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I promise I'll do the arts soon but honestly I'm so busy jesus christ

also i hate my page dont look at it ew

nothing is different im just sadder and busier

Stamp: Imagine Dragons by Rynndig Gorillaz Stamp by Fuchsilein Stamp: Caravan Palace by Rynndig TheFatRat stamp by unstablestopsign Grouplove Stamp by lowporygon Woodkid stamp by Tirrathee Green Day Stamp by darkdisciple-stamps Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Stamp by karazii Twenty One Pilots I by JustYoungHeroes Alt-j fan Stamp by KatFoxyArtist Coldplay Stamp 2 by Astraltus Atlas Genius stamp by catknip :thumb493172714: Fall Out Boy Stamp by TheChiza NIN Stamp by Sora05

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DinoTomic/AtomicCircus, Thomas Moran, Michael Angelo (gotta get me some sisteen)
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Treasure Planet, Brother Bear, Ice age, Ferris Beuler's Day Off, How to Train Your Dragon, Forrest Gump, Hunt for the Wilderpeople
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Avatar: The Legend of Aang/Korra, Over the Garden Wall, Steven Universe, Miraculous Ladybug, Gravity Falls and like all the David Attenborough collections
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Atlas Genius, Coldplay, Of Monsters And Men, Gorillaz, Woodkid, The Oh Hellos, Caravan Palace, The Paper Kites, Daughter, Son Lux, Lemaitre,s and my mans Beethoven
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Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Heroes of Olympus, The Maze Runner Trilogy, The Thousand and One Nights, A Monster Calls
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lol I know I said nothing about him in my favourite books section but Charles Bloody Dickens okay
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GTA 5, Assassin's Creed, Uncharted im so ratchet
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Xbox One
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i hate myself
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Jammin' to music, le nature/gardening, history, chocolate, piano and ukulele r lyfe


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I love her expression and how the make-up emphasizes it. The background isn't as original as it could be, but it still gives the image a certain sense of eeriness. I like how the rain puts the image of multiple emotions, with the shape and design of her clothes giving off an impacting spark of energy. The haircut corresponds, which I like very much so.
I think the theme is very effective, yet subtle. The bright, related colours help to radiate the intended picture and still keep the same aura about it. I like how the smeared lipstick is intentionally put next to a precise, complex pattern around her eye, as it sends mixed messages.

Overall I like this piece and would recommend you to those who would seek something similar.
:star::star::star::star: Overall
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I'll go though for reason why I rated it like I did :3

I am a huge fan of Dali's work, much more his crazy 'selfies', if I may call them that. This is no less a finer piece! I especially love your technique for his hair, eyebrows and moustache. It looks to be you are a very talented artist!

I chose this number of stars for the originality because it simply isn't, well, original. Although Dali's unique intake on art was among the most original, it makes redraws impossible for someone to claim as their own. Sorry for giving you such a low for such a brilliant piece ):

I loved the way in which you drew this. I'd say it's kind of scratchy, which incorporates with the bold yet delicate shading. Exceptional!

Obviously, this caught my attention just for being one of my favourite artists. However, at a closer view you notice details that some may not even want to include, I suppose.

Despite the downs on originality, everything else is really quite amazing. I am in love with his portrait and your portrayal will not go unnoticed from me! Also, thanks for reading my lecture <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="366" title=":D (Big Grin)"/>
Salvador Dali
OH ZANNNNGGG lad hows it going

as u can probably tell im not that active any more big oof on my part but tell me how ur doin and ofc i remeber you, absolute legend
Rh rn and it's not Vera it's you 😩😩
bitch stop tryna be yandere you weeb

also im dead so it doesnt count nope you cant get me

and i guess hm iit was time that said no bc it'd just be awkward now wouldnt it lololol