotten any raises or bonuses. The one thing I would probably request from her is maybe a Funko Pop of some kind, maybe a t-shirt if it's affordable. Something under $30. I have this feeling she'll probably have to give me an IOU or something.

For Halloween, would you ask her to dress up like Sci Twi?

Maybe. If we can find someone to make the costume and wig, she already has glasses. 
Welcome to yet another episode of Stereotypes.

This time we're looking at stereotypes involved with gaming. Whether it be at the arcade, at home, or at a gaming shop like GameStop. These stereotypes are all over the place.

The All-Nighter

There's always that one on XBox Live or PSN who is sending you an invite to play PubG or Overwatch at 5:30 in the morning. These people will play games all night, no matter what their day schedule is. You can tell they're a bit too involved when they're blinded by sunlight or sleep all day.

The Midnight Launch

Sometimes for video games, local game shops will host midnight launch events where fans who preordered the game to show up to the shop at midnight to pick up thier copy of the game. Usual activities include a preset console and game so everyone can play while waiting, giveaway freebies, raffles, etc. I've only attended ONE midnight launch for a game, and I didn't get to play it until a few days had passed. Wish I still had the rubber bracelet they gave away that night.

Mr. Excuses

Whenever you beat these people at a game, they always have some kind of excuse as to why they lost. Could be anything from "I wasn't using my lucky controller" or "I can't play while sitting on a couch". These excuses are usually pathetic.

Rage Quitter (aka The Rage Monster)

Imagine you're stuck on a level in a game and you can't get past it no matter how hard you try. These kind of people will get super pissed that they can't win and will scream and cuss alot. In some cases they may get destructive. These people end up getting banned from arcades.

The Power Button Pusher (aka The Plug Puller)

Imagine you're playing your friend in a game he never loses. Just when you think you're finally gonna win, he goes up to the console and shuts if off or unplugs it. His response is "Guess we'll never know". I HATE people like this. They're so obsessed with winning that losing is too big of a cross to bare.

The Totally Obsessed 

You wonder how these people aren't in the nut house. I saw this old episode of a show where the guy was beyond obsessed with Pac Man. He would look all over the arcade for the cabinet. As soon as he found it, he was hugging it and searching his pockets for quarters. You can also find this with console gamers where they are dedicated to gaming. Maybe they have a bunch of video game shirts, posters on their bedroom walls, a huge library of games at their disposal. The ways they show their obsession varies.

The Retro Gamer

I'm like this myself sometimes. These people prefer to play older video games instead of the newer ones. Plus there's nothing wrong with old school games. You can always go back to them for nostalgic vibes. Whether its the NES, Atari 2600, or the original PlayStation, there's a bunch of retro games to please any old school gamer's appetite. It also applies to the old school arcade games like Pac Man, Galaga, Centipede, or even Tetris. Except for anything made by LJN.

The Kid Who Thinks Old Games Suck

One part that always strikes a nerve with me when I watch Pixels is the scene where the kid thinks classic video games are Halo and Call of Duty. I tried showing my cousin some older video games, the ones I played when I was his age or younger. His response was "Wow, those games suck. Mine are way better". These kids need a damn history lesson. They also refuse to play Mario games because they think that game is for "babies". I just wanna do a Patrick Stewart facepalm when I hear these comments. They spend all their time playing Minecraft and Fortnite that they don't bother learning about what video games used to be like.

Mr. I'm Gonna Be A Professional Gamer

Being an esports athlete isn't as easy as signing in and saying you're the best at a game like League of Legends or Rocket League. Just like regular athletes, esports athletes have to prove every day they're the best. It takes alot of practice and honing your skills to be eligible to join a team. But everyone thinks they just have to keep playing and Microsoft will call them and say "You want a contract for Cloud9?" Not that easy. 

The Mobile Gamer

These are the kind of gamers who only play games on their phones. There's a lot of games to choose from. Clash of Clans, Mobile Strike, Angry Birds, Candy Crush, Crossy Road, Flappy Bird, Doodle Jump, Hungry Shark Evolution, World of Warships, World of Tanks, Pokemon Go, the list goes on. If there's some sort of groundbreaking game coming out for iOS or Android, these people will be the first to download it and spend long hours playing. And thier credit card bills will skyrocket from in-game purchases.

Mr. Banned From The Server

This has never happened to me, hope it never does. You sign in to XBox Live to play some CoD or Halo with your friends. As you sign in, you get a pop up that says you've been banned until 12/31/9999. Usually they'll send an email with more details on your ban. It drives them nuts that they can't play online with their friends.
Dashie, Thats a Hockey Puck, Not a Donut
Every time she sees this hockey puck on my nightstand she thinks it’s a stale Boston cream donut.

That hockey puck has sentimental value. It was a trophy from the first time I ever scored a hat trick during a game. Let me rephrase that, the ONLY time I ever scored a hat trick.

If Dashie breaks her teeth it’s gonna be an awkward trip to the dentist
Twiley Snuggles
I felt like you guys needed to see me giving my cutie Sci Twi some snuggles and cuddles. She’s great company at bedtime
Normally people my age don't get excited over things that come in the mail unless it's something they ordered online. But not me, at least today.

Sometime a few weeks ago, I had entered a contest being held by my dear friend Belle. She decided to keep it "in the family" which basically means it was exclusive to those she considers her close friends. This past Tuesday in the afternoon she drew the winner. Shockingly enough, it was me. But it wasn't the only thing that came unexpected. Previously she had put one of her plushies up for adoption and I told her I'd be more than willing to give it a new home. I just waited for the results of the contest. As it turns out, I was getting two instead of one. Now I just waited for the day the package showed up at my front door.

I awoke this morning very exhausted. I saw some messages on my phone like always. One of them was from USPS saying it was out on the truck and would be delivered by the end of the day. I had a light breakfast of some eggs, bacon, and a few pieces of toast. I didn't have work for a few hours, so mom asked me to do a favor. One of them was to run to Dunkin Donuts up the street near Target and get her an iced coffee. The other was to take some of her jackets to the dry cleaners. I started at the dry cleaners. My supervisor was out on the parking lot and saw me. He asked a request. He asked if I could come into work sooner rather than later. I told him I would need some time because I had to run another errand and also go home and change. I also had to shave. He said that was fine, but I needed to be there before I was supposed to start at 3:45, someone didn't show up and didn't bother calling out. Another just decided he had been working long enough and left.

As I was in line at Dunkin Donuts to get my mom's coffee, I got another text from USPS that my package had been delivered. I rushed home and brought it inside. I wanted to open it, but I thought I should wait til I got off. I changed into my uniform and left the house. I was in such a hurry I forgot to grab a drink for the drive home. I clocked in and immediately got to work. Throughout the day, Neil Diamond's song "Sweet Caroline" was playing. I thought maybe it was a sign that the Red Sox would win today. I would find out later they lost 9-5. Oh well, at least they're playing the Yankees on Tuesday. After a little while I went to break. I wasn't very hungry. I went to McDonalds. Got myself some McNuggets and a drink, didn't really feel like fries. Also the honey mustard tasted kinda different.

The last few hours of my shift came and went. I was staying later than others because I was driving the floor cleaning machine. One mistake some employees make is leaving the pads on the brushes after running it. Corporate protocol clearly indicates they must be taken off, cleaned, and hung up to dry. If they're too dirty to clean, dispose of them. I finally finished and saw my manager letting some people out. "Permission to clock out, sir?" I asked. "Permission granted" he replied. I hurried to the break room, grabbed my bag out of my locker, and clocked out. I unfortunately was kinda "off the grid" until my battery charged. My phone battery got to 39% by the time I got back from break. I plugged it in to my portable charger to juice it up in my pocket while I finished my shift, but it did the opposite for some reason. Battery was bone dry. I plugged it in in the car to juice up during the drive home. I needed to have dinner, so I ran down the street near my grandma's to go to Wendy's. I also promised my mom I'd get her a Frosty. They tried doing an up sell of a cookie, but my cousin's youngest daughter is a Girl Scout and she'd be pissed if I was eating any cookies that weren't Thin Mints or Peanut Butter Patties.

I got home and ate my food. The fries were really salty tonight and extremely crunchy. After I ate, I stripped off my sweaty uniform and took a warm shower. Weird thing about my shower is that the water seems to think the opposite of what I want it to be. When I want to take a hot shower, the water comes out freezing cold and vice versa. Then again, the last time I took a cold shower was after the football game when I got badly sunburnt. After my shower, I threw on my evening clothes and saw the package on my bed. Now it was time to open it and enjoy what was inside. I tried looking around the room for my trusty pocket knife, I got it a few years ago at a gun show. Unfortunately I was having trouble finding it, so it was time for Plan B. When a knife won't cut the mustard, you can always rely on a good old fashioned pair of kitchen scissors. I usually use these scissors for two different things, cutting open our bags of ice from the grocery store, or cutting the plastic wrap on frozen pizzas.

I cut the tape slowly, didn't want to damage what was inside. Once the tape was cut, I set the scissors down and opened the box. I was greeted with some tissue paper and then the plushies laying down and facing each other. Belle wasn't lying when she said she would make sure their journey was a comfortable one. I noticed two small envelopes in the bottom. One of them said "From Rainbow Dash" the other said "From Sci Twi". She had also put some stickers on them to better label which one was which. I pulled Dashie out of the box first and read her note. Belle said she would have Sci Twi and Rainbow write me some notes for when they arrived. Here's what Dashie's said:

"Hey! Since I'm the prize from the giveaway, that means your plush collection just got 20% cooler! Belle wanted me to tell you that I was one of her first to start up her own collection. She's really happy that you and SlitherLynn are gonna give me a new awesome place to crash! Rainbow Dash"

While I was at work, I had this vision of Rainbow trying to eat a hockey puck I have on my nightstand that she thought was a donut. That puck has sentimental value. Back when I used to play hockey, that puck was given to me by my coach as a trophy because it was in that game I scored my first hat trick. It was also my ONLY hat trick. I took Dashie out, hugged her, and welcomed her to her new home. I then proceeded to read Sci Twi's note. I was wondering what it said. Here's what it said:

"Hey Casey. Belle told me all about you. She said you adopted me and that Rainbow and I are going to be living with you from now on. I'm so excited! She also told me about SlitherLynn. I can't wait to meet her. Anyway, what're you waiting for? Aren't you gonna give me a hug? XOXO, Sci Twi"

I did more than hug her. I hugged her and lied down with her on my bed. I'm glad Belle remembered to sew her glasses on. I had this weird feeling she'd be crawling around the box saying "My glasses! I can't see without my glasses!" like Velma from Scooby Doo. I took a few minutes to give the two of them the dime tour of my room. We then sat down at my MacBook and watched some videos on YouTube. I introduced Rainbow Dash to one of my favorite sports channels, Dude Perfect. As for Sci Twi, I showed her a few clips from Harry Potter. All three of us together watched this one guy I watch on YouTube. I was specifically watching his videos about his birthday at a retro arcade. I always thought to myself "If I ever have to throw Callum a birthday party, I'm taking a page of out this guy's playbook". It was perfect for Callum's personality. Retro video games, Space Invaders and Pac Man decorations, old school Nintendo gift bags. All that was missing is that he doesn't play Pokemon Go, otherwise I would ask for his Trainer Code and maybe give him my spare Rioulou.

One thing that kinda killed me of cuteness overload is that I had this vision of Sci Twi using her magic to put my Florida Panthers hat on her head. I giggled. "Silly Twiley, I don't think that'll fit". When I was at work I had this funny idea for a picture where one of them is trying to wear one of my hockey jerseys, but instead uses it like a blanket. Ironically enough, my buddy Motown had fulfilled a request of mine to draw Sci Twi in a Vegas Golden Knights jersey. I always thought she'd be more of a Kings or Capitals fan. Although if she's a Kings fan, she and I will be rivals when they play the Ducks, my ride-or-die team. I was really enjoying these two. I ultimately decided to go to bed, but not without giving them some good night kisses. Part of me likes to think it would be like that part in My Little Dashie where they'd say "Good night Casey. I love you". That would kill me of cuteness overload if that happened.

As I lied in bed and dozed off to sleep, I was thinking of a few things. One of them was how different things were gonna be now that I had these two cute plushies in my collection.
CasimusPrime's Special Delivery
Not connected to any of the universes I write, this is a freestanding story.

Something I promised :iconclestival: when the plushies I was getting from her had arrived. I hope you enjoy.


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