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Illustration for Alberta Venture magazine about Companies "Greenwashing" Which is the act of misleading consumers regarding the envi-ronmental practices of a company or the environmental benefits of a product or service.
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so cool, very inspiring looks like it was done on clear mylar paper or something
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again, amazing!
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Wow. As others have said: that expression is awesome.

I learned something, too.
m-r-p's avatar
Very poignant piece for the times we are in. If I could figure out stencils and street art I'd propagandise this piece everywhere... if...
ArthurBCole's avatar
I love how metaphorical your artwork is. If you didn't explain the concept I would have been trying to figure out what you were alluding to.
s7409651's avatar
brilliant, brilliant!
fbatman666's avatar
Great!!!! Brilliant !!!! Your works rules!!!!
LuxxCatalina's avatar
but they can never cover the red in their eyes
KD-Neeley's avatar
Simple and clever...perfect for your point!
blueflamingo's avatar
clever. the 'devil' is a bit blatant, though. i dunno. it's a little polarizing.
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Oh man!This is amazing!Especially his expression..well done.
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Awesome painting!
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Amazing, the concept is great, and as always, the excecution is impeccable. :D
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love it! Love devils =D
sparvett's avatar
Great way to display the message. This looks so nice! I like the evil expression on his face.
PersAbsynthFaerie's avatar
this is wicked (pun intended; that's how lame I am! ;P ) this concept brings across the message PERFECTLY, great job man, you do well :thumbsup:
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I like the concept a lot; it fits the subject very well. It makes me wonder if the editor is the on who come with the concept or you do? Anyway, great job as usual.
patricktoifl's avatar
hahaha AWESOME visual idea!!!
atomic-ikon's avatar
and lo the consumer who in the age of communication can't research a product and buys it purely on face value. if that would apply to art we would be all out of a job. cause according to our many critiques face value is what art exists in. as dada made obvious, leo made famous and and you did a real good job illustrating. wicked picture .
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very interesting
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