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I mean, I know I'm weird, but I attract guys in a different weirdness from my own.

The very first time a guy liked me, I was a young teen, and he was an older teen. He did have a mental handicap, so I don't think he realized how weird his crush was. He went to my ward at church, and so every Sunday he would force himself beside me during the general meeting (my brothers tried to protect me sometimes by sitting super close to me, but he would worm his way in until he was next to me). When my family moved, he sent me a TON of letters, where he always mentioned that he loved me. At this time in my life, I had yet to develop an interest in romance, plus, like I said, he was mentally handicap, and so it was a rough time. Eventually, he stopped sending me letters, as I never answered him back.

Then there was this guy in college. I was just walking on campus, and he came up and asked me on a date. I agreed, as I try to always give guys at least one chance. Our date was taking a walk to the temple and back. For those that don't know, the temple is where members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) aim to be married in. So, it was already a little weird to take a first date to the temple grounds. Then, after he dropped me back home, he sent me a text saying that he loved me... Umm, excuse me, but you've known me for not even a whole day. How can you claim to love me?

Then there was tonight. My current ward has a Facebook group. I posted in the group if anybody wanted to play some Mario Kart. A guy commented that he would. He then proceeded to make it really awkward for him to get to my place. He kept trying to get me to meet up with him somewhere so he wouldn't get lost. It's like, dude, why would I meet up with you when you're coming to my place? Also, I kept trying to help him with directions, but he made it really confusing where he was at, at first making it sound like he was in one direction, and then turns out he was coming from another. I get being bad with directions, as I'm quite terrible, and I know my place can be confusing to find, but he wasn't even trying to make sense of my directions. I get his first language isn't English, but make some effort.

So, he finally shows up, and we start playing Mario Kart. I believe this happened while I was setting it up, but he asked if I had eaten dinner yet. I said I had. He expressed disappointment, because he had wanted to take me out to eat somewhere. Umm... A, it's Sunday. Our Church has asked us not to buy things on Sundays, and he clearly knows I'm a member, since I asked on the ward's Facebook page. B, I had asked for people who wanted to play Mario Kart, and not for people who wanted to go on a date.

I had wanted to cancel the Mario Kart plans when the guy was first being annoying in getting to my place, and with that conversation about eating out I knew this night was going to be rough. So, he proceeded to ask me personal questions and then to question my answers. Some of the questions he asked multiple times. He asked me three times if I had a boyfriend, and then asked me why I didn't. THREE TIMES!!! He asked me about Halloween and haunted house type of stuff, and then proceeded to try to ask me on a date to one of those. Luckily it was never a direct "will you go on a date with me?", so I kind of changed the topic, but I knew that was what he was asking.

He did ask me more than just dating stuff, but, again, he was annoying with questioning my answers. He kept asking me about when I take my dog out to the dog park. I kept telling him when I go to bed. He just would not accept my answers half of the time. I don't know if that was lack of understanding what I had said, or what. He also tried telling me his sob story about being born in Mexico but being adopted here in the US. There were more details I didn't pay attention to, and he almost started to cry when telling me about it. I'm a pretty caring person, but he started telling me this unprovoked, after having just spent however long annoying me. 

Also, he tried asking me about my free time, but I gave non-committal answers, because the last thing I wanted was for him to know when I wasn't busy.

Finally, enough time had passed I felt like I could safely say this will be the last race. Once that was over, he got up to leave, shook my hand, and then just held on. I had to pull my hand away.

It was beyond awkward. He acted like the whole thing was a date, when all I wanted was somebody to play a game with. Now I can't ever ask again on that group if anyone wants to play Mario Kart, as he'll probably be quick to volunteer.

Ugh. Seriously. I couldn't even enjoy playing the game, because I just felt super uncomfortable the whole time, but I didn't know how to kick him out when I was the one that had asked for someone to play with me in the first place.

I want to date someone nerdy, not someone wanting to throw themselves at me.
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