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Hey all,

So it's been brought to my attention that I've let my dA slide for way too long. Which, really, is kinda idiotic since I HAVE still been drawing like a fiend and working on tons of stuff in my spare time. Lots of projects, work is busy and I'm trying hard to keep churning stuff out so that I don't lose what touch I still have :P

I'll try to get at the very least my sketchdumps posted on a regular basis so that you know I'm not dead. Maybe I'll even get a Premium account again - eventually.

My main project at the moment has been what I call the 2010 20K ( - my quest to earn an extra $20,000 above and beyond the income from my regular 9-to-5 job in 2010. It's had a slow start so far, but I'm turning up the heat a little more every day to get it going!

Alright. Let's see what I can do to get this account lively again!

--case p.
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  • Reading: Malcolm Gladwell - What the Dog Saw
  • Watching: Gotta watch "Hitch" by Sunday!
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  • Eating: Just finished some cookies
  • Drinking: Got an iced tea in the fridge

Silly me.

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 29, 2009, 11:34 PM
Here I am catching up on a crapload of deviations and messages in my inbox (currently at 3,132 Deviations, 1,418 Messages for those keeping track), when I remembered something about the polls - they don't send notifications when someone comments on them! Man. Well, there's about 30-40 comments that'll never get seen (I put a lot on old posts of yours, :icony2jenn:), but that's okay. 'Tis what it is.

--case p.

  • Listening to: N,E,R,D, - Yeah You
  • Reading: Malcolm Gladwell - Outliers
  • Watching: Thinking of watching "I Am Sam" tomorrow
  • Playing: Scribblenauts in another 2 1/2 months :D
  • Eating: Breakfast after I wake up from my soon-to-come nap
  • Drinking: Lemon-lime Gatorade tomorrow morning, I hope
  • Listening to: Random songs - currently cleaning up my iPod.
  • Reading: THE INTERNETS.
  • Eating: Nothing. I should work on that...
  • Drinking: See eating.
3538 deviations to check out.
1680 messages to read.
Haven't updated with a complete work of art since March 2006.

Yeah, I think it's time, don't you?

--case p.
  • Listening to: Random songs - currently cleaning up my iPod.
  • Reading: THE INTERNETS.
  • Eating: Nothing. I should work on that...
  • Drinking: See eating.
Looks like chicuta :iconchicuta: done got himself banned. Wonder if he had permission for posting all of those shots?

Speculation begins....
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For those of you wondering where the heck Doomz is and what he's been up to for who knows how long - WONDER NO MORE.

Until I get my website back up and running, Twitter is my main source of info on where I am, what I'm up to, etc.  It'll be integrated into the site when it's done.

Feel free to add me and check it out!

--case p.
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  • Reading: policy papers; DeviantArt journals
  • Eating: President's Choice Dark Chocolate Mint Thins
  • Drinking: Gingerale. And oil of oregano for the cough.
*eyeballs his pageview count*

Obviously, I'm not busy enough at work.  I'll be going home on Thursday to my sweet 8.5" x 14" scanner (yes, I got it!) so I can get some more pieces put together.

I have a bunch of sketches lying around in PSD format.  Maybe I should make a poll about how I should handle them... hm.

Otherwise, just working and continuing to plan out how to simplify this life o' mine.  It's good times, y'all!

--case p.

P.S. Still got the cough....
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  • Reading: Random scraps of info I have lying about + work
  • Watching: What I'm typing on the screen
  • Eating: Original Extra Strength Fisherman's Friend lozenge
  • Drinking: Nada - maybe some Gatorade X-Factor soon
Good afternoon one and all - I hope this post sees you well.

I've reached an impasse in my life - I've developed an addiction.  To the McDonald's Monopoly game.

I know.  It's unhealthy and I need to kick it like it's hot.  I think the contest ends November 17th.

Now, why do I come posting this to my DeviantArt?  Good question.

My fellow Canadians - if there are those among you who dine at the Golden Arches and do not use your Monopoly codes online, I implore of you to pass them in my direction.

(I promise to share proceeds if one received ends up being a prize-winner.)

Think about it?  Please?

Thank you.

--a sadly addicted case p.
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  • Reading: The November Complex issue, hopefully!
  • Watching: ...well, CBC US Election coverage!!!
  • Eating: Original Extra Strength Fisherman's Friend lozenge
  • Drinking: Minute Maid grapefruit juice
Hey all, so here I sit, watching CBC (a Canadian TV station) coverage on the US election, and loving what I'm seeing so far.

Unfortunately, like I assume many journals are going to be about tonight, I'm not posting my thoughts and opinions on the US election tonight - though I'm sure it'll be full of win.

Instead, I need to ask a favour.

For the past few weeks, I've had the cough from hell.  It started as a simple cough that seemed to be leading into a cold, but as time passed, there was no cold.  In fact, there have been no other symptoms, save the cough.  I'm hacking away (and this is SERIOUS hacking - I go into fits where I can't breathe - HIGHLY annoying and inconvenient!) and nothing seems to quell it.

I've tried Buckley's.
Life brand medicine.
Nighttime Buckley's.
Went to two walk-in clinics.
TONS of Fisherman's Friend lozenges.
86% dark chocolate.
Psychotic amounts of fluids.
Homeopathic cough syrups.

I'm currently on amoxcillin (assuming that's how you spell it), but if anyone has any tips on how I can get through my days, it'd be greatly appreciated.

On that note, big up to OBAMA!!!  297-139 at the moment!  YESSSSSS!!!

--case p.
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  • Reading: Hellblazer: The Family Man
Apricots by CaseyPalmer

I don't know what happened, but the file for this deviation had been lost.  But it's back.  Back in all its idiocy.

Watch.  Watch and let ye be enlightened!!!

--case p.
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  • Reading: Sam & Max: Surfin' the Highway by Steve Purcel
Hey guys, my buddy :icongolfiscool: needs some serious votage over in a Jack's Mannequin contest.  Please vote him with a "10" here:…

And take a look around his page - he's MAD talented with the graphite!!!

--case p.

P.S. Any really good cough remedies out there?
  • Listening to: John Legend - It's Over (featuring Kanye West)
  • Reading: Sam & Max: Surfin' the Highway by Steve Purcel

You can't mess with me, son - it's been too many years!!!

--case p.
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  • Reading: Sam & Max: Surfin' the Highway by Steve Purcel
  • Watching: Maybe rent some Zoolander
  • Playing: Still Mega Man 9....
  • Eating: Nothing now. Lots of turkey coming my way...
  • Drinking: Maybe some water before bed
This week's been pretty crazy - for those who don't know, I work in the public sector financial industry, and with everything going on in North America right now, it's made for some crazy long hours at work.  However, there were good things that happened this week:


Went home to rest.  Didn't really rest much.


Bible study.  Good times!

Received confirmation for having a table at Canzine Toronto!…


Discovery Group for church, which cheered me up from a rotten day.


Went home for the first time in a while.  Scanned in some sketches for later use.  Grandma came up from Jamaica to stay with us for two weeks!  Brap brap!!!


Won my very first Settlers of Catan game!  It was glorious.


Won at bowling and scored my first 100+ :)  14 balls for the win, baby!  Teppanayaki was also damn cool - we had some awesome chefs :D

Sunday and Monday will be Thanksgiving dinners at my parents' house and my girlfriend's parents' house, respectively, so that should keep me busy.  I may even wrap up Monday with some karaoke!!!

So... about all that drawing... don't worry.  I've still got plans!!!


--case p.
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  • Reading: Computer arts magazine
  • Watching: Not the new Shippuuden yet =/
  • Playing: Mega Man 9!!! HELLS YES!!!
  • Eating: Pad Thai after work, methinks
  • Drinking: Nothing right now. THIRSTY D:
This always cracks me up:

Whun Thowzand by AndrewDickman

That is all.

--case p.
  • Listening to: Cunninlynguists - ???
  • Reading: Computer arts magazine
  • Watching: Not the new Shippuuden yet =/
  • Playing: Mega Man 9!!! HELLS YES!!!
  • Eating: Pad Thai after work, methinks
  • Drinking: Nothing right now. THIRSTY D:
Jon B put some valid opinions down on yesterday's blog about how much I could realistically accomplish in the next few weeks, considering my lifestyle and all.

I was reading a news post by Spyed ( over at DeviantArt today, and I think the description of an artistic genius isn't too far apart from where I believe I would like to end up as an artist, myself.  With that said, though some goals may not be the most realistic things ever, they're the kind that keep me going.

Anyway, not too much progress on the book as of yet - I'm hoping to do some damage overr the weekend - I've got the cover concept down as well, so I'll be sketching that out as well.

Other than that, with the wedding this weekend, I'll be working at things when I can, but I suppose I shouldn't make any promises, eh?

Righto.  Off to take care of some evening errands!

--case p.
  • Listening to: Ralph Tresvant - Sensitivity
  • Reading: Computer arts magazine
  • Watching: New Naruto Shippuuden episode soon
  • Playing: Mega Man 9!!! HELLS YES!!!
  • Eating: The farm... leftovers.
  • Drinking: Lemon-lime Gatorade
During a speaker session that I'd been attending yesterday for work, I found myself toying with layouts for FNC: GWB. I think I've come up with something that's a winner - now all I need to do is pull it off.

I think the challenges behind making this work will be along the lines of:

*Clearing off my schedule appropriately to make time for drawing
*Ensuring that I actually have a spot at the show
*Being able to get all this to the quality level I want in such a short amount of time

Sketches likely coming this weekend.


--case p.
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  • Reading: Chinua Achebe - Things Fall Apart
  • Playing: Mega Man 9!!! HELLS YES!!!
  • Eating: "The Farm" at Cluck, Grunt & Low
  • Drinking: Amsterdam Blonde
Today should be a good day. While I'm at the 9-5, working hard for the money (so hard, honey honey), I'll likely have my notepad next to me, jotting down character sketches and gag/pun/story ideas for the yet-to-be-named book. I'm pretty sure it won't be "Convention Dementia" this time (for all ye who remember that disastrous mini from 2005).

In other news, under advice from my buddy Jon B, I changed the layout of my Tumblr blog to better facilitate commenting - so drop 'em on me sometime to let me know what you think of everything goin' on.

*time passes*

As the day comes to a close, I'd like to report that I managed to get a lot of planning for the upcoming book done today. I've decided that the title will be Fish 'n' Chimps: Guess Who's Back! , a testament to both the reintroduction of my FNC line of characters, and my resurgence as a member of the Toronto art scene.

The website will likely see the beginning of work this weekend, on the trips to and from Windsor for my girlfriend's brother's wedding.  I try to keep efficient.

Peace out, world.  Keep your fingers crossed for your boy!

--case p.
  • Listening to: 88 Keys featuring Kanye West - Stay Up! (Viagra)
  • Reading: Chinua Achebe - Things Fall Apart
  • Playing: Mega Man 9!!! HELLS YES!!!
  • Eating: 50 cent wings at the Pogue Mahone
  • Drinking: Ginger ale
So the next question is: What does Doomz need to accomplish?

*in 26 days, his new mini-comic must be completed for the Canzine show (pending the confirmation of his application for registration)

*and since a new book is coming out, it would likely be prudent to put a new website together as well - I mean, the domain name and webspace have been booked off since 2003 - it's due time that they got used properly, yes?

*and when the website's done, he can also start linking things together - blogs, Twitter and drawings galore!!!

So yes, there's much to do, but there's drawings to ink and sleep to be had (and Mega Man 9 to be played), so I'll be off for now.

Keep following along to see what October brings on Doomz's plate!!!

--Case P.

Day 1: Getting Back in the Game

Mon Sep 29, 2008, 10:09 PM
  • Listening to: Mr. Mister - Broken Wings
  • Reading: Chinua Achebe - Things Fall Apart
  • Playing: Mega Man 9!!! HELLS YES!!!
  • Eating: Had spaghetti for dinner...
  • Drinking: ...and beer + ginger ale for dessert!
NOTE: Day 1 was actually yesterday on Sept 29, but as I got home after midnight EDT, it's going to show up as Tue Sep 30.

Hello all, and welcome to the Quest of Doomz: The Journey to Become Awesome.

When we last left our hero, he had found himself a "real job", and had stopped drawing nearly as much as he used to.  In fact, his website updates had all but come to a standstill; his DeviantArt account had sparser submissions as time went on - it was quite the travesty overall.  It could even be said that this Doomz was far less the man he had once been.

This needed to change.

Enter September 2008.  Doomz had been slowly growing as an individual.

By this point, he'd been in a steady relationship for eight months, a steady career job for 14, and it seemed that life had gotten itself into a steady stream of normalcy.

But there was one part of Doomz that refused to be neglected.

A voice called out from within his brain to get back to the website and comic he had neglected for so long. It was long overdue. This is that story. How Doomz got back to where he never should have left. - coming soon.

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  • Reading: Ayaan Hirsi Ali - Infidel
  • Eating: Fish & Chips (haddock) from Chippy's
  • Drinking: Lemon-Lime Gatorade
At 10 am PST today, Apple announced some new things:

-iTunes 8
-the new iPod Nano
-the new iPod Touch
-HD TV shows in the iTunes Store

Get on it, baby!


--case p.
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  • Reading: Stephenie Meyer - Breaking Dawn
  • Drinking: Lemon-Lime Gatorade
Just wanted to note that :iconthechamba: completed my commission of Kyle Kongo like, a day early.  YEAAAHHHH BOI.

(Wait a minute, dude's in Australia.  It all makes sense now.)…