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Littlest Elements: Generosity

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Published: February 10, 2013
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Okay, for those who assumed I'd choose Zoe Trent as Rarity's element just because she's a bigger drama queen than she is...sorry, but to me, Russell is not only a smart pet, but he's generous enough to give his all. :XD:

Being my favorite male pet of the animals, he appears to be the most common to the terms of common sense.

Along with his common sense is his responsibility, and along with his responsibility is his ability to handle situations and give his best efforts to please everyone...even when it doesn't seem pleasing at all. ^^;

Okay, I will admit, he doesn't make fancy dresses or even have a gem to spare if there was ever a crazy little dragon on LPS, but I do know he has a good heart and he shares that with others, especially with Blythe. He sacrifices his time to keeping the day-camp spiffy and clean, even establishing certain acquisitions in hopes of making the others happy, even if it stresses him out. ^^;

Laughter: [link]
Honesty: [link]
Friendship: [link]

Russell Ferguson from Littlest Pet Shop (c) Julie McNally Cahill and Timothy Cahill
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RainbowHeartPonyHobbyist General Artist
I like yours but do you want to see mine? It's not THAT different..

Magic: Sunil
This is because Sunil is always thinking up good new MAGIC tricks to entertain his FRIENDS. He is enjoys performing magic to wow his friends so he's literally the magic of friendship. Plus he seems the most like Twilight to me since he gets stressed easily and panics a lot. People seem to think that Fluttershy is better for him but I've always thought her to be more emotional rather than panicky. Just my opinion :shrug:

Loyalty: Vinnie.
Vinnie is incredibly devoted to his home and friends and he's always trying his best to be a better gecko. He apologises as soon as he realises his mistakes and he'd always be there for his team. He loves and cares very deeply about everyone he knows, even if he's not too fond of them at first.

Laughter: Pepper.
I think this is the obvious choice. Pepper is always thinking up new jokes and comedy acts to give her friends a giggle. While she may go too far at times, her usual intent is to make everyone laugh and feel good! She loves showing her friends a good time and making them happy.

Generosity: Blythe.
Let me explain. Blythe is always GENEROUSLY giving up her own time to help or be there for anyone in need. She loves spending time with her friends and will give up anything for those who are dear to her. She is also very giving as to making outfits and clothes for her pet friends and hardly ever says no when they want something or just need her attention.

Honesty: Russell.
I've found that throughout the episodes of LPS I've seen, Russell is usually the one to be totally honest. He's even a little blunt sometimes. He seems to find it harder to lie than the others and he likes to do things in a proper, organised and honest way. He's also very helpful and hardworking and is always ready to get a job done. He's not afraid to speak his mind and is always there for his friends.

Kindness: Penny.
Penny Ling is the sweetest and most considerate pet in the group. She never likes being mean in any way, whether she means it or not. Being nice is always one of her golden rules and she's never liked hurting anyone. She'd definitely rather hug than fight. She's also very sensitive and gets upset when she feels as though she's done something wrong.

So what do you think? Are these buttered roles okay? Heh heh.
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Cartuneslover16Hobbyist Filmographer
Sounds good and right to me! :)
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RainbowHeartPonyHobbyist General Artist
really? is that your honest opinion?
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Cartuneslover16Hobbyist Filmographer
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RainbowHeartPonyHobbyist General Artist
Thank you :D (Big Grin) 
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he´s just the cutest thing ever
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SunilZeMongooseStudent Artist
russell da seriously serious guy!
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it must be zoe but also madame pome looks like rarity
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lightyearpigHobbyist Artist
Isn't Rarity a drama queen too?
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Cartuneslover16Hobbyist Filmographer
In a way, Russell's that way as well.
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LpsPrincess101Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just like in "Blythe's Big Idea"! :D

Russell: "What's my problem? We're about to land the plane, and that red light there could mean that the wheels aren't locked. And if the wheels aren't locked, we'll start bouncing up and down like we're on a trampoline! And whenever I'm on a trampoline, I wear a helmet, and elbow pads, and wrist guards! And I didn't bring my helmet, or elbow pads, and I definitely didn't bring my wrist guards, Penny Ling!! NO WRIST GUARDS!! *Screams, then rolls into ball*
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I was expecting that Russel would be Element of Magic
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RusselFStudent Filmographer
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LunashygabyHobbyist General Artist
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ShaD-23Hobbyist General Artist
Apart from Buttercream, Russell is my favorite character.
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tifzhe299Hobbyist Digital Artist
Imagine Russel making dresses! LOL
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ChocoCrazehHobbyist General Artist
he's a LOT like Twilight
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Aloodonguy67Student Artist
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hopethewolf1Hobbyist Traditional Artist
possibly the cutest drawing youve made
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PrincessMiAmore Digital Artist
But I thought Zoe was Generosity?...
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