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Anakin Skywalker figure by CashLannister Anakin Skywalker figure :iconcashlannister:CashLannister 1 3 Darth Revan figure by CashLannister Darth Revan figure :iconcashlannister:CashLannister 2 3 Admiral Trench figure by CashLannister Admiral Trench figure :iconcashlannister:CashLannister 6 10 Shu Mai figure by CashLannister Shu Mai figure :iconcashlannister:CashLannister 2 0 My Jack the Ripper costume by CashLannister My Jack the Ripper costume :iconcashlannister:CashLannister 2 19 Wat Tambor figure by CashLannister Wat Tambor figure :iconcashlannister:CashLannister 1 0 Poggle the Lesser figure by CashLannister Poggle the Lesser figure :iconcashlannister:CashLannister 1 0 Nute Gunray figure by CashLannister Nute Gunray figure :iconcashlannister:CashLannister 2 0 Zalgo figure full body shot by CashLannister Zalgo figure full body shot :iconcashlannister:CashLannister 3 14 Jeff Keaton figure by CashLannister Jeff Keaton figure :iconcashlannister:CashLannister 2 21 Zalgo figure by CashLannister Zalgo figure :iconcashlannister:CashLannister 3 6 Kit Fisto figure by CashLannister Kit Fisto figure :iconcashlannister:CashLannister 1 5 Plo Koon figure by CashLannister Plo Koon figure :iconcashlannister:CashLannister 3 3 Mara Jade figure by CashLannister Mara Jade figure :iconcashlannister:CashLannister 2 3 Galen Marek/Starkiller figure by CashLannister Galen Marek/Starkiller figure :iconcashlannister:CashLannister 1 5 Kylo Ren's scar by CashLannister Kylo Ren's scar :iconcashlannister:CashLannister 2 8
THIS is the new shit! Quote, Marilyn Manson.


The Perfect Child
Ozai paced back and forth in front of the door. It was not his first child, but there was something about the situation that made him worry. He did not like how long everything was taking. Already it had been five hours longer than it was for Zuko.
“Uh” Ozai turned around to see his two year old son at his feet, stretched arms that longed to be in the arms of his father. He smiled as he picked his precious child up; thankful he had Zuko there to distract him.
“And what do you want?” He asked the very young prince.
“Ma!” That was one word Zuko could pronounce the best. And it was the one word that meant the most to him.
“Not now son. Your mother is busy.” Ozai tried to calm Zuko down, but it was no use. Zuko wanted his mom and she was no where near. Just when Ozai thought all hope was lost, a nurse came to him.
“Your highness, she’s ready.” Ozai was thankful that finally the wait was over and finally Zuko would stop crying.
There Ur
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My friend Dahmer
As many of you might know, I have a very big interest in serial killers. Recently, I watched the movie ''My friend Dahmer'' which was based off the real story and childhood of Jeffrey Dahmer. Now don't get me wrong, I am not going to glorify him or excuse his actions, he was a horrible person and did horrible things, however, in many ways I could relate to Dahmer and you could say his life was very sad. He had a very dysfunctional family, didn't get help when he clearly needed it, his shed got destroyed while that was a way of coping with his murderous tendencies purely so he could ''socialize more'' and at school he was never noticed until he realized he would get attention by acting like a clown. That led to his friends not actually taking him seriously and only seeing him as a friend purely because he was entertaining and funny to film, eventually disrupting public spaces by screaming and acting like he got a seizure attack purely so he could gain a little bit of attention. He cl
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Darth Revan figure
I don't even like this character, but it's nice to have him as part of my collection.

(Revan is owned by Lucasfilm and Disney)
Jeff: Hey, cunts! It's me, Jefferson Gray. Here to answer more of your lovely questions!

"Jeff scrolls down the comment section again"

Jeff: Oh, Moira asks: "Beer, cognac or vodka?" First of all, it's good to see you again, Moira, how's it going? Secondly, I don't like any of these drinks. I drink rum.

"To prove his point, Jeff downs a whole bottle of Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum in three seconds."

Jeff: Nothing against you if you like any of those other drinks, I just don't. I like rum, whiskey and wine. Okay, next question, Jeff Woods says, "Mr. Gray, I don't feel so good."

"Jeff's green eyes widen in confusion and disgust"

Jeff: Of course you don't feel good, you dumb cunt! I plucked your eyes out and cut you in half, Obi-Wan Kenobi style. Also, how are you still alive? Okay, you know what, I'm gonna put an end to this ridiculous emo shit once and for all.

"Jeffrey Woods is shopping in Hot Topic, listening to emo music and looking sad. "

Jeffrey Woods: I think I'm getting da feeling again!

"He reaches for his knife, but suddenly an adamantium bullet pops out of his forehead. Woods falls to the ground. Jeff Gray, a look of contempt on his scarred face, lifts Woods by the collar and punches his lame counterpart in the face with all his considerable strength until the little emo boy's face is nothing but a hole with bone and blood and meat. Jeff unleashes another load of adamantium bullets for good measure."

Jeff: You're welcome, Creepypasta fans. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go watch Avengers: Infinity War. I heard it's sad, but c'mon! It can't be as sad as the movie Logan! Plus, I wanna see how Thanos loses. See you dickholes later!


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Cash Jennings
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm a high school student, voice actor, stage actor, a critic, a writer on Wattpad, and an over all nerd. I'm here to share some of my cosplay and artwork for you guys, and I hope you enjoy. Also, me wearing my Punisher T-shirt is my new profile pic. This tickles my balls! :D

Height: 6 ft 1. So, yeah, I'm pretty tall.

Sexual orientation: Bi-curious.

Favorite animal: Cats!!!!!!!! Especially Lions and Mainecoons.

Age: 19.

Nationality: Scottish/German/French, Irish, Welsh.

Relationship status: I'm a single pringle :(

Favorite cuss word: Fuck!

Other curse words I like: Shit, cunt, bitch, asshole, Hell, douchebag, tits, crap, dick, cock, pussy, prick, f*****, h*****, quim, fuck your grandmother.


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