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My Bio
Greeting's Fellow DeviantArt Artist's, I love all forms of art & enjoy finding it in every aspect of life or death.Art to me can have unlimited possibilities whether it be in natural nature,man-made or the unexplainable.I was very fortunate to be born & raised by an Artistic Father of many trades, and a WWII Air Force Fighter Pilot.My studies & parenting allowed me to develope a broad & diverse spectrum of artistic forms & expressions.Of course an artist's worst critic is said to be themselves,but it's also great to receive constructive criticism.That is if you can understand & accept it!I know and believe that any great artist should do this as to not become depressed,loose their imagination or give up on the beauty of life and all it has to offer.I unfortunatly & sadly have witnessed this before,and it hurt's to know another great potential is gone,along with wondering what could have been.My personal abilities cover a broad & diverse spectrum ranging from,-basic sketching,muti-painting styles,tatooing,ceramics/pottery,multi-landscaping styles,homebuilder,welding,machine lathes,photography&crocheting are only a few.There are many differnt forms i'd still love to study! I hope to become a fashion designer as i'm becoming more fascinated with various clothing styles,especially Gothic fantasy couture,leathers,fur,silk/satin/lace & also PVC and Latex. I look forward to any criticism, and just saying hello to anyone that sends messages or notes. If I don't respond back in a timely manner please message me back again, as accidents do happen as is life. So,let me end by giving praise and thanks to our wonderful website for giving all of us a great platform in which to stay connected & collaborate our imaginative works of art together.Thank You All who work at and with "Deviant Art"!!! I also wish the Best to all of my fellow deviantArt artist's, and "Thank you all as well for visting my page. Please make a donation ~ Sincerely,Casca12

Favourite Visual Artist
Luis Royo & Leonardo DaVinci
Favourite Movies
UnderWorld Series,Star Wars Series
Favourite TV Shows
Iron Chef,Speed Channel,Are you being served
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Led Zep,3 Inches of Blood,Volbeat,DJ's Sasha&Digiweed,&Mozart
Favourite Books
Instruction's for dummies
Favourite Writers
Edwin Lefevre,Robert Devereaux,Susan Kay
Favourite Games
Red Dead Revolver series
Favourite Gaming Platform
X-Box 360 & playstation
Tools of the Trade
pencil,chalk,oils,tat gun,saws,hammer,shovel,machine lathes,blowtorch,mig/tig/welding&many more!!!
Other Interests
natural game hunting,golfing&MotoGp


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Hi Daveinwilton, I really love this shot, the way you caught the spray shooting out. I swear the more I look into the spray the more I seem to notice a skull looking back, as if to signify his powerful destruction apon the rock cliff's. Very cool indeed. I rated 5*'s across the board for this one. I can only hope to gain a smidgen of the knowledge and talent you obviously obtain.This is perfect for a Big Golden Frame to be hung in any room. Best Wishes to you, and a Great Big Thank You for your generous donation to my Art supply pool. Sincerely, Casca12
Seaside Brawl
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I've given a lot of Tatoo's other's already had their design(s) of, and have created my own as well. I have to say this is nice, but it's Asian inspired and therefore should include color. It will look much better, as color's are symbolic I understand it's only a design, but planning what color's go were is needed as they fade over time and (sometimes)need to be touched up. Also, make sure the design is not to small or to big. The spot you choose may hinder space for later work, if you envision murals, chest plates, sleeves,etc.etc. A design like this works great in places like center of upper spine below the neck line, upper shoulder's, and also ankle. I don't know what the design say's in the middle, but perhaps it may have an influence as well to where, and what color's. Whatever you decide, give it a lot of thought. Thought to as who you want the Artist to be as well. Their are a lot of people that can sling ink around (as they say), but a true artist will take pride, and be sure your comfortable, and pleased with their work. I know you live in the U.S. but if you have the chance to go to Kobi , Japan you will find they have most of the Best Tatoo Artists any where in the world. I wish you the Best. Sincerely, Casca12
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   Happy Birthday my friend! I wish you the Best!!!Cheers fella (party) 
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Thanks for the watch! Been busy hope to have some new art this up coming year. Cheers
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   "Happy Birthday"Cheers fella (party)