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i love your drawings/paintings
do some shit bitch make some t shirts or something
Massively belated thanks for the watch and faves, Sorry it took so long :D
no worries man, you got some cool shit :D
OMG its joe!
sorry im kinda creepy
its calista from lebo
everyday we go into the office we see your pointilism hanging up and then we go back into the art room and look at our stuff and were like...oh ew

however ap ends on the 8th, were kinda really looking forward to it
haha not creepy at all, good to see you on deviantart, i love visiting this site. and yeah i definitely know what you mean, i couldn't wait for ap to be over :P, i spent so much of my time on it. i like some of your work btw, you're very talented, you should keep it up.
I meant to reply earlier, but life got stressful, so you being a slide ap art student should hear the pain of a digital ap student, i spent the last two weeks barely sleeping to get up to ten concentration pieces, editing all of them, putting up all the work onto the website, only to get to submission day to try and submit and have the college board computers crash cause they just found out that they couldnt handle like 40 000( give or take) submitting all at once, so they tell us at the end of the day after missing all our classes and stressing out over not being able to submit that guess what they're extending the deadline to wednesday, i could have slept last night.... lol however upside i dont have to pay for slides, just 35$ for merv. and thanks ill definitly keep it out, ive learned its the only thing im decent at