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His Immortal Bride


I've had this WIP sitting on my hard drive for a while and decided to go ahead and finish it and upload it. Ever since I first saw the stock photo by faestock  I knew what I wanted to create. Thankfully, shortly after that the handsome deswitath posted the perfect accompaniment. The rest of the piece just slowly took a life, make than an un-life ;), of it's own and what you see today is the result.

I must admit that Francesco and Jessica make quite the striking couple! :) I am contemplating a sequel to this, what do you guys think??

This is probably my first "true" digital mixed media piece as the ironwork windows and rose detailing are done in Adobe Illustrator CC 2014.

dA Stock Credits

Broken by deswitath Model: Francesco Serafini, Photographer: Dani Mesk
Eclipse51 by faestock Model: Jessica Truscott
Harvest Moon 6 by DamselStock (Me)
Belem Echauguette/Watchtower and Through the arched window by AustriaAngloAlliance 
Gothic Chandelier by Linzee777 
3D Melted Candles by zememz 
Candelabra by YBsilon-Stock 
Cobbles by EveLivesey 
ana's blood by anamarianthony 
messy casual HAIR STOCK by Trisste-stocks (Partial hair assist, thank you, Dorota!!)
Vampire Bites Brushes and Vampire Veins by wyckedBrush 
Privacy Glass Texture by BLUEamnesiac 

Left Coffin and Right Coffin purchased from

Remaining details painted by me in Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 with my Wacom Intuos3 using standard PS brushes.

MyOWs Banner by ADamselinDesign

OW Ref #77705

This work is Copyright Protected by MyOWs.

More Works:

Hadassah by ADamselinDesignCeruleana by ADamselinDesign Melancholia by ADamselinDesign   

Copyright ©2014 Casey L. Jones. All rights reserved. Permission is not, nor will be granted to adapt, modify, copy, edit, reproduce, or distribute without my express written permission. 

You MAY share on Facebook IF you share the URL only OR if if you add my URL to the post. 

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Wonderful work my friend! :)
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My pleasure my friend! :)
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So amazing Casey :heart:
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Thank you, Yvonne :heart:
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Simply amazing!
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Your background is gorgeous! :clap:
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Thank you so much, Birgit, I am very pleased you like it! I'm really happy with how it came out, myself. It took quite a lot of work and well over 50 Photoshop layers and adjustment layers to get it where I was satisfied with it, and that is just the background! The entire piece was at least 120 Photoshop layers and adjustment layers... at least that is where I lost count, might be a whole lot more!!  :lmao:
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Oh my gosh! You did a great job on this! Congratulations! :hug:
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Ah! You found some really good blood on here! Good on ya! I found a decent blood png just last night and thought about you!
So, that's quite a huge work! Bravo!
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Yes I did, thank you! I still had to do a lot of painting to make it look like real blood but it gave me a start. 
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:giggle: Love it when that happens :D
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Love the complexity of the background!
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Thank you, Eve; I think this is the most of your stocks I've used in one piece (including your AustriaAngloAlliance account shared with Burtn) ! I tend to draw most of my inspiration from the Pre-Raphaelite artists who were known for their more elaborate and detailed backgrounds. I find it difficult to create "simple" manipulations; most of mine end up at least 80 Photoshop layers and adjustment layers LOL I seriously lost count on the layers in this piece at 100. I think it may be about 120ish. :giggle:
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Creepy atmosphere! Love the violet tone in the background. :clap:
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Thank you very much! Glad you like it :D I took the color scheme from the sky photo that is one of my own stocks. I tend to use that series of sky stocks a lot lately, but I just loved the colors and cloud formations from it.
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