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July 17, 2010
iMac by ~CASHMichi. I really love how this deviant has captured the iMac in a useable icon, with such a smooth and clean style.
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Here are two versions of my iMac icons.

Available for Mac OSX, Windows and other (.png).
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littleZil's avatar
Elegant, retaining the Mac prototype
very good
Dev-Dragon-Bat's avatar
Beautiful work! So clean!
RecklessShameless's avatar
Nicely done, very smooth.
qupic's avatar
pretty awesome icons,dude!
LuisaRafidi's avatar
That's so cute! Sorry for the silly question, but where/how can I use his.
E1337ist's avatar
MetallicaWolfe's avatar
lulz mac
wuts mac?
macs crap
tc781's avatar
Soon they'll be making the iMat
jeremia's avatar
Am I the only one seeing a female crotch in the second one?
I'm sorry but... it's just THERE.

/runs away
ross33334's avatar
thats what i saw as soon as i looked at it
Daking9's avatar
Can't. Unsee. D:
CreatureUndertaker's avatar
hahaha don't feel bad i saw it too.
Keegor's avatar
Even after you mentioned it, I still only barely register it.
Ui264's avatar
yes. yes you are.
Netbug009's avatar
Nicely done! And kinda cute too! :D
pushaa's avatar
clippys's avatar
I like it a lot
The-fishy-one's avatar
Wow those are so awesome! Congrats on the DD! A well deserved one!
Ljudska's avatar
the one on the right looks like a bathroom scale
VGQueen765's avatar
so cool!
congrats for the DD!
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