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Nautical Neighbors

If you haven't caught up to Ducktales, Tom Kenny gave Donald Duck's sea-loving cousin life in the episode "The Depths of Cousin Fethry". Like a SpongeBob out of water. :XD:

I actually made this a few days before Thanksgiving on account of hoping to meet Tom Kenny. See, a friend invited me to this annual Salvation Army volunteer thing called Feast of Sharing. In association with Nickelodeon, workers and voice actors of the studio join together with other people in order to help and serve deserving families, giving them food and giving them a good Thanksgiving.

My friend told me the possibility of meeting Tom Kenny because he usually attends stuff like this. A few hours before I was to go to Feast of Sharing, I worked on this. I really wanted to show what an inspiration he is in my life and tell him he is doing a great job. 

NOTE: I know looking at this now can be pretty painful considering the loss of Stephen Hillenburg...:(

Well, Tom Kenny wasn't there, but I met other voice actors! I almost didn't realize that Josh Brener was literally sitting next to me at one of the volunteer tables. His voice sounded familiar and I actually had to Google on my phone before I spoke up and talked to him. 

Josh Brener is the voice of Mark Beaks from the 2017 Ducktales series...and Donatello from the new show Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! :w00t:

Got an autograph and a picture! So awesome!

Then I met Eric Bauza. He's the voice of Master Splinter from Rise of the TMNT! Say what you want, his version of Splinter is my absolute favorite. I told him that personally. He told me he doesn't get that a lot from fans. Geez. ^^;  

Then I also met this girl who voices one of the sisters from The Loud House. Okay, I'm sorry but I don't know the Loud sisters' names, but this is the same person who voiced Panini from Chowder

They were all so nice! And so encouraging! I remember back in 2015 I kind of just gave up on the possibility of ever getting an internship from Nickelodeon. I mean, I've applied like three times and nothing but rejection. They told me stories about how some people were in the same position, but they didn't give up. 

I'm going to try and apply for the Nick internship next year. I'll keep applying until I get in. 

So no Tom Kenny, but that's okay. There will be other chances in the future. I've met other voice actors who were wonderful, and I hope one day I'll work with them at Nickelodeon. :)
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Nice! DuckTales and SpongeBob crossover! :D

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Ah, Mr. Tom Kenny, I remember I got to hear him speak months before the loss of Stephen Hillenburg. Do you want me to show you a journal about it? It also has a link to his Q&A at Supercon 2018.
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Oh cool, nice :)
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You meet the voice actors thats great i wonder if you meet wayne brady 
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Sounds like that one actress you met was Lilliana Mumi and the Loud sister she plays is named Leni Loud.

I saw Tom Kenny at my city's local comic convention this year. He talked about how he came up with Spongebob's voice and was really cool. Did you know he's married to another VA named Jill Talley? (aka Karen from Spongebob and the mom from The Loud House). 
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Which one is Leni? Is she the one with the braces and the horrible jokes?

So in real life SpongeBob is married to Karen, huh? :XD:
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She's the ditzy one with the sunglasses.

Yep. :)
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Panini's VA is the same VA for Leni (the most overrated Loud sister, in my opinion), just to let you know.

And honestly, I'd expect this crossover to happen for real. :D
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Wait you want to work at Nickelodeon? Thats cool I guess
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Wow, neat~! (Heh, it's fine, it can be hard for one to keep track of the Loud sisters when they're new at that show XD')
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This is awesome.I know that these two would be interresting friends if they ever met. 

Tom Kenny was probably buisy at the time. 
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