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Okay, I will be doing a bit of folder editing here and there, so things will be moved around a bit. And the list is as follows, so please, if you submit these things, keep in mind that from now on they go there, this just feels easier so that we aren’t plagued with folders of just one show. I’m trying to keep from doing that. I try to move them to a channel folder, but if they aren’t and just divided by country, then please move the cartoons from that country over to there. This just feels easier as some of the cartoons I was unable to find what channel they were on.

Some of these changes have been made but some of them haven’t and will be worked on later.

Land Before Time has moved to the Movies folder
TMNT has moved to the Nickelodeon folder
Oggy and the Cockroaches has moved to the French Cartoons folder
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Captain Bufo by TeagBrohman15
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Ludwig von Koopa and Clarissa de la Coquille {RQ} by Astrogirl500
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Total Drama: One photo with my dudes ? by GeorgiKordev
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Characters I Dislike From Shows I LikeI have a bunch of requests to tend to on "Forgotten Cartoons". I'm currently trying to decide which one to do next. In the meantime, I thought I'd entertain you with a random journal. I'm gonna list my least favorite characters from shows that I enjoy. They are in no particular order, and I'm only doing one pick per show. Let's do this!HARVEY MCKENZIE (NUMBUH 363) - "CODENAME: KIDS NEXT DOOR"What a brat this kid is. He's extremely arrogant, greedy, selfish, and downright mean to everyone. He has no respect for anyone and thinks he's important simply because his sister is the Supreme Commander. Him acting ungrateful toward Sector V for saving his life and only caring about winning the scavenger hunt cemented his status as a fan-hated character. Numbuh 5 was right to kick him out of the KND once she took over.SARAH - "ED EDD N' EDDY"Boy, this girl can be insufferable at times. She is so cruel to her big brother Ed and often tortures him and his friends for innocuous reasons. She's the kind who always resorts to either screaming and crying or violence just to get her way. Her yelling can get tiring pretty quickly. Ed standing up to her in "Little Ed Blue" was one of the most satisfying moments in the series for me.OSKAR KOKOSCHKA - "HEY ARNOLD"I already talked about him in my "Top 5 Least Favorite 'Hey Arnold' Characters" list, so there's not more more to add about him, but what I said pretty much stands. He is nothing but a pathetic mooch, plain and simple. He relies on his wife to take care of everything while he sits on his ass all day, and he tries to take advantage of people or swindle people in his spare time. Most times he's done something good, he did it only because he had no other choice, and anything he might have learned in some of his focus episodes is forgotten about by the next one.DASH BAXTER - "DANNY PHANTOM"He's really nothing more than your typical stock high school bully who takes pleasure in tormenting others. He had an annoying voice, and for a character who was featured quite often, he never changed over the course of the series. However, his involvement in the episodes "Splitting Images" and "Reign Storm" is the main reason I dislike him. Danny fights back at Dash in both those episodes for very justified reasons, but yet they make him out to be in the wrong for it. I don't care what anybody says. There is NOTHING wrong with standing up for yourself toward people who bully you. Danny had been putting up with Dash's crap a lot by that point, and nobody, not even the teachers, was ever going to do anything about it. Therefore, the way I see it, Danny had no other option than to fight back. Yet at the end of "Reign Storm", Danny feels the need to apologize to Dash, and then Dash goes back to bullying him? So Dash can torture Danny all he wants, and Danny was wrong to ever fight back? GET BENT!(Sidenote: I LOVE "Reign Storm". It's one of my favorite DP episodes. The Dash subplot was the only thing I didn't like about it.)BENDY - "FOSTER'S HOME FOR IMAGINARY FRIENDS"What can I say about this scumbag that most other people haven't already said? Even Lauren Faust has since apologized for creating this character. "Foster's" had a number of episodes I didn't like even as a kid, and "Everyone Knows It's Bendy" might be the worst of them. He causes trouble everywhere and gets everyone else blamed for it by sobbing and pretending he's innocent. And of course, he gets away with it all in the end. I'm so glad we only had to put up with him once.AGNES SKINNER - "THE SIMPSONS"Now, lots of characters have fallen off the rails over the course of the show's ridiculously long run, but if there's anyone I never liked from the start, it's Principal Skinner's mother. She totally ruins Skinner's character every time she's around. She's extremely controlling and abusive toward her son. Seymour is an adult in his 40's who can clearly do well for himself, but Agnes literally treats him like a child. She gives him an allowance, a curfew, and a bedtime. What the hell?! She also verbally abuses him regularly, which leaves him feeling emotionally scarred (and that's pretty impressive, considering he was in the Vietnam War). Granted, she can be funny sometimes, but then again, so can pretty much every other character in the show. Rod and Todd Flanders may be annoying, but at least they're not unpeasant like Agnes Skinner.
Sylvester (Rap Outfit) by Walu-Sushi
June-Star Runner Day 2: Dynamic Duo by AfroOtaku917
Vampire Diaries Battle by Jose-Ramiro
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To all the bashers and spamwatchers who trolled meI'm now making a confession now, I'm now against the new upcoming movie for the sake of the future of Nickelodeon and to my loyalty to this LH/CG franchise because since February 5, 2019, this incomprehensible and unforgiveable decision made by the current network management and the officials at the now remerged ViacomCBS because they sold a movie based on one of my favorite shows to an online competitor that barely makes money and refuses to give numbers to the public. We demand ViacomCBS a sudden change of mind and a significant change to their streaming strategy like focusing The Loud House franchise exclusive to Paramount Plus by moving the upcoming movie to both Nick and Paramount rather than to other rivals and I'm saying it too as well to other Nick shows that have movies, spin-offs, and specials like Invader Zim, TMNT, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and of course Spongebob; selling them to other rivals it's not fair for me and for the others whose opposed as well. Look at Disney and CN they have different strategies in streaming even tho I don't count the Animaniacs reboot on Hulu. I need this to share this change petition even at the last minute to demand a fair competition and fair treatment in the franchise, please not everyone is affordable to pay for more streaming especially if u stack another price of Paramount Plus it's not affordable with another rival. I'm threatening to leave DV and not gonna post anything anymore when the new movie opens unless u move the movie itself to either Nick or Paramount Plus or both altogether. Help me spread this petition or else I'm leave this of this loyalty of this franchise altogether. Nickelodeon has always have me to brought me there to discover this perfect show and this later successful spin-off since it's premiere in May 2016 and now it's ruined by the forces of big tech that never carry the original show thru 3rd party syndication sales but they bought the movie without the show's streaming rights as an unusual but not acceptable mistake. The rebellion is the beginning, help me stop the forces of big tech to stop the creative destruction of the Nickelodeon brand itself bring the upcoming movie back to it's rightful owners.
Sunset by jt-designs-123
Jeremiah by jt-designs-123
Alternate Universe Different Concept
Elwiesenior - I'm done with u!!! by MrNintMan
Summer Stu by MrNintMan
Summer Cookie by MrNintMan
Sonics Family at the Beach by MrNintMan
Ancient Magus' Bride S1 E12-Chise Elias by GiuseppeDiRosso
Don't Lose Your WAAAAAAY!!! - Ryuko Matoi by Mario9919
Pokeshipping at Maiden's Peak by Mario9919
WIP Let's Go On a Date Ryuko-chan! by Mario9919
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Dog suit Megaman X by LovelyPrincessN64
Donut Joy by LovelyPrincessN64
Underwater holding breath by LovelyPrincessN64
Going out for a swim by LovelyPrincessN64
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Horrid Henry VS Dennis The Menace by supercharlie623
Hilda riding on a Woff by JeanetteWong98
It's Bonking Time by Silvermoonlight
Atomic Betty by youdraw4557
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Carrie as Geno (My Style) by JayZeeTee16
June-toon-1 by Elhabanero20
What time is it?! by PLPXPP
Childhood non-favorites by Cartuneslover16
Cartoon Network Adult Swim 2
Junestar Runner Day 10: Halloween Costumes by AfroOtaku917
Cartoon Network Adult Swim 3
Space Jam Tyr'ahnee (Martian Queen) by nerdsman567
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Amy Rouge Rose the Hedgehog 19 by CrawfordJenny
She-Hulk and Captain Marvel Versus Ant-Man by muscle-fan-comics
Comics 2
Sunnyside Serving of Extra Beef 1/8 by KaigunMontoya
Sypha Cosplay Castlevania by DrosselTira
Pisces Rarity - Equestria Girls by CoNiKiBlaSu-fan
Crossovers 2
Happy Summer Friday The 13th of July 2018 by NightmareBear87
Crossovers 3
Shopping for plushies by LovelyPrincessN64
Crossovers 4
MHA/X-Men - Storm's Garden by edCOM02
Discovery Family
Scootaloo Butterfly Girl by wildguardianangel31
1,100th Deviation by SHREKRULEZ
Disney 2
Disney's Chicken Little by sydneypie
Disney 3
Born to be Wild Comic Book Cover by TheNoblePirate
Disney 4
Who's the friend who likes to play? by Cartuneslover16
Love and Illusions Ch 4 Part 2Disclaimer: I do not own One piece, Naruto, Bleach and Mortal KombatChapter Four: Battle of the ThreeOn the Samurai bridge Sasuke was getting pissed even more than before."I'll crush all of you and the Konoha. Everything!" Sasuke shouted as Kakashi began to realize that Sasuke had became stronger but he sees Sakura was about to kill Sasuke."Sakura don't!" Kakashi shouted as Sakura charges towards Sasuke ready to kill him. She realized she can't due to that fact that Sakura like Sasuke three years ago.Sasuke turns back and grabs Sakura."Sasuke don't!" Kakashi shouted.Suddenly a beam of lighting and a magical staff flew towards Sasuke which he jumps back, while Naruto grabs Sakura which Sasuke sees Jade, Naruto and Aizen."Jade. Naruto." Sakura replied as Naruto puts Sakura down while Aizen and Jade are in front of the two and the magical staff flew back towards Jade which she caught it in her hand. He approaches towards the magical warrior and the traitor."You're timing is better I expected but you guys saved her." Kakashi replied."Sasuke. You need to Naruto is going say to you." Jade replied."Thanks Jade. Sasuke. You and Sakura are both members of team 7." Naruto replied."Former member. In my case." Sasuke replied."You must realize Naruto now. He's not the Sasuke you know. Not anymore." Kakashi replied."Sasuke. Madara told me the about Itachi. I don't know if he was lying but it doesn't matter. What you're been doing. I get it." Naruto replied as Jade and Aizen looks at him."What could you possibly understand. What can you know that any family members know about it. Why don't you just shut up!" Sasuke shouted.'He went completely insane.' Jade thought to herself."I did it just a while ago. I finally revenge on Itachi and mostly Danzo." Sasuke replied.'What. He got Danzo too' Kakashi thought to himself."I never felt this before. I can feel the tainted Uchiha blood flowing through me which is becoming cleansed. Becoming free from this world. Isn't exactly what you three wanted all along. You had always repudiated the Uchiha. I'll help erase the Uchiha from your memories by crushing all of you and destroying both Konoha and Mahō village itself.'This guy is ten times worse than me in the past.' Aizen thought."The severing of all bonds is the ultimate purification. And that shall leaf to the Uchiha's true restoration." Sasuke replied.'Hatred. It is a history of repeated. Which Fennikusu had held but now created Sasuke before us.' Kakashi thought.'Jade. Naruto. Sasuke' Sakura thought."Jade. Naruto. Aizen. Leave this to me." Kakashi replied as Naruto, Jade and Aizen approaches towards Sasuke."Just a little more and I'll know the answer. I can feel it. Kakashi sensei please let me, and Jade along with Aizen do this. I'm almost there and I almost got it." Naruto replied as Sasuke took out his Katana."So you three are next." Sasuke replied."Jade be careful. Don't die on me this time." Fennikusu replied."Aizen. You need to use your Zanpakuto and Hados for this fight." Jade replied."I'll find the answer in this fight." Naruto replied as Sasuke smirked evilly and was ready to attack the trio."I'm going make sure that traitor goes first before you or Jade will be next." Sasuke replied as Jade used her magical staff to summon fire which Sasuke dodged it."Raikohou!" Aizen shouted as he shoots lighting from his hand. While Naruto keeps fighting Sasuke while Jade and Aizen are supporting him.The three flew back with their weapons in their hands and Sasuke took out his Katana to fight them.Jade charges at Sasuke first with her magical staff which she attacks him first."So You're protecting that monster who tried to destroy Katakura Town and Soul Society in the past." Sasuke replied."The monster who you. Sasuke. You killed Dagger's lover Itachi who is your brother. And you killed Danzo. Aizen is not a monster unlike you." Jade answered."I see so you're in love with him. After the things he did to you in the past. Did you forget that he tried controlling you trying to make you kill your friends." Sasuke replied."Yeah. But I ended up breaking Aizen's spell that he put on his zanpakuto Kyoka Suigetsu. I did defeated him but I let him live that Ichigo can fight him off due to the Hyogoku in Aizen. Somewhere later Aizen will change after encountering him. After years of training for three years the me and Naruto completed. Sasuke no matter you talk about vengeance. No matter how hard you try to leave us. That the bond that took so hard to put on. Is isn't something you can't server that easily." Jade replied as she began fighting Sasuke along with Naruto and Aizen."I still don't get why you do this. That Snake Bastard is using you as a puppet just like Fennikusu is doing is to me." Jade replied as Sasuke is about to Chidori on Jade but Naruto came in to use Rasengan which wounded Sasuke a little."You two are going to become Hokage and Mahoukage. If you two got me chasing around. You should use it on your training instead. Right. Jade Naruto." Sasuke replied as Jade uses her magical staff to use Dark flames on him with steel feathers combined on him."You think either me or Jade can save a friend could ever becoming Hokage and Mahoukage. Do you Sasuke." Naruto replied as Aizen uses his Zanpakuto Kyoka Suigetsu on Sasuke."Last time. I spared both of your lives but this time. I'll kill you two along with Aizen." Sasuke replied.The trio stands and faces Sasuke after the fighting. Which they began charging at Sasuke using their weapons on Sasuke which he clashes his katana at them. Sasuke began fighting Naruto along with Jade who is tag teaming with him when Jade jumps back that Sasuke uses his fire breathing jutsu on her Aizen switches places with Jade and began fighting Sasuke. The Uchiha kicks Aizen in the face causing him to flew back but Aizen landed on his feet. Sasuke came behind Aizen which Aizen dodges his attacks from Sasuke's sword."Aizen!" Jade shouted as Sasuke makes his katana turned into a lighting sword which he tries to cut Aizen but the traitor uses his hands to stop the blade from cutting him."Aizen Now!" Jade shouted as Aizen uses his abilities. Which he pushes Sasuke back and tries to attack him.Sasuke slices Aizen but he realized Aizen used Kyoka Suigetsu on him."Hado # 99 Goryūtenmetsu!" Aizen shouted as he summons a large purple dragon and hits Sasuke with great power. Causing the Uchiha to fell on the second floor of the river which Jade, Aizen and Naruto landed on the river.Sasuke shields his katana back and use Chidori."It's time to end this." Sasuke replied as Naruto began using Rasengan, Jade uses her dark flames power and Aizen using his kido.They began charging at Sasuke."You know Sasuke. Me, Jade and I. Our roles could of been reversed." Naruto replied as the powers combined into one to defeat Sasuke.Which Naruto and Jade began talking to Sasuke."Sasuke. Do you remember? Konoha and Jade's village hated me and Jade. Which we hated them back. If that happens me and Jade would of end up like you and Fennikusu." Naruto replied."Especially Aizen the most since he betrayed Soul Society." Jade replied."I was alone just like Jade but I felt there was someone like me and Jade. I was happy. I wanted to be your friend be around you but I didn't. I was jealous of you. You were good at everything. So I decided you'll be my rival. You were my goal. You were always have been. I had nothing but I built bonds which. Jade became my friend that she had a similar past like mine. Even though she hated you from the beginning. And then in our missions as team 7. I kept chasing after you. I wanted to be like you. So Sasuke so I never actually said it before but. But me and Jade are happy for you." Naruto replied."Naruto no matter what you said. I'm not changing. I'm still going to destroy each and every person in Konoha and Maho including You two and Aizen. Either defeat me and become the heroes who saved the village or fall to me and just to be known as a pitiful loser. Those are your only choices." Sasuke replied."We're not going to be losers or the heroes who defeated you. Me and Naruto won't let that happen." Jade replied.Sasuke was wounded due the battle along with Jade, Naruto and Aizen.Sasuke completely used his sharingan too much after the fight he had. Jade can felt pain and her magical powers drained and Aizen used huge amount of kido that drained his soul reaper powers.Suddenly a masked man appeared in front of Sasuke."I thought I told you to get some rest." Tobi replied."Madara." Aizen replied."Nine tails, Dark Phoenix. Aizen. I'll make sure you guys can fight properly later. For now retreat." Tobi replied as he approaches to Sasuke."Wait. Before you go. There is something I need to you." Aizen replied as he stands up and approaches."The battle you Jade had with Jade and Naruto. They were trying to save you from Orochimaru before turning you in his puppet. You killed Danzo and try to destroy both of the villages. I did the same thing in the past after fusing myself with the Hyogoku when I try to destroy Katakura town. If you try to destroy both of the villages you have fight me along with Jade. I will use my Zanpakuto against you if you try." Aizen replied as Sasuke got angry that Aizen said to him."Why do you care so much now?" Sasuke asked."Because I used to be like you in the past. After all the things I did in the past that I'm trying to redeem myself from doing that I completely understand you. The reason why I know that because Jade and Naruto told me about you. No matter what Naruto will never give up on you yet." Aizen answered"I won't change and I don't want to understand you either and I don't plan on being killed. You, Jade and Naruto will be able to die." Sasuke replied."Aizen. Stop. I'll take of Sasuke. You are trying to redeem yourself after the things you did in the past. There's no need for you to go down on Sasuke." Kakashi replied."How can I be redeemed if I'm trying save someone who almost killed by Sasuke. This time I'm going to fight him." Aizen replied."Fine. You'll be the first to be killed." Sasuke replied."Since I know you don't have respect me you did you the same thing with Naruto and Jade." Aizen replied."The conversation is over let's go Sasuke." Tobi replied as he and Sasuke began vanishing."Madara. I'll talk to you later." Sasuke replied as the two disappeared."I will defeat you. Sasuke." Aizen replied as He, Jade, Sakura and Kakashi headed back to the Konoha.
Flash and animation
Pom the Cat - LTE-T AnimaTion by LTE-T
Fox Cartoons
Seth's Voice of the Day! by Hazlamglorius
French Cartoons
Dj Nino by LovelyPrincessN64
Happy Tree Friends
There's a spider (video) by Cartuneslover16
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Musa being Musa by PrismaGalaxy514
L'amour fraternel {Art Trade Koopalings} by Astrogirl500
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Mature Content

[NUDE] Rainbow dash by NaaN-AnA
Similarity ~ Unlucky Chloe Bourgeois... by Astrogirl500
Bigfoot from Fortnite saying hi (Remake) by Mojo1985
The Dog Guards Laughing by eileenmh123
Movies 2
Junestar Runner Day 15: Cheat Commandos by AfroOtaku917
TMNT artwork 2017 by milesrobinson288
Nicktoons 2
SpongeBob PridePants by AfroOtaku917
Nicktoons 3
Ascending To... by GrandMassaSpectre
Original Cartoons your own

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Miraculous Fic~ Souffrance et Remords {Couverture} by Astrogirl500
Junestar Runner Day 18: Favorite Location by AfroOtaku917
AT: Pudgy Satisfaction by JoastudiosX
Jasperie The Heligator (OC) - The Dreamstone by BRUMMINGTON
OC's 2
Birth of a blue fairy by LovelyPrincessN64
OC's 3
Dina | OC Artwork by FCKarise
Older Cartoons
Playing cat and mouse games since 1940 by AldrineRowdyruff
Older Cartoons 2

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Katz Shows His Smooth and Sexy Feet to You by ReturnOfXand96
Koki New Outfit by wildguardianangel31
The Hippie Perspective by harbinger-project
Miraculous Christmas | Traditional drawing by myudamageeee
Luz and Amity Bunnies by Bry-Guy
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Timbre ~ SHIP LUKLOE by Astrogirl500
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Welcome to CartoonsAreGreat

Thanks for visiting, there are a few things that must be addressed before you begin anything in this group.

I've made it to where if you join you are automatically accepted even though i'm on almost all the time.

You do not have to be a member to submit your work so feel free to do so at any time.

If there is no folder for your art put it in the featured and i will supply a folder for it so next time you can put it in said folder.

I will make a folder for certain fanfiction by whatever cartoon it is from.

There will be no flaming of anyone else's work, if someone is doing so please tell me and I'll do my best to take care of it.

This group is for every cartoon and or anime so please feel free to submit, if you are submitting femslash just submit it to the slash folder.


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- 3D Digital Art -


! --- FREE ART FOR ALL --- !

COMMISSIONS OPEN!INDEXSlots / Places AvailableCommission TypesRequesting Commissions and payment methodsLimitationsTerms Of Service (TOS)Delivery / Production timeQuestions and answers (FAQ)1. Slots / Places AvailableCurrently, I can offer my services to 2 people. The first to arrive will be served first. I will be giving discounts for the first two.FREE: Put your name here (8% discount)FREE: Put your name here (5% discount)This topic will be kept up to date over time. Therefore, if you are interested in knowing when spaces will be available, feel free to note me or send an email to, or simply leave a comment here. As soon as a vacancy becomes available I will send you a notification.2. Commission TypesAs a 3D digital artist, I can offer different types of services to meet more specific or diverse needs. For example, like other artists, I can produce images of scenes with characters, but I can as well create 3D models to be used in games, for 3D printing, etc. You can customize your order, and get interesting discounts depending on your choice. The following table shows the services I offer, and their respective prices (I only work with US dollars).OBS 1: When I say Human, characters with any humanoid appearance are included.For the first service offered (ID 1), you will receive not only one, but many HD images (it can be 3, 5, 10, 15, but no more than 20) taken from different angles, and without adding anything to the final price. The final resolution of the image can have the desired aspect ratio (any width and height), but no greater than 4000 pixels in height or width.So, for example, if you want a scene to be created with a full-body human character, the price to be paid will only be $ 35, and you will receive several images (files) of the created scene. If you want to get the 3D files (obj, fbx, etc.) to open in a 3D program, then the amount will be added with another $ 35. In this case, you will get an 18% discount (see the discount table), and the final price will be $ 57.40 (35+35=70, 18% of 70=12.6, 70-12.6=57.40).If you want an image of a scene with some kind of background:Discounts types (for further clarification, see the Question and answers FAQ topic):If you want some kind of exclusivity when receiving the content produced by me. This type of feature is completely optional (that is, if you want me to not post anything publicly):3. Requesting Commissions and payment methodsThe process itself can be summarized in the following steps:Send me a Note, or email to with the desired commission information. Please try to leave the title with the name Commission.All the work that will be done by me will take into account what is written in the Note or email content, therefore, the present content must specify exactly what will be done, and which character will be created. Ideally (as this will make my job easier), the content should contain images of references that demonstrate the result expected by you, the customer. The more references, the easier and faster I can complete your project.With the request/order sent, I must give a reply saying whether or not I accept the job. If I accept, I'll immediately send you a payment link with a invoice. Payment will be mediated through the PayPal platform, but you can pay either with a PayPal account, or just with a credit/debit card (no need for a PayPal account if you don't want to or don't have one). Please do not send me a payment, instead I will be sending you an invoice. Every day I check my email and enter my DeviantArt page. I will work with commissions as I receive them, that is, commissions with older dates will have priority to be accepted first.If you have any questions, you can add a comment here, send an email to , or just send me a Note.4. LimitationsDue to current hardware limitations, I can only create scenes with a maximum of 3 to 4 creatures, or 2 to 3 full-body humans. Likewise, open world scenes, or very complex ones cannot be produced. I am planning to improve my workstation, aiming to produce better, faster, and bigger works. Also:Arts I do only for triple the price:NSFW / Sex / Porn / Nude / suggestive sexual, mature, lewd, fetish contentArts I do not do in any way:Mecha / MechRealismExtreme violenceOvercomplicated/Complex armorsOvercomplicated/Complex clothesAny idea of racial, religious, political offense or discrimination, or anything that disrespects an individual's citizenshipOBS: For items listed at triple the price (above), I will in NO way involve minors.5. Terms Of Service (TOS)Submitting a commission request means that you have read and agreed to the following:All prices listed are in USD and must be payed through PayPal. You do not necessarily need to have a PayPal account. Please do not send me payment directly, I'll send you an invoice.Full payment must be made before I start to work on your project.If you want to cancel your project after payment has been made, and before I start working on it, I can make you a 80% refund of the original amount agreed.If you want to cancel your project after payment has been made, and I have already started working on it, no refunds will be made.I undertake to exchange progress images of your project, so that you can keep track of the work being done, and that it remains as desired, described mainly in the commission request.Making changes, or adding new elements to your project that have not been requested in the original commission request, can be done with or without the need to pay an additional amount, something that will depend entirely on the complexity of what will be added / changed, as well as my schedule.I reserve the right to publicly post any artwork created by me on commission requests. Except only with the Payment for Exclusivity.I reserve the right to refuse any commission requests before they are accepted, but I undertake to provide justification.6. Delivery / Production timeThe average time for the production of any 3D model varies greatly between each case. Sometimes it may take less time, sometimes more. It does not usually take the maximum estimated time.For the values seen with the + sign in front, it will first be necessary to produce the model first, which will take the respective time to complete. Once ready, the days after the + sign will be added. For cases where a 3D model is already ready / finished / completed, and it is only required to obtain its files, this will certainly not take more than a day.7. Questions and answers (FAQ)01 - Do you only make Pokemons or Pokemon related art/commissions?No! I do any art commissions related to any anime, manga and/or cartoons (like Disney, for example). In the future I will be open to make art related to comics, like DC and Marvel and etc.For creatures, I make any type of creature, as long as it is not overly complex, just like in Pokemon series, for example.02 - Do I need to have a Paypal account to make the payment?No. Paypal is just the platform (vehicle / medium) used for money transfer. You can pay with a credit or a debit card. You can also pay with a Paypal account, if you have one, or know someone who does. It is up to you to decide.03 - Why NSFW arts, porn, etc. have triple the price? And why you do it? Look at my gallery for example, or my other social medias. The idea of my work is to produce something that can be seen by any type of person, and/or that brings joy to everyone's life. This type of content could not be displayed publicly in my gallery, and honestly, it is not something I like. However, if it returns some good financial value, I am willing to do it.04 - Why do you charge for exclusivity?Every art I post on the internet gives me some kind of feedback. To create a art and not showing it hinders my career development. As a way to compensate for this and allow exclusivity for anyone who wants to, I do charge an additional fee. I must remind you that this feature is optional, and should be of interest only to those who want to obtain some kind of exclusivity.05 - What is the difference between a simple creature and a creature?I consider simple creatures to be those who:Do not have many geometric shapesDo not have complex geometric shapesDo not have paintings, and if they do, they are not complexHave no hair, and if they do, they are very fewThis factor must be taken into account, as it creates a big difference when modeling and delivering the final result. Depending on the type of creature, I can complete it in a single day.Taking Pokemons as an example, here is a brief list of Pokemons that I consider to be simple creatures:Azurill, Oddish, Diglett, Poliwag, Bellsprout, Ditto, Igglybuff, Seedot, Trapinch, WeedleVoltorb, Luvdisc, Solosis,06 - Can I request a character with more than one outfit?Yes you can, but an additional amount will be charged, which will depend a lot on the clothes that will be made.07 - How many images will I get with the first service (ID 1), and what will each look like?In short, imagine that we create a scene, and we freeze it in time. With the scene frozen, we can take several pictures of it, and from different angles. Taking photos from different angles will not alter the value of the final price to be paid. This is one of the wonders of working with 3D art. In addition, the entire rendering process will be the same, that is, each rendering made will have the same final quality. You can request any desired number of images from the same scene, but with a limit of up to a maximum of 20.08 - If I ask for the production of a 3D background (ID 8), can I reuse it with other characters?Of course! You can reuse a 3D background in previous projects that I have done with you. In this case, I will not charge you any additional fees for using the 3D background. This type of option is very useful when you want to add more characters to the scene, or to change one that has already been present. This is another one of the wonders of the 3D world!Also, you can use 3D backgrounds from other commissions requested by other people, but in this case you will have to pay for the use of the 3D background, and the amount will remain the same.For additional questions, please leave a comment, send me a Note, or send an email to . As soon as I can I will be answering you. Some good news and the next projectINTROHey guys! I hope you all had a great week! After 4 months using DeviantArt, I was able to see and meet amazing people here. People with fantastic talents in the most diverse areas. But beyond that, I was able to meet people who believe in my work and me. I can only thank you for how important you all have been in my life. Thank you! You know, every day Iím producing something to share with you. Like any other artist, I always try to challenge myself, expose my skills, and at the same time create things that are interesting. But more than that, my main goal is to be able to bring something that brings a moment of joy, peace or inspiration. My intention is to be able to add something good, positive to everyone.A NEW PROJECTAlthough I am often out of time due to work, I would like to be able to repay a little bit of the support I receive. Iím thinking of making a new scene (like any other project that I have already put in my gallery) based on your opinion/idea.The goal is to make a kind of popular vote so that the next project that I will do is chosen by you all. Everyone can collaborate by giving an idea. If you've always wanted to see a scene with a character or something, that's your moment! This is more than ideal space to do this.In order for it to work properly without ending up in a mess, and so that the voting lasts long enough for it to be fair, I will be defining some rules:I will be putting a featured comment on this post. In this comment you can give ideas for the next project that will be done. Ideas for the next project will be accepted only if given in this featured comment.If you liked the idea given by another user/person, please leave a like in the comment for the given idea.If you want to comment something that is not an idea, make your comment out of my featured comment. If you comment on anything other than an idea in the featured comment, your comment will be deleted. Please do not take this as a rude attitude, but only as a way of keeping everything well organized.You can give as many ideas as you want! Don't be afraid to express your creativity and add ideas, as this will not be seen as spam. However, please try not to give ideas that are too similar, okay? Before giving one, try to keep in mind exactly the scene you want to see.The voting will end when I reach 200 watchers.Don't be afraid to ask a friend to vote on your idea. I even encourage you to do that.At the end, the idea comment with the most likes will be chosen for the next project.THE FINAL RESULTRegarding what can or cannot be done for the next project, I will be able to create a scene with up to a maximum of 2 characters, and a 3D scenario if desired (it can also be just one character, or no 3D background, but that is up to you). Everything must be chosen and defined by you. The position of the characters, their faces, clothes, the background with their elements, etc., all of this should be chosen by you.When the next project is chosen, during its production I will be placing here in my gallery the WIP images for everyone to follow the development, as this will not be my project, but ours. In the end, I will produce maybe not one, but some high resolution images and at different angles of the created scene. You can use them as wallpaper on your computer, on your cell phone, or as and where you want. The images will belong to everyone. The only thing I will be doing is placing my signature, but it will be put in a way that does not hinder the vision of what has been done.The characters that will be created can come from any anime, cartoons, games, Original Characters (OC), characters fusions, and so on. They just need to exist (I need images as references to work).LIMITATIONSUnfortunately, I can't do everything, so there are certain limits. If your idea is something that goes beyond my abilities or my computer's ability to render polygons, I'm sorry, but I will not consider it, even if it is good and I think it is phenomenal, or that it ends up with many votes.Additionally, I will not be producing any NSFW, pornographic, nudity, fetish, extreme violence, mecha / mech work. Likewise, I will not be able to produce anything that goes out of my art style, for example, something super realistic.MORE GOOD NEWSAnyone who has known me for some time knows that, in addition to showing my work, I also offer courses, tutorials, and videos (on my Youtube channel and in my gallery), all for those who are curious or interested in working with 3D digital art. I not only expose my art, but I also show the step by step.A great news for anyone who wants to obtain any of my materials is that the prices of my online store on Gumroad are all being revised, and will drop dramatically, offering much more access. My 3D Fanart Production Course, for example, had its price cut in half (Misty's, remember?). Other previous contents has been removed to be redesigned with new prices, and will be re added shortly. In addition, my future projects will also be in my store following the same price line, always in a more accessible way.Another interesting news is that my Commissions Page has been updated. Now it is a little more organized and less bureaucratic, without 2 types of optional charges. In addition, the commission delivery estimate is also slightly faster, providing greater satisfaction for those who want to get their orders faster.Before today ends (22, August, 2020) or, at the latest tomorrow (23, August, 2020), I will be posting new content! You will find news here on my DeviantArt page, on my Instagram, on my Ko-fi, on my Gumroad page, and on my Youtube channel.I'm very happy to be able to bring you new and interesting content. I wish you all a great weekend, and may all the best happen in your life. Thank you!...
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