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Vinnie Terrio as Marshall Lee

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Because green looks REAL good in red. :lol:

After seeing clips of the newest AT episode involving genderbents Fiona and Cake, I HAD to draw this in tribute to it! And it gave me an idea of a picture in which to submit to the :iconlittlestpetties: group contest involving any pet of favor. While Russell Ferguson is my favorite male pet and Penny Ling being my favorite female one, I just FELT I needed to draw Vinnie...because, let's face it, both him and Sunil seem to take most of the LPS fans' attention every episode. Well, them and probably Buttercream since her introductory episode "Topped with Buttercream". :XD:

Okay, I'll admit it...Marshall Lee is REALLY cute. Cutest genderbent guy of the other half of the AT universe. :love: Even cuter than Prince Gumball. :XD: And BEST vampire since the Count on Sesame Street(in my opinion, of course. :lol:).

While I'm not really sure if I support Fiona and Marshall Lee as a pairing, or FioLee for short(but I am a STRONG supporter of Finn and Flame Princess), I will admit this, especially since the guy is a vampire:

Him and Fiona is a better love story than Twilight. :rofl:

And for any LPS fan, ANY pet romance is a better one than the movie showed as well! Because, let's face it, much like Sunil, Vinnie's got the fangirls drooling over his dance steps. :XD:

Vinnie Terrio from Littlest Pet Shop (c) Julie McNally Cahill and Timothy Cahill
Concept of Marshall Lee from Adventure Time (c) Pendleton Ward
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Seczy! (Sexy) Labbra Seczy! (Sexy Lips)
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That kinda... creeps me out... If i woke up in the morning and saw THAT in my face... I would wet the WHOLE bed..
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i'm sorry, but NOOOOOPPPPEEE BURNITWITHFIRE :iconkillitplz:
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DanRantsAndReviewsHobbyist Writer
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Commence zoes, minkas, pennys, and peppers drooling
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fionnanicoleandcakeHobbyist Artist
Oh God why?
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Ridley: That's it! We're gonna get sued! I'm outta here!

Vinnie: Whats that su-

(Marshall breaks in and beats the snot out of the lizard for stealing his act)

Ridley: Okay, that's even worse.

Just aging that Marshall would be less than pleased. You do great, though.
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TwilighttsSparklessStudent Digital Artist
Russel as Prince Gumball
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TwilighttsSparklessStudent Digital Artist
Zoe as Marceline
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Good job! The only thing is that the eyes are not Vinnie's accurate eye colours
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Sombraluz-ImagesProfessional General Artist
This is cute! :giggle:
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Don't know if you saw, but Vinnie himself tweeted this. :D [link]
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Cartuneslover16Hobbyist Filmographer
Oh, awesome. :XD:
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It works so well!
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My God he looks...cute...
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Dang sexy right there :rofl:
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LuLucarioHobbyist Digital Artist
This is the most perfect thing EVER OMFG
and i totally agree with you on what you said about Marshal and Vinnie's fangirl
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I died happy looking at this:D
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This is...just amazing
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