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Sorry about the delay in this, but I'm one of the many people who have to wait an extra day or so before it comes out, and this week I wasn't able to watch it until last night.

But I thought that I'd start posting episode discussions after they air, because I know I'm not the only one who loves to hear or share theories and opinions (especially those concerning our two lovebirds).

I personally think that Rick was being incredibly hypocritical about the whole thing, not just about Carol killing Karen and David, but even in the act itself. He kicked her out of the group because she made a decision for the good of the prison without consulting anyone else about it, saying it wasn't her choice to make. Rick did exactly that by making her leave. It wasn't his choice, he didn't ask anyone if they thought it was right. Yeah, he may have also been protecting her from Tyreese's wrath once he finds out, but it still wasn't his call. Carol had two girls to look after, not to mention the fact that she's forced to leave her family, whom she loves and who were the whole reason she even did what she did. To protect them.

And the amount of people who have killed/murdered (or in Merle's case, tortured) other people when they didn't necessarily have to who got off without such a punishment is ridiculous, Rick included. Even Merle was allowed back after the group had time to think about it. And he didn't even have a reason to do what he did, at least I can see why Carol may have thought it was right.

And am I the only one who still has some doubt that she even was the killer? I know that there are so many fans out there who immediately assumed that she was covering up for someone, myself included, but then a lot of people seemed convinced it was actually her after this episode. It still seems a little odd if you ask me. Not only is it totally out of character for Carol, but the events leading up to it had so much potential for it to turn out to be Lizzie, or even Carl. Why wouldn't they take that route? Why would they just throw the answer in our face like that? Because it might not be true. Carol is one of the people who holds onto hope the longest. If she thought they had a chance, she would have given it to them. I also find it's highly more likely and in character for Carol to throw herself in the firing line to protect someone she cares about rather than to do something like killing a person (or two), even if she had a valid reason to want to do so.

On a lighter note, I think that this will eventually turn in our favour. Once Daryl finds out he'll probably beat the snot out of Rick before dashing off to find his Carol. There will be a big reunion and he'll bring her back home, I know it. There was an excellent theory posted on Tumblr about the first episode, which you can find here . Basically, it picked up on a lot of foreshadowing on what might happen to Carol and Daryl through the season. For Carol, it predicted she would be out on her own, separated from the group, and she would fight through it. The theory about Daryl said that Daryl might lose Carol and he'll finally realise that he can't take what they have for granted, which may even lead into some admitting of feelings between them. So far it seems to be right on track.

So what do you guys think about it all? Feel free to post your own opinions, and Caryl on ^^
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