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Forgotten Cartoons Episode 41: Santo BugitoIt's time for my first journal of the new year, and what better way to start than with "Forgotten Cartoons"? Today's show was requested by NineLivesCaveCat, someone whom I've known for quite a while on this site. It is called "Santo Bugito"."Santo Bugito" was developed by the animation company Klasky-Csupo and aired on CBS from September 1995 through August 1996, lasting for only one season. It is set in a titular border town between Texas and Mexico, populated by various anthropomorphic insects. Carmen De La Antchez and her husband Paco run a restaurant in the town called Carmen's Cocina. With many other eccentric insects who populate the town, they go on all kinds of crazy adventures.I gotta say, I never thought I'd be reviewing a show made by Klasky-friggin'-Csupo as a FORGOTTEN cartoon. I mean, they were a pretty big animation company, especially during the 1990's. They were the company that made "Rugrats", which was basically Nickelodeon's juggernaut until a certain sea sponge came along in 1999. They've also done other notable Nickelodeon shows like "The Wild Thornberrys", "As Told By Ginger", "Rocket Power", and "Aaahh! Real Monsters" (my personal favorite Klasky-Csupo show). Considering how successful a studio they are, I was surprised to find out that they also made a pretty obscure show that lasted for one season and 13 episodes. So what do I think of this particular show? It was okay, but not much more.It's not the most ambitious show or the most involving. It's just a simple show that has enough to entertain the audience without ever excelling at anything. Let's start with the characters.Carmen De La Antchez is an ant who owns Carmen's Cocina and keeps the entire town running. She and her husband Paco love each other very much and have a real passion for dancing.Clem and Burt are two American flies. They both have Southern accents and are dumb as bricks. Their favorite hobby is eating food, hawking it back up, then eating it again, which is pretty gross to watch.Lencho is a flea. He is quite hyperactive and doesn't like it when things are slow around the place.Ralph is a large ladybug with a deep voice. While more physically intimidating than most of the other bugs, he's actually very laid-back and friendly.Eaton is a termite who has a passion for painting. He's voiced by Charles Adler, who does a good job of bringing out the character's cynicism and vanity and gives him a theatrical voice.Rosa is a butterfly. She has a boyfriend named Miguel who is still in his cocoon. Don't ask questions. Just roll with it.Amelia is a damselfly who is enthusiastic about a lot of stuff and tries to be outgoing, but can come off pretty awkward at times.There is a nameless praying mantis professor who occasionally interrupts the show to give dull educational lectures regarding facts about insects and stuff. The other characters are annoyed by him and often push him off-screen or tell him to get lost.One fundamental flaw with the show is its format. Each episode is 22 minutes long, and it doesn't work for this show. This is because the premises for each episode are standard, simple, slice-of-life stories but with an insect twist to them. Examples:Clem and Burt start competing in random contests to determine who's the best fly in town.The citizens try to operate the town while Carmen has to stay in bed for a week.Everyone's prized posessions start disappearing, leading to a whodunnit mystery.Clem is in love with a female insect and his friends help him prepare to go on a date with her.Because the plots aren't substantial enough to sustain a 22-minute running time, most of the episodes are filled with a lot of unnecessary filler and some scenes being stretched out longer than they needed to. If the episodes were 11 minutes instead, they could have been tighter and faster paced, and I think it would have helped the show a great deal. This problem isn't a total deal-breaker, but it does hold the show back some.That being said, the humor in this show is generally pretty solid. It relies mainly on the banter and interplay between the quirky cast of characters to keep things going, and we get pretty good stuff out of them. Ralph, Eaton, and Lencho are probably my favorite characters.The only real complaint humor-wise is that it can be a little too gross at times, most of the time coming from Clem and Burt.I actually really like the music in the show. In addition to the opening music being nice and catchy, we also get a trio of mariachi ants a couple times per episode who play little songs that comment on what's going on in the episode.The animation is traditional Klasky-Csupo animation, but with a bit of a dirtier color palette to it, probably because it fits the vibe of a Tex-Mex insect community.All in all, I had a decent time checking this show out. Not really one of the better shows I've checked out for "Forgotten Cartoons", but it still had enough charm and funny aspects for it to not feel like a waste of time. If you're interested in this show, give it a try.That's a wrap for this episode of "Forgotten Cartoons". To my watchers and anyone else reading this, do you have any requests for what forgotten cartoons you want me to do a review on? Leave it in the comments!
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George Lundgren sings Highwayman by harbinger-project
The Ball by Stereoset95
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Martin Luther King Jr. Day Tribute by AfroOtaku917
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The Return Of Affleck by youdraw4557
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Sorry shaggy by MisplacedExplorer

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