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New Gemsona, Emerald



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Name/gem: Emerald

species: An Emerald Ninja

Weapon: triple nun chucks

gem placement: over where her heart should be.

abilities: Ninja abilities, earth (dirt, soil, rock, etc. not planet) powers, and basic gem powers.

personality: a worry free attitude and free spirited, she is sensitive sometimes, but she usually is thick skinned. She also may have some anger issues, but luckily she doesn't get angry easily. she is usually pretty chill. She likes to have fun, but she is one who likes to be clean.

Bio: She used to be Fire Opal's best friend, until she lost her at the gem war. She thought Fifi (Her nickname for Fire Opal) was dead after the gem war on Earth, she was in great spiraling depression for a long time, so she tries not to care so much about other gems/people so dearly so when they are lost, she won't have to suffer through that heart breaking depression ever again, but what she doesn't know, is that Fire Opal is still alive! Will she meet her again? maybe, maybe not. Where is she now? she is stuck on earth, often traveling the globe as An Emerald Ninja. 

Voice: She has a new york accent

Hope you like her! :)
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Heh, I bet she's just chock-full of one liners