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Hair Brush Set for GIMP

A set of 5 custom hair brushes for GIMP (Using GIMP 2.6)

Work quite nicely when combined with one or more of the set.

Use of pressure sensitive graphics tablet required for full effect.

Hand-Made using :iconpara-vine: brush set as reference, and posted with permission.

Original Photoshop version here.

Please fave if used.

And last but not least, Have Fun!

Instructions: Open each individual file with GIMP (after GIMP start-up), and then go to edit>copy, and then edit>paste as>new Brush. Name the brush and set the spacing at zero. After this is done your new brushes should be displayed in the brush menu. Hope this helps!

Edit When I asked :iconpara-vine: if I could re-create these brushes for GIMP, I was in no way expecting this kind of feedback (650+ faves and 9,000+ pageviews in 24 hours). I want to thank you all for the favorites. All I can say is wow, thanks guys! I'm so glad I could help. :)
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Thanks a lot for this

Thank you! Can't wait to try these out

Thank for brush set, i will try it first, I will send a feedback in the next few days

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great to use thankk u

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These are so useful! Thanks so much!

its not letting me export to gimp

How do I download? Please help.

i downloaded for gimp and im not sure how to get them onto gimp i tried to follow the suggestion above but it still is not letting me get them into gimp

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Yeah, I would really like these brushes! I hope that she updates them

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does this work with the newest edition of GIMP 2.10?

not sure! i downloaded it and followed many tutorials but none worked. it might be the wrong file type

At least works for me in version 2.10.22

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how do I download
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how do i fav you if i use them im new to this  and can i use them on imvu in my shop for making things and selling my items
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Hello! There should be a button on the right hand side of the screen that allows you to favorite them.
As for selling them, please do not redistribute the brush pack. I have made them a free resource and do not appreciate people making money off of the originals. However, if you make art using these brushes you may resell the art, just not the original brushes.
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