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Some of these changes have been made but some of them haven’t and will be worked on later.

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NICKTOON BOXING: ANGELICA PICKLES VS LYNN LOUDAngelica Pickles vs Lynn LoudThis is a 12 round Double Championship Match; for the Ultimate and Intercontinental Titles!! The crowd cheers as they surround the boxing ring, the stadium being filled to the brim with the audience. The ring had a grey canvas, with orange ropes, and black turnbuckles. The lights shined down on the ring illuminating for all to see.In the Blue corner, the double champ; the undefeated fighting female; with 87 wins, 6 draws, and 82 KO’s, The Amazing Amazon…. ANGELICA BLONDE TERROR” PICKLES-FINISTER!! The lights moved to the blur corner where Angelica stood. The proud Amazon stood confident hanging from both her biceps was her two belts. Her seconds removed the belts freeing Angelica’s arms where she then raised her arms over her head and getting a wave of cheers from the audience. She smiled as she struck a pose flexing her bicep and pushing out her impressive bust proudly showing the “BLONDE TERROR” printed on her white top. She then started to jump on her toes and stretched out her arms and neck.And her opponent, in the red corner; the reigning Michigan Champion, with 72 wins, 5 draws, 3 loses, and 70 KO, The Boxing Maniac….. LYNN “SANITY” LOUD!! The lights quickly moved to the red corner where Lynn was. The sporty girl let out a “Yeah!” as she raised a glove in the air getting cheers from her adoring fans. Energy and eagerness were pouring off of her with every single move she made as she jumped from foot to foot, jabbing at the air. Lynn gave a cocky smile as she flexed both her arms and puffed out her own impressive chest showing off the 1 printed on the right breast of her top. She then rolled her shoulders showing off her red 01 tattoo as she locked eyes with Angelica. The two were called to the center by the ref and stood centimeters apart. The crowd erupted into cheers as the two met and locked eyes, Lynn shown to be a few inches shorter than Angelica.“With all those 1’s you think pretty highly of yourself don’t ya?” Angelica said.“Just letting everyone know where I stand. You’ve already lost the fight if you don’t think you can win.” Lynn says.“So you think you can win?” Angelica asks.“I know I can. I trained to my limit for this and ready to take those belts from you. Sorry but a new champ will be leaving this ring.” Lynn says.“Sorry, but you gonna have to change that 1 to a 0 when I’m done with ya.” Angelica says as they get a bit closer, and their busts touch, making the crowd cheer even louder.“Geesh, we hadn’t even started and they’re already going crazy.” Lynn chuckles.“What do you expect? It’s a match against an admittedly sexy challenger and a drop-dead awesomely sexy champion.” Angelica said with a small chuckle.“And people say I have an ego.” Lynn replies with a smirk and narrowed eyes.“Then let’s find out who has the skills to justify the ego.” Angelica retorts.Angelica and Lynn then smirk and pound gloves, doing it a bit harder than usual; the sound is similar to a bomb’s, showing both fighters’ power. Angelica is slightly impressed by how Lynn doesn’t wince at the tapping. Then they get back to their corners, waiting for the bell.“Alright, Lynn, try to take her down as fast as possible. This lady isn’t undefeated just because of a pretty face.” Lynn’s boyfriend, Clyde, says while one of her seconds massage her shoulders.“Heh, ya think I don’t know that, and what are you trying to do, make me jealous?” Lynn says with a smirk.“Well, she looks like an amazonian version of Lori…” Clyde says, making Lynn frown at him before he grins sheepishly. “Don’t judge me. I’ve seen you grinning whenever her husband fights.” Clyde exclaims.“...It’s your fault; because of you, I now feel attracted to geeks, and the guy happens to be the best geek boxer ever. Though I bet with a few sessions in the gym, you’d be better than him,” Lynn says with a small giggle before smiling lovingly at Clyde making him blush.“Come on Lynn, time to get serious.” Clyde says embarrassed; he has increased his stamina thanks to her training, but he doesn’t expect to become nearly as good as a boxing champ like Chuckie Finster.“I already am.” Lynn says with a grin as she gives her neck a crack. In the other corner, Chuckie, Angelica’s husband, is massaging and preparing her too.“You think this one will resist more than 2 rounds?” Chuckie asks.“Well, at the very least, she seems to be much better than the last 2 challengers; those guys will need physical and psychological therapy.” Angelica half-jokes before smirking. “Heh, just look at her; we have the same tastes in guys. You geeks are in.”“We do our best.” Chuckie smiles before they both get serious again. DING DING!! ROUND 1!! With the bell the two boxers came out of their corners gloves raised. Lynn already showed off her eagerness and speed by darting out of the corner at the champ. Angelica easily blocked the three oncoming jabs to her face, but did take a hook to the side getting a small grunt from Angelica. Lynn kept up the pressure with a series of jabs to the head and body all of which were blocked. Lynn was trying to keep Angelica pinned in the corner, but Angelica suddenly sprung forward with a jab that landed on Lynn’s chin. Lynn grunts but doesn’t stop and starts going for Angelica’s body. Angelica takes two shots before blocking again, Angelica knew she had to get out of the corner. Angelica started to lean back letting Lynn get closer, and once she was close enough she threw a hook to her body.SWISH!! Angelica hit nothing as Lynn suddenly moved back out of Angelica’s range. The brunette jumped back and took a moment to catch her breath not breaking eye contact with the blonde.“She’s relentless, but knows when to back off. Certainly more knocking around in the thick head of hers.” Angelica thought as she finally moved out of the corner. Angelica went in with a quick flurry of head jabs which Lynn blocked pushing her towards the center ring. The two then began to circle and trade jabs. Lynn moved fast with quick jabs flurries to a specific area occasionally sneaking a blow to another area. Angelica strikes were powerful and precise. She threw one or two strong punches to one area or another, she could spot an opening in a second and exploit it. Lynn took two hooks to the body forcing her to step back as Angelica threw a cross to her cheek. Lynn was able to dodge it and counter with a hook to Angelica’s body and then tried going for an uppercut only for Angelica to move her head back. She lands another jab on Lynn’s cheek, but Lynn doesn’t back down returning with her own jab almost instantly.DING DING!! With the bell the two stopped and lowered their gloves giving each other a glare before going back to their corners. The two sat on their stools and continued to lock eyes as their seconds did their duty.“She’s certainly kept that title for as long as she has for a reason. Would’ve been disappointed if she didn’t live up to the hype. Makes it all the more better when I beat her.” Lynn smirks leaning in her corner.“Heh, alright the girl has skill, I’ll give her that. I can already tell this won’t be a cakewalk. Which is good, had a few to many easy fights recently. Would be nice to fight someone with some decent skill.” Angelica thinks as she leans in her corner.ROUND 2 Angelica grunts as she is pushed back to the ropes, Lynn relentless with a flurry of punches to her guard. Lynn kept a good rhythm with her punches moving from left to right as she went for the champs guarded face. Lynn then went low and sunk a hook into Angelica’s side, getting a pained grunt. With an opening Lynn sprung up with a quick uppercut to the chin sending a spray of sweat from Angelica’s face.ROUND 3 Lynn mentally cursed as she missed her cross only to get a hook to the head that whipped her head to the side. Lynn was forced to step back as she took two quick jabs from Angelica, quickly raising her guard to protect her face. Angelica then focused on Lynn’s abs drilling into them like pistons making the Brunette gag.ROUND 4 Lynn grunts as she takes a jab to the face, only to return with her own jab making Angelica grunt. The crowd cheered as the two were in a punch trade both showing incredible strength and resistance as they pounded away at each other. The two winding up before throwing simultaneous crosses that both landed on their cheeks at the same time with a POW!ROUND 5 With the bell the two came out once again and circled each other. Angelica immediately opened up with two head jabs and two body jabs. Lynn took the two head jabs and one to the body but parried the last jab and countered with a hard body shot. Angelica grunts stepping back and defending herself from another flurry of punches from Lynn. Throwing one more strong jabs to Angelica Lynn then backs off to catch her breath going defensive. Angelica then goes on the attack throwing out jabs at Lynn who began to sway past the jabs moving around the ring. Lynn was successful dodging most of the jabs until one grazed her making her lose focus for a second. And that second got her a jab to the cheek sending her head back with a WHACK, as it flew back Angelica quickly followed up with a body shot. The black leather sunk into Lynn’s abs making her gasp for breath and lean forward a bit, this in turn got her an uppercut from Angelica slamming her jaw shut. Lynn’s head and whole body as she barely regained her footing stopping just before the ropes. Lynn’s vision was slightly blurry, but she could see a black and yellow blur coming at her. Lynn was acting a pure instinct and figured she was about to hit the mat, so went out, and ended up surprising herself, the champ and everyone in the stadium. Lynn let out a yell, charging forward to meet Angelica, the blonde throwing out a cross that was sure to put the brunette down. But before it could hit, Lynn’s head leaned to the side just by an inch and the black gloved fist sailed by grazing her bruised cheek. Lynn got in close, surprising the blonde causing her hesitation for a moment, with this opening Lynn planted her foot in the ground and threw a shot to Angelica’s body. Angelica couldn’t help but gag as the red leather sunk into her abs making her step back, the crowd couldn’t help but cheer as Lynn connected a hook to Angelica’s head whipping it quickly to the side with a spray of sweat. Angelica’s leg shook a bit as she leaned back trying to keep her footing.BAM!! Lynn hits Angelica with a rocketing uppercut to the chin, the crowd cheering as the blow echoed through the room. Angelica was knocked off her feet with a little bit of spit flying from her mouth as she crashed on her back. Lynn took a moment to breath and process what just happened before raising her glove in the air as the audience erupted into cheers. Lynn went to her corner as the ref came in and started to count.1, 2, 3, 4, 5... Angelica shook her head sitting up before giving Lynn a glare and getting to her feet. Lynn couldn’t help but smile showing her mouthpiece as she took her stance. The two circled and threw out jabs until...DING DING!! The two lowered their gloves and stared each other down for a moment, their busts rising and falling with each breath they took. "Looks like I'm terrorizing the blonde terror. Told you I'm taking those belts." Lynn said confidently."You haven't knocked me out yet. " Angelica replies, grinning."I'll be sure to correct that next round." Lynn says smirking as she turns to her corner.Lynn was completely ellated as she went to her corner raising her gloves over her head getting a wave of cheers from her fans. She pumped her arms and flexed a bit before sitting on her stool. She was practically giddy kicking her legs as her mouthpiece was removed and her seconds tended her bruises. Lynn having a few patches of bruises on her face and around her right eye, having more on her abs and two on her breasts. She was a little sore but still feeling good.“Well I’m happy to see you smiling besides having your face bruised up pretty bad.” Clyde says standing on the apron and checking on her injuries.“I got a knockdown on her, the first of the match! I mean, it felt amazing!” Lynn said excited, tapping her gloves together.“That certainly is cause for celebration, it was a clutch move you pulled.” Clyde smiled.“I think I got her! I know her moves and that knockdown had to take something out of her.” Lynn grins while tapping her gloves together.“If you play smart and keep wearing her down with jabs, getting in close to deliver those strong hits, you might be able to take her down for good in 2 or more rounds.” Clyde advised her while taking quick looks at Angelica’s corner, where she was getting attended too.“Okay this Loud girl can back up that Loud mouth of hers with some skill.” Angelica grunted slightly having her own set of bruises on her face, body, and breasts.“She certainly surprised you with that counter. She has good instincts and reaction time.” Chuckie comments while getting her ready for next round.“Yeah, plus she actually knows how to use her speed and strength competently, going in and out of range and using bursts of speed when she has an opening.” Angelica says, taking a few deep breaths.“You sound impressed.” Chuckie arched an eyebrow.“A bit. Girl has a bit of an ego, but she takes the sport seriously. I didn’t think she would last this long. Guess it’s time to get serious.” Angelica flexed a bit.“Right, time to go all out. All that conserved stamina, let it all out and overwhelm her. She may have been conserving as well but not to your level, she’s bound to not be fighting at the same level she was in the earlier rounds.” Chuckie explains, massaging her muscles.“Still she’s pretty tough, she ain’t going down easy. This won’t be a one round pummeling.” Angelica nodded.DING DING!! ROUND 6!!“You got this Lynn, keep up the pressure and get that belt!” Clyde cheers as Lynn gets up and flexes her arms taking her stance.“You got it Babe! You’ll be taking home a champ tonight!” Lynn says confidently as she stands up.“Keep your cool and overwhelm her. She’s gotta be running out a steam!” Chuckie says as Angelica gets out of the corner gloves raised.“Time to quiet this girl down a bit.” Angelica says pounding her gloves together. The two approached the center ring as the crowd cheered them on. The two circled each other and tension filled the air."Heh, I'm dominating now." Lynn grins."Mmmm... guess I need to start fighting for real." Angelica smirks."Pfft, you're gonna tell me you'd been holding back..." Lynn says, almost laughing.“Yep. Get ready to kiss leather ya sports-freak.” Angelica says as they both get back into action. Lynn opens up with two quick jabs to the face which Angelica blocked. Lynn kept up the pressure with two more head jabs and one to the body. Angelica took the body shot before countering with a face jab. Lynn grunts but retaliates with a head jab of her own that lands with a grunt from Angelica. The two get in a short punching trade landing blows to their heads, breasts, and bodies. Halfway through the minute of trading blows, Lynn slowed down a bit and Angelica capitalized on it.WHAM!! Lynn’s head was flung to the side with a cross to cheek that sent sweat flying. Lynn was forced to step back only to get a hook to the side forcing her to take another step. Angelica then thudded Lynn’s abs with a 4 quick jabs making Lynn grunt in pain, only to then take a cross right to the face. Lynn grunts as her head is flung back but she doesn’t let up, coming back with a quick uppercut to Angelica’s chin. Angelica grunts being forced back as her head is flung up, Angelica paying her back with a few body shots of her own. Angelica grunts, taking a few before blocking them and countering with her own uppercut to Lynn’s chin. Lynn’s head flies back from the uppercut making her grunt and growl before she took two face jabs from Angelica. The two went back and forth like this for a bit but it became clear that Angelica was pushing Lynn back bit by bit, but the Brunette refused to give in or let up with her attacks, paying back the champ any way she could. Lynn lands two jabs on Angelica’s face forcing the champ back with a grunt, her defenses lowering for a minute. Lynn sees her moment and goes in with a strong hook to the head, only to hit nothing. Angelica quickly dipped under the hook going low and throwing a straight to Lynn’s abs.BAM!! Lynn let out a “OOOYARGH!” as the black leather slammed onto her gut forcing her back and nearly making her spit out her mouthpiece. Lynn stumbled back with her sneakers squeaking on the floor, she let out a small gag, some saliva dripping from her mouth as she doubled over. Angelica came in swinging a full uppercut at Lynn, and with a WHAM slammed it onto Lynn’s mouth. Lynn ate leather as her head flew up with a spray of sweat, Lynn attempted to regain her footing. Angelica rears her glove back and plows a cross right to Lynn’s breast, making grunt/yelp as she spat up some saliva. But Lynn continues to show her incredible resolve paying Angelica back instantly with a jab to her breast making the champ grunt. Lynn follows up with two angry jabs to Angelica’s head only to have her head whipped to the side by a hook from Angelica. Lynn’s head was shipped to the side furiously with a spray of sweat, her eyes wide in pain as she stumbled back. Then with a WHACK Angelica slammed a hook to Lynn’s body causing Lynn to double over and stumble back. Lynn was close to ropes trying to steady herself, but Angelica rushed and threw an uppercut.THWAM!! Lynn’s senses shut off for a moment as the black leather slammed on her chin. Her whole body flew back with a shower of sweat from her face. Lynn’s back hit the top rope stretching it looking like she was going to fall over it. But the brunette bounced back her eyes almost rolling into her head as she fell back toward Angelica, landing face first into Angelica’s bust. Lynn’s head balanced on Angelica’s mounds before lulling to the side where she fell to the mat with a THUD! Angelica raised her gloves over her head taking a breath as the ref came in and started to count Lynn out. The ref reached 4 before Lynn stirred, pushing herself up to her fours with a gag before standing at 6.“Heh-still got some fight in ya huh? Good didn’t want this to get boring.” Lynn says with an exhausted smirk trying to keep face.“Heh, ‘boring’? So that’s why you went down a moment ago; for a quick sleep?” Lynn taunted..Angelica grinned before pounding her gloves. “Don’t worry, you’ll soon get a nice, long nap; of course, you’ll have a headache later.” She said.“Keep talking blondie. It’ll just make it hurt more when I knock ya out and take that belt from you.” Lynn smirks, keeping her confidence. Once given the okay, Lynn came out of her corner, gloves raised and with a quick shuffle moving from left to right. As Lynn came in close she threw an uppercut at Angelica, the champ sidestepping just in time for it to graze her cheek. Lynn quickly follows up with a cross to Angelica’s breast, making the blonde wince in pain. Lynn keeps her advantage rocking Angelica’s head with two jabs forcing her back. Lynn goes for another jab, but Angelica was able to dodge it and countered with an uppercut to Lynn’s chin. The brunette was able to resist, but only a bit as her head flew up and she stumbled back. Angelica then throws a cross to Lynn’s abs knocking the air out of the challenger. Lynn stumbles back as Angelica unloads a flurry of jabs onto Lynn’s exposed head. Lynn raises her guard blocking two oncoming jabs, only to take a hook to the side making her gag. Lynn furiously throws another uppercut that Angelica’s dodges, Lynn goes in landing a pair of hooks to Angelica’s side and goes for another hook. Angelica dips under it and buries another jab into Lynn’s abs making her let out a “OORGH!” Angelica continues to lay into Lynn’s mid-section until her head is rocked by a hook from Lynn forcing her to step back. Lynn goes in with a straight only for Angelica to parry it, batting away Lynn’s arm Angelica fires a cross to Lynn’s mouth that lands with a BAM. Lynn stumbles back shaking her head and regains her senses just in time to get a hook from Angelica. Lynn’s head flies to the side but the Brunette returns with her own Hook surprising Angelica. Lynn then rushes forward going in for a clinch wrapping her arms around Angelica. The two struggle for a bit as Lynn regains some stamina, until the ref breaks them up. Lynn takes a moment to catch her breath before taking her stance again, the two circling. Lynn throws two jabs which were blocked before blocking a hook from Angelica. Lynn is able to get a body blow in on Angelica only to take another hook to the face.DING DING!! The two lowered their gloves and stared at each other down for a moment. Lynn clearly breathed harder than Angelica.“Getting tired sports-freak? I’ll be sure to end it quick for ya soon.” Angelica says, smirking slightly.“Heh, getting cocky already. If that’s your all, then I got nothing to worry about.” Lynn says, taking deep breaths but still standing tall.“I’d start worrying if I were you. You made a great punching bag last round.” Angelica shrugged.“You calling me a punching bag? How’s your boob?” Lynn asks with a smirk.“How’s your jaw?” Angelica shoots back. “You might live on a liquid diet for a while.” The two glare at each other again before going to their corners. Angelica plopped onto her stool with an exhausted sigh.“Dang she’s still going in hard. Feels like I haven’t slowed her down a bit.” Angelica groans as she nurses the large bruise on her cheek.“But you are.” Chuckie points. “I’ve been watching the two of you; she’s not moving as quickly as before… The only reason you think she’s still going hard is because…”“She is starting to injure me too.” Angelica guessed. “I need to start using more force on the next rounds.”“She really laid into you that last round.” Clyde said concerned.“Gng, it was nothing I can’t handle.” Lynn says wincing.“You gotta be more careful, she clearly has a lot more in her than ya originally thought. But that doesn’t mean it’s over yet, we can still have the advantage. If you lay back this round focusing on defense and recovery you might be able to really lay into her in round 8.” Clyde explains.“You want me to back off? I have her on the ropes all I need is one good combo and I can put her down for good.” Lynn says.“Yeah, and you're in the same boat as her. You can’t take a chance like that now without having an advantage. If you lay back and let her run out her stamina, you can at least have that and then go in. It’s the smart move Lynn.” Clyde explained as he inserted Lynn’s mouthpiece getting an annoyed groan from her.DING DING!! ROUND 7!! The two rose from their stools and came out towards the center. Angelica was clearly on the offensive rushing forward with two jabs to the head and body, Lynn was able to block them, two small POWs filling the air. Lynn to a defensive stance and then began to sway in place from left to right keeping her eyes on the Champ. Angelica took a breath and tried tagging Lynn with jabs, only to hit nothing but air. Lynn moved in close with her sways, before throwing a jab to Anglica’s body. After throwing a second jab, Angelica swings an uppercut towards Lynn’s chin only for the Brunette to lean back up and dodge it. Lynn however was caught by the jab to the chin and one to the breast. Lynn grunts raising her guard and blocking the next oncoming jabs, while dipping under a hook. The two backed off once again taking a moment to breathe before going back at it. Angelica lands a strong hook onto Lynn’s abs making her jump and grunt a bit going back. Lynn keeps her guard up, protecting her head as she blocked three quick jabs and took two to the body. Angelica clicked her tongue as a jab landed on her breast, noting Lynn was focusing on defending her head. Lynn snaps two jabs at Angelica which were blocked as the blonde continued to circle. The two continued to pepper each other with jabs, though Lynn was clearly holding back and going slower.“I ain’t getting anywhere at this rate. I gotta open her up for something big.” Angelica thinks as she blocks a few more tagging jabs from Lynn. Angelica jumps back dodging a hook from Lynn and continues circling. Lynn throws out a few more jabs, but then takes a hook to the side while blocking another head jab. Angelice then throws a strong cross to Lynn’s guard, forcing Lynn back with a grunt. Angelica steps back, breathing in and out as an idea crossed her mind. Angelica went in low, raising her guard and charging forward, telegraphing a cross. Lynn saw it coming and saw her chance, a chance to end this and get that belt, so she charged to meet her. The Blonde and Brunette met in the center ring gloves raised ready to strike. The two locked eyes the whole way through as they threw their punches and--!WABAM!!! The crowd cheers as both boxers have landed powerful straights onto each other. Angelica’s head was slowly being pushed to the side as Lynn’s red glove pressed against her cheek. Lynn’s head was pushed back as Angelica’s glove slammed right onto her mouth, her neck straining. There was a moment of silence before both gloves lowered and the two stepped back, both looking out of it for a moment. Angelica struggled a bit trying to keep her footing, as Lynn staggered a bit bending over her mouthpiece coming out a bit. It was now a race seeing who could regain their senses first, and in mere seconds we saw the winner.POW!!! Angelica lands an uppercut onto Lynn as she is bent over sending her head flying up. Lynn let out a gag as sweat flew from her face and Saliva from her lips as she stumbled back. Angelica then rocked Lynn’s head to the side with a hook getting another spray of sweat, the brunette letting out a gurgle as she staggered to the side trying to stay up. Angelica unloaded onto Lynn with two hooks rocking her head from left to right in rapid succession, before slamming a hook to Lynn’s abs. Lynn was lifted to her toes letting out a gag. And then with a BAM, Lynn’s head was bounced back by a jab and then multiple times as jabs landed like piston’s. Lynn’s gloves fell as her head was hit with another hook, her leg doing everything it could to keep her up as she leaned back. And in a moment Lynn’s foot planted down, and then with a vicious yell launched herself at Angelica with an overhead. Angelica doing the same with an uppercut, the crowd cheering as the climax was upon them.BAM!!! Lynn's head was shot up as the uppercut landed a spray of sweat and her mouthpiece flying out with a stream of saliva. Lynn fell back time almost slowing to a crawl for her as she tried to remember what just hit her, her brain scrambled. Lynn crashed onto her back gloves over her head with a THUD, Lynn letting out a low groan throw her bruised face.1, 2, 3, 4, 5Lynn’s chest steadily rose and fell with each shallow breath she took.6, 7, 8Lynn strained trying to lift her head but couldn’t letting out a defeated groan.9, 10, KO!!WINNER BY KO AT THE 2ND MINUTE OF ROUND 7, AND STILL THE UNDEFEATED ULTIMATE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION, ANGELICA PICKLES!!! DING! DING!! DING!!! Angelica raised her gloves over her head as the audience cheered for her victory. She stood over the defeated Lynn flexing her bicep.“Good match, Loud. But in the ring, no one goes Louder than me.” Angelica says confidently as Lynn groans at the pun, 'specially since she’s sure Luan heard it and is laughing now.---- Lynn was in the backroom looking disappointed in herself as she sat on her stool looking at the ground. Just then a towel was draped over her shoulders.“Well, that certainly was intense.” Clyde says, sitting next to her.“Heh-yeah…. Man she kicked my butt.” Lynn says with a weak laugh as she held her swollen cheek.“Hey, ya lasted 7 rounds, better than a lot of the others.” Clyde reminded her.“Yeah, but Cindy Vortex and Valerie Grey lasted 9. What’s that say about me?” Lynn groans.“That you're gonna hit the gym after your bruises healed?” Clyde says with a smirk.“Bingo, now help me up it hurts to stand by myself.” Lynn says with a strained laugh letting Clyde help her up.“I bet the champ will be feeling this fight for a while.” Clyde comments, knowing that Angelica didn’t have an easy win.“For a bit, luckily she got a wonderful man in her corner. And so do I~.” Lynn says, kissing Clyde on the cheek making him blush. “Now let’s go with our families; Dad always makes me special comfort food whenever I lose.”“He also makes you a super special dinner whenever you win.” Clyde chuckles as they leave the room, both knowing that, after eating, Lynn will recover enough energy for some ‘after-battle’ activities, Clyde’s own way to comfort/celebrate with her.At Angelica’s dressing room, Chuckie checks on her bruises. She’s not as sore as Lynn but she’s definitely feeling the aftermatch.“You’ll be fine in a short time… I’m still impressed on how fast you heal.” Chuckie said.“Well, otherwise, I wouldn’t keep my great looks for long.” Angelica jokes before wincing. “But yeah, that Loud gal hits like a truck.”“See the bright side; you didn’t fight her mom.”“She’s a pro-fighter too, or…”“No, but she had 11 children; all natural births.”“ELEVEN?! AND SHE’S STILL WALKING?!” Angelica gasps. “Yesh, now that’s a woman I’d not fight; she must be made of steel or something.”“Yeah, good thing you only fought her super tough daughter.” Chuckie chuckles while helping her to stand up. “You need help to walk…”“Nope. I’m a bit sore, but not enough so we can’t celebrate my victory.” Angelica smirks.“Why do I think you’re such a good fighter just because you love our celebrations?” Chuckie smiles as they start making out, soon getting more passionate.“Mmmm… you found the secret… I must silence you…” Angelica moans as they kiss long and lovingly, starting their own after-fight tradition.
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Belleliz by Mistress-Kagura
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Ranma Commission OC: Sexy Bunny Satoru by Carlotus
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