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Poke Ami Blacks App by CasFlores Poke Ami Blacks App by CasFlores
So if anyone knows me and my characters you're no stranger to this guy. He's modified a little for the sake of the rules etc. 

ADMINS if his History (or anything) is breaking any rules please let me know so I can change it.



Name: Lee A. Black

Pokemon: Houndoom

Birthday: July, 14

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Sexuality: "exploring"

Faction: Frou

Pokemon Stats

Level: 54

Ability: Flash Fire

Moves: Flamethrower, Bite, Fire Fang, Toxic (TM)

Battle Stats:

Attack: Star! Star! Star! Star! No Star 
Defense: Star! Star! No Star No Star No Star 
Speed: Star! Star! Star! No Star No Star 
Sp. Attack: Star! Star! Star! Half Star No Star 
Sp. Defense: Star! No Star No Star No Star No Star 

PokeHuman Stats

Occupation: Pokemon Trainer

Town of Residence: Nomad / Lumiose City

Appearance: Lee or just plain"Black" is in his early 30s. He's usually dressed in a suit, vest, tie, dress pants and a dress jacket. He will wear black glasses sometimes even at night to hide his eyes. His tail is still visible and he has to tuck it into the back of his pants.
He has bright yellow and orange eyes with purple hair tied back into a ponytail. His face is almost in a constant scowl with one of his favorite black cigarettes hanging from his lips.

Height: 6'3"


Personality: Black has grown just to hate life. What he thought would be something to free him has put him in chains. He's the silent brooding type. He's looking for a way out of his situation and would never wish this on anymon. He tends to just be alone so that his fate doesn't loop another in with him. He doesn't know of other Dittech mons. He's never heard of the device or seen another mon use it, he's just paranoid something could happen. He will not catch wild pokemon he only trains the ones he was given. He will wear sunglasses to hide his eyes. If you manage to catch a glimpse of them or his tail he becomes extremely flustered and will flush in the face trying to hide them. His Owner gave him money and credit cards should he need them which he will only use if absolutely necessary usually, he will camp out in the woods as a Doom, to not be around anyone. 

Meeting another Tech mon would blow his mind and possibly make him even more paranoid that something bad would happen to the mon.

"A cranky rock that constantly reeks of nicotine and broody angst. Also is prone to gazing dramatically at nothing with angry eyebrows" ((I love my wife XD )) 

History: Black, is part of the first gen of Dittetch wearers ( a year in). As a 'Dour (his early 20s) He found one of the techs abandoned in Lumiose City not knowing what it was besides "shiny" he ran off with it and started to chew it and activated it, this one was glitched and malfunctioning. He used it for months, shifting forms back and forth after he learned how to work it. He would pick pocket as a dour gathering money sometimes laundry hanging out to dry to start to pass off as human...

until a REAL human saw what Black could do and captured him. After doing so his new owner had him implanted with a micro chip that has GPS tracking and a nasty little "shock collar" feature. His Owner got a fantastic idea, Black, being a pokemon would train other pokemon to become strong power houses for the upper class (Other Owners that enjoy pokemon but are too busy/lazy to raise them on their own.) Black has been doing this for years now. His owner doesn't know of the Tech itself just saw Black shift into a strange looking human. Black has yet to meet another Dittetch pkmn, he keeps to himself being the "strong quiet" type. Black doesn't even let the team of pokemon he is given to train know about him. He treats them like a job. He has to check in at each poke' center to his Owner with updates on the team. If he goes too long or his Owner doesn't like how something is going during the check in, Black gets a shock to keep him in line. His Owner is NOT a nice man. He let Black evolve so he would get stronger but hated the extra bones, "demonish tail" and cuffs and them removed 
(all the scars over his body)
((The tech being faulty left these things in place, in order to better hide his asset among human people it was all removed, only his eyes and a bit of his tail remain)) 

((I'm a very gimdark / action RPer. AGAIN I don't know if I'm breaking any rules with my OC being a pkmn trainer but I thought it was an interesting idea. The pokemon he uses will just be fodder, nothing that develop into cannon unless we (myself and RP partner) would like to. IF you like this idea but it IS against the rules, and I have to alter this yet still want to RP with this "arch" let me know and we can. There will be LOTS of art.))

Relationships: None, out side of his "owner" so far.

Extras: Forgot to draw/ include Trainer items. Duffel bag, the pokemon/balls he's given, trainer tech.

User Info

Time Zone: -- USA PA EST
Chat Availability: I'm usually connected to the net 24/7 (phone) My timing is all over the place. Just nudge me to see if I'm available. USUALLY nightly 4PM-5AM(next day)
Roleplay Mediums: Skype please, if you are interested in RPing with me but don't have skype etc, I can work with you.

Role-Play Example: 

His body felt like it was burning. Not a normal fire burning, that he could take, he was a Houndoom after all. This was worse. It was like acid. Acid that was poured into the fresh exposed flesh all over his body. He howled and screamed clawing at the cold metal table. Each new snip and cut was worse than the last.
"DOOOOMMmm!, houndoom!" <IT HURTS PLEASE ARCEUS STOP! NO MORE!> ((Translation / inner though if needed))

His Owner stood over him while the private vet removed the protruding bones from his backside.
"I've always hated the look of them. It makes them look so evil. Don't you agree?" 
The Vet, silent, just shrugged and removed another piece of bone. He had to shatter each one and remove it piece by piece.
"After you're done removing the hideous bones We'll go onto installing the chip. I want to make sure my top asset won't go missing and I want him to know who he belongs to~" His owner cooed in a sadistic way petting Blacks head.

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