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New Disney Princesses

Girly and innocent meets not-so-girly and hardcore. :XD:

Well, when I first mentioned the new Disney Junior seris Sofia the First :iconsofia-the-first: it was in my cartoon crossover comic in regards to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Robot and Monster, and, of course, Littlest Pet Shop known as 'Honest Words' [link]

Back in November was when the movie premiere arrived, and it was wonderful, and then I had wait all through the New Year and onto January 11th for the series to finally arrive and it was WORTH it. I am such a fan of that show. :aww:

Little Sofia is the newest Disney princess introduced to us, young and old...and it makes me recall the previous Disney princess that had been introduced not too long ago as well. :XD:

Yes, I ADORED the Wreck-It Ralph movie, and yes, I LOVE Vanellope von Schweetz, she is like Ellen DeGeneres child-wise. :iconvanellopefanclub: :lol:

That's Princess Vanellope von Schweetz...actually, she prefers President. :XD:

Since it has been revealed in the movie that she is the rightful ruler of Sugar Rush, OF COURSE that officially makes her a Disney princess. Like Rapunzel from Tangled and Merida from Brave, and let's not forget Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. ;)

My inspiration for this Disney crossover came from this picture where Vanellope interacts with the OTHER Disney princesses [link]

Sofia is, by far, one of the youngest Disney princesses introduced, and is able to break from some of the 'rules' of being a princess, such as joining an all-prince flying derby team. :)

And as someone had stated, Vanellope is the unorthodox Disney princess...and we wouldn't have it any other way. I mean, seriously, I adore her hoodie more than some frilly, ruffled dress. She doesn't prefer to be 'sugar-coated'. :XD:

Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck-It Ralph (c) Disney
Sofia from Sofia the First (c) Craig Gerber
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That's fucked up. Venellope would never say that. I know this is old.

This shouldn't be that seriously.

Most princesses where dresses it's doesn't define them and that don't mean you can judge them based on it. Get over it

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You tell her, Vanellope!

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Lady Lovely Locks should be a official Disney Princess if Mattel does relaunch the toy line next year.

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In all fairness, you were wearing something under it at the time.
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I love Sofia the First. I especially love how it breaks the mold a bit. A girl can be girly and still enjoy activities that are generally considered boy activities.
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It's been one year, dude.
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I've never seen Sofia the First but I love Wreck-It Ralph.
Correct the copyright notice, cartuneslover16, to Sofia the First ©2015 Disney.
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*barfs in bucket* Yeah. I'm gonna sell this bucket on EBay.
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Vanelopein is the best Disney Princess since Ariel and her daughter Melody.
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Vanellope is not a princess, she is a president.
But Amelia Thermopolis is. I discovered Amelia Thermopolis from The Princess Diaries in 2000 (novel by Meg Cabot) and in 2001 (as a official Disney Princess due to her personal appearance in the film because Amelia Thermopolis is portrayed by Anne Hathaway).
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Ditch! Ditch! Ditch!
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its just plain hilarious 
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Well, Vanellope still has a skirt, so would that count as a dress?
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Tomboyish, honestly. 
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Awwww,Cute! Though, if I had to pick who would win, Vanellope all the way! Honestly, I find Sofia SO annoying! XD
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Yes, ditch the dress and all will be better. :P
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i searched ellen degeneres! THIS MEANS NOTHINGGGGGGGGGG
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