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Ink and Colourpencil on A3 paper. This piece features on the cover of my first ever book publication, Illustrated Maori Myths and Legends 2003.
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Wow! Book publication! Congrats ^_^ Forgive me but I am quite uneducated- Maori? what is?
About the art- I love the fantastic designs and dots you include in your work! It must take such time!
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Hi wasserfee!. You can find just about anything these days on my culture and my people. What we are most renouned for is our full facial tattoo (ta moko) and movies like Once were Warriors. I dont have the full facial myself, that must be earned....but my thighs and buttocks are. I will put some pix up very soon of the tattoo work i have done. Thankyou for your support....

Blessings to you P.J
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oh wow! You do tattoos? How interesting! I have one tattoo, it is very small- of a fairy. But I want more :P
Gotta check out more about your culture and stuff, I always find different cultures very fascinating. What do you have to do to earn the full facial tattoo?
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250-years ago a full facial (moko) tattoo would have been earned through acts of valour or an act of revenge on an enemy. Now days the only ones who wear it without fully understanding its true traditional meaning, are the gang members who get them done in jail just for that reason...cos their inside lookin out...kinda stupid really.

Blessings P.J
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yeah, that is a stupid reason. Interesting though, how you earn it. But a tattoo on the face has gotta hurt! owie..