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Aladdin's Series- Animation

Scenes of The Aladdin's Serie "Snowman is an island"
I worked how 2D Animator
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This is a pretty good video of the animation of the Genie from Aladdin: The Animated Series. I really found those animation poses to be good. But, i do enjoy Eric Goldberg's animation of the Genie better.

For the most part, even back then, TV animation has been written off as gunky, nothing film-worthy, and as one person said "seems to be animated by an orangutan". Now with the new shows such as Phineas and Ferb, MotorCity, TRON: Uprising, and the upcoming Gravity Falls, TV animation has been improving on Disney Television Animation and I know I've seen some Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon shows are getting their animation improved.

This is pretty good.
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In this particular episode to work with a group of leaders in Argentina, but only made ​​Layout and Animation. The rest, Assistance,inbetweens and clean up was made in Korea. I must say that the work done in this country was really bad.
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Is this for real, that was from the TV show?
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You actually worked on this show?! jawdrop revamp 

*bows before your greatness* :worship:
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Eso es saber actuar a un personaje. Te pusiste el traje azul del genio, supongo, para animar esta secuencia. ja ja ja.
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I just love Genie and you've done an excellent job with his overall animated expressions! :D
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You're welcome! ^_^
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thats amazingg ;A;;
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your welcome XD
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rw:nice animation and genie is my 2nd fav disney char.
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I had no idea the animation for the show was this fluid Oo
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not always, this episode was made in Argentina
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awesome work. I have that episode on tape.
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