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A Maiko's Hope

I know this particular model stock image has been used to death, especially after the tragic Japanese Earthquakes and Tsunami; but, I have been working on this piece off and on for a good solid month.

This is my personal tribute to all of those affected by the devastating Earthquakes and Tsunami that ravaged Japan.

An art and canvas print is available for purchase through deviantART and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to relief efforts in Japan.

So, head on over to the right side of your screen and click "Buy This Print."

You can purchase this in either a 10"x 25" or 16"x 40" art print or canvas print.

So, buy some art and help our Japanese brothers & sisters!


There are 60 layers and approximately 80 hours of work in this piece.

The list of credits is quite extensive, I apologize if I forgot someone and will add you as soon as I notice the overlook.

deviantArt Stock Credits:

Maiko by ~rensstocknstuff
Pagoda by ~idnurse41
Cherry Blossom Petals by ~TexelGirl-Stock
Japanese Fan by ~KangrStock
Japanese Garden 251 & Japanese Garden 247 by ~WolfC-Stock
Japanese Lantern by ~Ghost-Stock
Buddha by ~RX-stock
Dragonfly & Koi by ~Alegion-stock
Turtle by ~expression-stock
Small Bird by !AlaskaStock I will give 5 dA points to the first person who can spot the bird!
Orange Tip Butterfly & Peacock Butterfly by ~madetobeunique
Waterlilies & Sakura Cherry Blossom Tree by =DamselStock
Lily Pads by !PirateQueen-Stock
Squirrel by ~Hermione75 & =WDWParksGal-Stock

Other stocks are bought from Details painted by me.

OW Ref #13100
This work is Copyright Protected by MyOWs.

Copyright ©2011 Casey Jones. All rights reserved. Permission is not, nor will be granted to adapt, modify, copy, edit, reproduce, or distribute without my express written permission.

Do not under any circumstances upload my work to Desktop Nexus, WebShots, or any other wallpaper download sites or you will be prosecuted upon the fullest extent of the law. We artists are not playing around with you thieves. You will be sued!

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:iconloveredplz: :iconda-creativity:High Lights Of DA-Creativity > August2013… :iconloveredplz:
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Beautiful -- I love it!
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your work is so beautify *-* I love the atmosphere you create!
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Thank you very much!! :heart:
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This picture is gorgeous~! :aww: I'm doing a project on Nagoya, Japan for school where I have to make a slideshow. Is it okay if I use your picture in the slideshow? The slideshow won't likely be shared with anyone other than just my class. Yours will be the finale picture at the end.
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If it is just to illustrate your report then okay but my name and copyright info must be added in the credits like you would for any resources you would use. You can only use it for a class report. If you are asked by your teacher to display the report elsewhere you will need permission from me before you post it if you are going to keep my work included.

This is one of my most well loved pieces and I am very protective of it as it took me many hours to create.
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Ok, thank you. I was careful to add in the copyright exactly as it was stated into the credits, an if for some odd reason my teacher does request to distribute the slideshow, I will inform her of the rules. Thanks again. :D
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Great work,my compliments!
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Thank you very much!
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is beatiful you art in PS


great job
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Thank you very much! I have newer works up if you would like to see. :heart:
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To think... it's a digital collage.
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Thank you so much dear! :heart:
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Good choice of components and their combination together to form a magical garden! It could play with the blur to get the depth, resp. perspective highlighting in my opinion but I still like it
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Thanks for the suggestion. :heart: My intention was to showcase the Japanese garden more so that's why I didn't blur it some.
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bieautiful work congratulations
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It's an awesome work! I love the atmosphere!
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You're welcome!
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