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Mega Kingler

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It's Mega Monday!

My idea for a Mega Kingler!

Type: Water/Rock

Ability: "Sedimentation" - Increases the power of Normal-type moves by 30%. It then changes those moves to Rock-type.

Hp: 55 -----> 55
Atk: 130 -----> 160
Def: 115 -----> 140
Sp. Atk: 50 -----> 50
Sp. Def: 50 -----> 90
Spd: 75 -----> 70

Total: 500 -----> 600

What would you want to see for either his stats or ability? Comment down below! 

If you haven't already, follow me to see more artwork and future mega fakemon! 

Thanks in advance!

**If you would like to use my work, please contact me. Also credit me and put a link to this page. Thank you for using my work!**
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Would you mind if i attempted to make a sprite out of this?
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CaseyDeanFakemonProfessional Filmographer
please do! I'd love to see it!
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Neat personally I would lower the attack some to give it a solid 100 base special defence and keep the speed at 75. Amazing drawin. I love it and that crab mega for my constellation!
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CaseyDeanFakemonProfessional Filmographer
Thank you!