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Blackadder Goes Forth

Now if you thought I was gonna go without doing Blackadder fan art, then you really don't know me :D That or you pay no attention to my polls and journals... :P

Ok, so before I talk about the picture, let me just say that I worked hard on this, and it's quite anoying to have close to no comments afterwards :P Please comment, even if you don't know the subject.
And no I'm not asking everyone to comment all my pictures, cause that's almost impossible. I just want a bit more notice of my pictures non-dragon related.

Alright then, on to the picture :) Being into Blackadder lately, I wanted to do fan art of it, and also wanted to draw my 2 fav characters in it, Captain Edmund Blackadder and Captain Kevin Darling :D The name still makes me laugh, so I thought, why not make it the subject of the picture :XD: Blackadder seems to like constantly annoying him with his name lol. They're 2 funny enemies :lol:

The background I'm really happy with, even though I used a reference :D But as for the characters, I spent half an hour or more drawing each face, and it still doesn't look like them (especialy Darlings) :X I need practice >_> Hopefully I've improved on head size though.

Hope you like it ^^

Captain Blackkadder (played by Rowan Atkinson)
Captain Darling (played by Tim Mcinnerny)

Such a long comment :noes: XD
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Exllcent despite being an enemy they were both able to put asminty when they learn they going over the top , one of the saddest secnes in televison histoy

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"That's Captain Blackadder to you, Darling."
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Awesome! I love it! :D
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Somehow I was allowed to watch this as a kid:lol:. Like Darling's annoyed look!
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Meh, it could be something worse XD I only watched this a few years ago.
Thanks! :XD:
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Blackadder at it's best! This is perfect in every way. Great characterizations, expressions, attention to detail, colouring, background and lighting effects!

I like a lot :-)
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Thanks very much! :D
Btw, I love your Blackadder art :D Hope you plan on continuing in the future! :)
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Ahahah, I don't watch Blackadder much, i've only seen snippets of some of the episodes, but man it's a funny show!! :dummy:
This is really awesome, I love the poses, the facial expressions, and the background is awesome too!! :la: Awesome job Aiyana! :thumbsup:
CartoonSilverFox's avatar
Yes it is! :la: XD You should watch it all at some point :D
Thank you! :D The background was quicker to draw than I expected lol.
chocogingerfingers's avatar
Heheh I shall!! :iconilikeitplz:
You're welcomee! :aww: Oh really? You did it well, it looks great! :la:
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The Darling joke never gets old. Your Edmund looks especially fantastic :XD:
CartoonSilverFox's avatar
Nope it doesn't :XD: Thanks :D
ILoveBrucieD's avatar
You're welcome! :)
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I... wow.
This is actually amazing... one of the best Blackadder pictures I've seen here. not just cause I love Tim McInnerny /beaten up/
But honestly, I love it. The shading, the actual characters themselves... don't worry about the faces, I think they look great xD But yes. Amazing work. LOVEIT.
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Thanks very much! :)
Hehe yeah he's cute in Blackadder :D (can't belive I'm saying that XDD)
judiecakes's avatar
No problem ;D
He's truly adorable. Don't worry dear, that's a revelation I have to live with every day. :L <3
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I would... really do the same if someone would have a name 'Darling' >w>;;;;;;; Oh evil me~ xD

Yeah it's annoying that when you sumbit something non-dragon related you get only few comments D: EXPECIALLY when yuo worked hard on the picture ;c I'm commenting all your pictures and I'll keep commenting them all, no matter what :D (unless I would be unactive and ya know~ 15 pictures is just too much |D)
CartoonSilverFox's avatar
I would as well :XD: Though not as much as people in my school probably would.

I know :P I think most of the time people who draw dragons a lot get watched only for their dragon art. I'm thinking of taking a break from drawing dragons for a while anyway, apart from my 2 commissions left XD
Aw thanks :glomp: I'm trying to comment all yours as well :D (Is there some I've missed recently? XD)
VanillaHellen's avatar
Heh... :XD:

Yeah that's true o3o I must say that I found you only because you were drawing dragons |D But later lot of ppl change their mind~
How long break? :XD:

Anytime! :glomp:
(I dunno :XD: I'm not counting every comments XD)
CartoonSilverFox's avatar
Thanks! :D Do you know this series? XD
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