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It's been awhile! Here's a new update that discusses the last 6 months in some quick detail. Thanks for all your support! :D

Gotta-go-fast by cashmeresky

It gives me great pleasure to announce a massive performance boost to the Cashmere Sky website. Normally, I'd just leave it at that, but thought I'd indulge on my little adventure into solving this nightmarish headache. I originally purchased an upgraded VPS (Virtual Private Server) to handle site traffic and speed, but noticed there was still some serious performance issues. Considering I'm a front-end web developer as my day job, this was troubling.

For months, I had been getting feedback of poor performance. As some may know, poor site performance can equal poor site traffic. Who wants to browse with painfully slow loading times? I had exhausted every single tactic I knew to boost performance including massive caching optimization, database optimizing, disabling any plugins that didn't need used, minimizing CSS and JS, squashing picture sizes, embed loads, etc. I finally contacted my web host to find out what the deal was.

It turns out, when I upgraded my VPS, my server was on the West Coast of the US, and my database was on the East Coast. Imagine handing a guy a letter to deliver to someone, but they lived across the country. This is why the site was slow. My host kindly merged the two together, so now it was like delivering the letter to the office below in the same building. The performance is astoundingly better.

I hope this solves everyone's headache browsing the site. It should be much better now. Thank you for all your patience, and thank you for supporting this project. :D

Patreon-ad by cashmeresky

I know there aren’t many of you right now, but I will first say a big warm THANK YOU for your support as I continue working on the comic. Your support means a lot to me, no matter how big or small!

As a long awaited post, I thought it was time to address something that’s been on my mind for awhile. Even though I have personally donated to Patreons myself, I’m still new to the whole “creator” part of it. My goal is to make tiers that are fair and attractive. I want the readers and supporters to feel like they’re getting value in return.

As for my new tiers, here’s the breakdown:

TIER 1  Pledge $1 or more per month
  • You want to support the comic and its creator. Your gift is most appreciated!

TIER 2  Pledge $3 or more per month
  • Read the comic a week early
  • Access to the backstage blog and my random blurbs.

TIER 3  Pledge $5 or more per month
  • Read the comic a week early
  • Access to the backstage blog
  • Access to exclusive sneak peaks of upcoming comic pages and sketches.

TIER 4  Pledge $15 or more per month
  • Read the comic a week early
  • Access to the backstage blog
  • Access to exclusive sneak peaks of upcoming comic pages and sketches.
  • Have a personal bust sketch done of a chosen character from the comic.

As for any Patreon account should have, I added 2 more stretch goals for part-time and full-time financial amounts, because why not. It could happen! (wishes upon a star like Jiminy Cricket). XD

Again, thank you for all your support thus far. I am actively working on this comic most days of the week, assuring that a page will always be there on Friday, at least until Volume 1 is finished. While I love doing this, I also love bringing these ideas and world to the readers. I can’t express how excited I am as the later pages start posting online, as I believe many will start to get a glimpse of the vision I’m truly trying to achieve.

You can support by clicking here

Thanks again! <3

After 4 long years, my comic Cashmere Sky has officially launched! I want to thank everyone for their support, even if cartoons cats ain't your bag haha. Now that the cat is OUT of the bag (har har), you can check out the website and comic in the link below. Thanks again!
More details on what's going on with the graphic novel project. Release date is getting close! :D

More details on what's going on with the graphic novel project. Thanks to all for your support and patience! :D

I recently released an update over the last 18 months of progress since my first "Anyone Can Improve" video. Check it out below!

Regarding comic updates, I'm rapidly at work approaching the finish line for what I am calling the "Prelude" to the story. There are 26 fully finished pages other than some revisions on lettering and script. I'm still a ways off from release, as I want at LEAST 50-60 pages finished before launch. I'm also holding off because I am considering releasing the entire prelude (the first 26 pages) on DAY ONE. Anyway, here are a few pics and snapshots for the upcoming graphic novel. :D

mmTpmiP by cashmeresky
Capture by cashmeresky
Yvette-office2 by cashmeresky

Happy Holidays to everyone out there, along with supporters and what not. If you want your holiday to be happy, I suggest you stop reading now and wait until a bit later. With a heavy heart, I lost one of my pet cats, Helix, at 2 1/2 years old on Christmas Eve. His condition started developing near the beginning of December. His eating became minimal, low energy, lethargy, difficulty in swallowing, weight loss, etc. The veterinarian strongly believed he had gastric reflux, so we tried doing remedies for that with no improvement. We tried two steroid injections over the last couple weeks. The first time showed vast improvement thinking he was almost cured, but then relapsed. The second time wasn't as strong of an improvement, then he dived off a cliff. I knew something was catastrophically wrong when I saw him at 4AM stumble and walk like he was drunk, urinate on the carpet, and lie down where he stopped.

I immediately got him to an emergency care center within hours, as they ran blood tests. The main issue is he had a low red blood cell count, limiting the amount of oxygen circulating through his body. This had residual effects causing damage to his liver, kidneys, etc. His body was literally destroying itself. Predictions are it could've been IMHA or a version of anemia. He was struggling for breath at certain points. Even during testing, the top vet had to be pulled out of an appointment to tend to Helix since he was gasping for breath and going comatose during blood tests and X-rays. Once diagnosis was finished, the options I feared were presented. 

I could either try to pay for emergency treatment, stabilization, which would cost me thousands of dollars, with much less than a 50% survival rate (not to mention future lifespan and problems), or I could go for euthanasia. My haunting predictions became a reality. I decided to call my parents explaining the situation, but started to become hysterically emotional on the call. Without even able to swallow and finish sentences on the phone, my mom decided to come to the emergency center.

I knew what had to be done, which is why I became a mess. I couldn't even hold Helix for more than 3-4 minutes without him starting to gasp for breath, become clumsy and stumbling, etc. He had to be on a respirator. I chose to be with him when the euthanasia was administered. I know he was confused and scared. The two-stage injection was done while Helix was in my arms. He went to sleep, then his heart stopped within 20-30 seconds. It was quick and painless, but let's just say, I can't remember a point in my life where I cried harder. Even the vet was tearing up. I've been a mess the last 24 hours. What a holly jolly Christmas right?

I thought I was taking my cat to the vet to be properly diagnosed and cured. Instead I walked away without a cat in my carrier and meows on the way home. Ironic that it happened at Christmas Eve. I joked with the vet that if the universe was a conscious entity, it was giving me the middle finger. All I wanted was Helix to not suffer. What makes it difficult is how young he was. He was always the rockstar, comical, funny, energetic, cat. I even said that he was so good at being a cat...aka a professional cat hehe. 

I had the option of keeping his ashes after cremation, but decided that the past needs to stay in the past. Helix will live on in my graphic novel Cashmere Sky (aka Theo). That's how I will remember him. Thankfully, I still have Pixel with me (aka Nelly), though she hasn't fully figured out that Helix is gone yet, as I will be monitoring her for animal depression in the coming weeks. A new playmate / cat will be on the horizon, but for now this is Helix's moment, and I will remember him as a best friend, and even more...a family member.

Thankfully, I had the chance to hold and comfort him, and express my emotions before the end was near. If there's anything to take from this, cat, dog, person, is short. Don't miss the chances to show and express your love to those you care about. Try to realize the things you currently have and cherish them. It's much better to get through life with the support and love from those you care about. I will miss Helix, but never forget him, and have him live on through my hand in Cashmere Sky.

Helix "Theo" Hudson
2014 - 12 / 24 / 16

Untitled by cashmeresky

Untitled by cashmeresky
Untitled by cashmeresky
Pixel and Helix by cashmeresky
Theo and Nelly Reference 2016 by cashmeresky
Need a Hand? by cashmeresky
More details on what's going on with the graphic novel project. Thanks to all for your support and patience! :D

For anyone that's wondered if I dropped off the planet, I apologize for the lack of updates recently. I can assure everyone I've been harder at work than ever before! One thing has become abundantly obvious..... graphic novels are HARD, and TAKE FOR...EVER!!! Granted, I'm aiming to keep the quality as high as possible while also not getting pinned down for weeks on one page. The story is just as important as the art direction, so I don't want to be an old man and have only done 1 volume haha.

I'm about to wrap up my first batch of pages, which is roughly 20 pages. I'm finding that doing the story in chunks through an assembly line is a good way to approach it, allowing modifications during the thumbnail stage for pacing, dialogue, rewrites, etc. Then I move to illustration, then painting. Depending on the content, 20 pages can take me roughly 3 months. I'm wanting to have 40 pages ready to go when I launch the graphic novel, which I hope will be end of February 2017, and at worst, the start of Spring 2017. I knew this first volume was going to take a couple years, but wow it's incredible once you truly dive in lol.

I plan to have an update video coming up soon with more artwork revealed, and even a speedpaint of one of the pages while I jabber on. :P For a little taste, here's a snippet of one of the pages I've finished. Have a pint anyone?

Don't forget to check out if you haven't already. Thanks for everyone's support! :D

Cashmere Sky - Ace O' Spades Bar by cashmeresky
I talk about perspectives you can have to get more out of life. 

Enzo-Sit by cashmeresky

Here's the Summer 2016 of the Cashmere Sky project!

Enzo-Sit by cashmeresky
I talk about techniques and methods of drawing lines when working on art.

Enzo-Sit by cashmeresky

After a few very difficult months, I've finally moved out of NYC and have a fresh start.

Enzo-Sit by cashmeresky
I discuss the various tools I use for the production of my digital art.

Enzo-Sit by cashmeresky
I discuss my experiences and strategies in overcoming artist block and stagnation.

Enzo-Sit by cashmeresky


Enzo-Sit by cashmeresky
I know I submitted this here a bit late, but if you subscribed to my newsletter, you would've received this weeks ago! You can signup at :D


Winter 2015 Newsletter!

Enzo-Sit by cashmeresky
As my next vintage ad for the world of Ion Valley, here's the Hybolt City Public Transit Authority. It's a bit inspired by the MTA here in New York City, but of course I threw an old school twist on it with fantasy hover trolleys and cartoon cats, haha. The Public Transit Authority will certainly put a spark in your day when visiting Hybolt City! Come visit!

I discuss the topic of valuing yourself.