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I'm beginning to think that the Exodus wargame project may be a little too ambitious at the moment.  You know, on account of the lack of money and time to spend on its development. That said, a friend did suggest creating a webcomic set in the Exodus universe and I think that might be a good idea for the moment.  I suppose it could be a way to get some ideas out on paper and help flush out the backstory. Hmmmmmmm...
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So here we go again! Eriance has just completed another concept piece for the Exodus project, but this time its for a figure belonging to the game's Progressive Alliance faction. If you're not familiar with the faction, the Progressive Union is a technologically-advanced but socially-repressive human civilization in the Exodus universe.  The Unionist military consists of legions of robotic soldiers, each equipped with state-of-the-art weapons and support systems.  Cybernetically-augmented humans also have a place in the Unionist military as command and control personnel or specialist troops such as the feared Executioners.
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Well, as you can see I have some concept pieces posted in the gallery for the New Avalon Commonwealth faction of Exodus.  The artist behind these images is fellow DeviantArt user,  Eriance.  I highly recommend that you go check out his gallery ASAP. As for the Exodus project, everything is pretty much on the backburner right now.  I've got a young baby and mortgage to pay for now, so there's not a lot of cash to go towards game development.  That said, I'm still hopeful that maybe 5 years or so down the line I'll win the lottery and quit my job to work on Exodus full-time.  ;) Anyway, enjoy the new concepts and feel free to send me some fee
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Thank you for the watch! :)
No problem. I really like your Warhammer 40K pieces!
Hello! I'm looking for new contacts and spreading my work! Watch + you, okay??
nice collection

Nice gallery here:aww:

Hope you can visit me, greetings:w00t:
I saw the commission that Eric did for ya, and I'm curious about this tabletop game you've got goin' on. Perhaps you could tell me more about that?
Hey wow! Sorry for the late reply. I've been out of the country for a bit so I'm just getting back on DA now.
Basically most of the info about the game and the universe is in the Exodus Introduction I've got in my gallery. Work on it has pretty much stopped, but the idea is to create a TRUE manga-inspired tabletop wargame complete with giant fighting robots, chicks with guns, and possibly the odd cyber-ninja thrown in for good measure.