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Holding On by cartoonlovinggal Holding On :iconcartoonlovinggal:cartoonlovinggal 1 0 Happy Late Birthday, RYOU MY CHILD by cartoonlovinggal Happy Late Birthday, RYOU MY CHILD :iconcartoonlovinggal:cartoonlovinggal 7 2
The Day I Was Mistaken For Su-won
Akatsuki no Yona; Reader-insert
  "How much faaaartheeer?" Zeno whined, stretching the vowels of each word, as his stomach began to growl again, "I'm hungryyy." He said holding his stomach.
    An irk mark formed on Yun's forehead, "We ate just an hour ago." It took every inch of his being not to tackle the carefree blond and strangle him. "You ate the most, too! All you do in this group is eat! Even ____ helps us out in times of need."
    "Hm?" At the mention of your name, you turned around to listen to the one-sided conversation. You narrowed your eyes at the boy, "What's that supposed to mean? I've been very helpful even before I joined your group." You turned back to the front with a slight pout on your face as you rested your hands behind your head casually. Shin-ah, who was walking in front of you, suddenly stopped, making you crash into his back. "Hey!" You rubbed your nose before staring at the Blue Drago
:iconcartoonlovinggal:cartoonlovinggal 5 0
Time to Drawww~ Contest Entry by cartoonlovinggal Time to Drawww~ Contest Entry :iconcartoonlovinggal:cartoonlovinggal 3 5 New Year Drawing~~ by cartoonlovinggal New Year Drawing~~ :iconcartoonlovinggal:cartoonlovinggal 2 5 Late Halloween Drawing by cartoonlovinggal Late Halloween Drawing :iconcartoonlovinggal:cartoonlovinggal 2 0 SHSL Joker by cartoonlovinggal SHSL Joker :iconcartoonlovinggal:cartoonlovinggal 3 0 ~Tribal Faerie~ by cartoonlovinggal ~Tribal Faerie~ :iconcartoonlovinggal:cartoonlovinggal 4 0 Breast Cancer Awareness by cartoonlovinggal Breast Cancer Awareness :iconcartoonlovinggal:cartoonlovinggal 2 0 Early Halloween Drawing by cartoonlovinggal Early Halloween Drawing :iconcartoonlovinggal:cartoonlovinggal 0 2 Jinx's Magic by cartoonlovinggal Jinx's Magic :iconcartoonlovinggal:cartoonlovinggal 1 3 Class doodles (2) by cartoonlovinggal Class doodles (2) :iconcartoonlovinggal:cartoonlovinggal 1 0 Class doodles (1) by cartoonlovinggal Class doodles (1) :iconcartoonlovinggal:cartoonlovinggal 0 2
The Eye of the Beholder (Part 2/2)
    Inside the ballroom, Regina scanned the room for Ella. Having turned her head away for a few minutes, the couple vanished from her sight. A vein popped out of the witch’s forehead from annoyance. She felt an ache in her stomach. Something felt off about the situation. She turned around so that she was facing the wall and summoned an hourglass in the palm of her hand. She stared in horror at the last white grains of sand trickling down to meet the pile of sand resting at the bottom. The spell was over. 
    With rage boiling in the pit of the witch's stomach, Regina searched for Ella. The floating hourglass dissipated as her hand clenched into a tight fist. Without the spell's aura, she couldn't locate the couple. To get away from the commotion in the ballroom, she made her way to the door that led to the garden. 'Without the spell, how will I find that wretched girl in this large crow
:iconcartoonlovinggal:cartoonlovinggal 1 0
The Eye of the Beholder (Part 1/2)
        Once upon a time, in a kingdom found near the Black Forest, there was a Prince named Jacob. Jacob had to make one of the biggest decisions in his life –to get married or not to get married. He never had to think about marriage until that day a guard informed him that his father had an urgent matter to discuss.
    The walk from the Prince’s room to his father’s office was silent, an uncomfortable feeling hung in the air. The only sound was the clicking of Prince Jacob’s shoes that echoed in the halls. Jacob pondered why his father, the King, would call him. There wasn’t any special event coming up or any conflicts recently. The prince shook his head at his jumbled thoughts as he made his way to his father's office.
    It wasn’t long before he found himself standing in front of the large, brown double doors of his father’s office. Two guards opened
:iconcartoonlovinggal:cartoonlovinggal 1 0
Zuko!! by cartoonlovinggal Zuko!! :iconcartoonlovinggal:cartoonlovinggal 1 0
Traditional art, digital, stories, and more to come! When I have time...

Random Favourites

Father!ScotlandxReader::THAT Kind of Dad
THAT Kind of Dad
Father!Scotland x Reader

Your father…  YOUR father…oh that man was definitely a dad alright.  And you were definitely your dad's little angel; his princess, baby, et cetera.  That man was Alistair Kirkland and if anything were certain, if any boy laid a finger on you, that finger would be missing in a heartbeat.  Your father, in other words, was the most stuck up, protective, condescending man on the planet, but…he was your father.
Your palms were sweaty, knees weak, and your nerves were in overdrive as you entered your house.  It wasn't that you were scared of your father, no, it was the fact that you were scared for the boy that was to pick you up later.  You hadn't mentioned your overprotective father to the poor soul because—well…isn't it obvious?  
You walked through the hallway that led to the kitchen and then a sound you didn't want to hear had rung in the air.
"Good evenin' lass, 'ow was mah princess' day t'day?" he ask
:iconsnazzywriter:SnazzyWriter 358 107
Tiny!Kirkland BrothersxReader
Tiny!Kirkland BrothersxReader
These are the human names I'm using for the Kirkland Brothers   :3
Wales- Dylan
Ireland- Seamus
North Ireland- Sean
Australia- Jett
Scotland- Allistor
England- Arthur
You trudged tiredly through the downpour. It just HAD to rain right after you steped out of your job.
You didn't have an umbrella and your oh-so nice co-workers who had umbrellas didn't  bother to offer to walk you home. As usual.
Geez, just another crappy day in the life of  _______.
You jumped over a puddle and stumbled through another one. Oh well, your shoes were already soaking.
You paused, tilting your head to the side. Had someone just called for help?
Nah, must have been your imagination.
You took another step forward, still wondering if you had heard something.
You froze again, eyes wide.
Step on it? Which means........
:iconostara-frost:Ostara-Frost 473 885
DenmarkxReader Dat Hair
Dat Hair
You stared across the table at the oblivious Danish man. He was laughing at something Lukas had said, you had missed the joke and didn't bother laughing.
Why were you sitting at the table, staring at the man like he was the last piece of chocolate in the entire world.  You had your reasons, reasons that he would no doubt laugh at you for.
"Um, Is there something in my hair?" Mathias was staring at you quizzically. You blushed and shook your head.
"Ah, no I was just, um zoning out." You blushed, looking away. He shrugged and turned back to Lukas.
Standing up, you walked into your room, shoulders slumped. Hanatamago was sprawled across your bed, wagging her tail.
"What are you doing here? Why aren't you in Tino's room?" The little dog barely ever left the small man's side. Picking him up you went to Tino's room, gently knocking on the door.
"Come in!"
You entered, setting the dog on his bed. Tino smiled and thanked yo
:iconostara-frost:Ostara-Frost 438 234
Denmark X Reader: Jealousy
(Name) growled. Matthias was flirting with another girl.
It was Prussia's younger sister Germany, or Louise, as her name was. The young woman seemed to be enjoying herself, much to Stockholm's dismay. Oh, how she wished she could wipe that million-watt smile out of Matthias' face right now...
"Being jealous, Frau?" Gilbert chuckled and came up to her. America was throwing a random party yet again, so of course all members of the 'Awesome Trio' were present.
(Name) let out a frustrated sigh. "Yes, yes I am, I fucking am. I have no problem admitting it."
"Kesesese. Well, tell you what," the albino began, "he'll keep on going as long as you give him a reaction. In your case, jealousy."
Stockholm 'tsk'ed. "Fine then." She thought for a moment. "Say, Gil? Has Matthias ever said that we were an official couple?"
"No, why?"
"I have an idea." The young woman leaned forward to whisper something into Gilbert's ear. A toothy grin formed on his face, before he began to
:iconmidnightseven:MidnightSeven 595 59
Germany X Reader: The Past Is In The Past
“Vee…” Feliciano’s sigh was audiable, yet nobody really paid attention to him. Except for (Name).
“What’s wrong, Feli?” She asked softly. It was a world meeting, and as always, all hell was breaking loose. Finland was pouting while Denmark and Sweden were making out while Iceland and Norway were cuddly, France and England were fighting, America was…well, (Name) didn’t want to even think about it because it made her blood boil.
“Germany has been acting so strange lately, bella.” The little Italian told her. “He seems sad, but he won’t talk to anyone about it. Not even to Gilbert or Herr Schtick.”
Feliciano seemed down as well, even his curl was drooping. Everyone knew that Germany was his ‘best-est friend in the world’, as he put it, and that Germany’s attitude made him sad too.
True, Ludwig seemed out of character. He didn’t even seem irritated, just…frightened, for some
:iconmidnightseven:MidnightSeven 300 47
Broken Soldiers: Dark Nazi Germany X Ally Reader.
Broken Soldiers.
Dark Nazi Germany X  Ally Reader
Request by~ Chrisy-9-Chris
"They are the enemy, if you are truly a loyal soldier, you will lose your sense of humanity. Shoot to kill. And whatever you do, when you see one of them, don't hesitate."
Germany's words echoed loudly throughout the empty courtyard filled with young soldiers who would most likely not return after today. They looked at their commander with fearful eyes, he was a man on whom not to rival with.  He stood boldly in front of them, dressed in a pure black uniform. The red emblem stained across his shoulder. A soldier meekly walked up to him and handed him a large black coat and his crisp hat. The soldiers watched in awe as he slipped the coat on and placed the hat upon a head of finely groomed, blond hair. Silence except the crunch his boots made against the asphalt as he walked towards the German made car. A man inside handed him a gun. Germany held it comfortably in his gloved hands and turned to the wa
:iconalexa91198:Alexa91198 188 22
Sadie-Anubis: I Can't Intervene by justixoxo Sadie-Anubis: I Can't Intervene :iconjustixoxo:justixoxo 193 21 Blood of the Pharaohs by MiaSteingraeber Blood of the Pharaohs :iconmiasteingraeber:MiaSteingraeber 213 63 Kane couples by blackwingsxv Kane couples :iconblackwingsxv:blackwingsxv 197 19 Sadie Kane by DezThuMak Sadie Kane :icondezthumak:DezThuMak 429 79 Nami and Luffy by Swedishdelite Nami and Luffy :iconswedishdelite:Swedishdelite 308 38 Peter And Wendy with a Twist by hopelessromantic721 Peter And Wendy with a Twist :iconhopelessromantic721:hopelessromantic721 393 128
Don't forget that today...
The english translation of Hetalia vol 6 manga is released :D :D
Only in North America though, if you live outside the states like me you can buy it on amazon :)
:iconstoneunicorn1:Stoneunicorn1 6 35
The Dagger Key ~ Pirate!England x Reader Part 17
The week’s long journey to the Gate’s island seemed to pass both too slowly and too quickly. Now, you stood by Arthur at the ship’s helm, staring down the black-veiled mass of land with a hard determination in your eyes.
“It hasn’t changed a bit…” you heard Wang mutter from nearby. “How many times have I seen that jet miasma…?”
“Hopefully this time will be the last,” Antonio responded, placing a hand on the rapier at his side.
Arthur adjusted the wheel, a rather excited smirk dancing across his face.
“Oh, I assure you all… We are going to leave this accursed place with that bastard’s head on a spike and that Gate locked for good.”
You nodded in agreement, clutching tightly to your dagger… the Dagger Key. The thing upon which all your fates rested. You felt it’s weight increase in your palm, as if it knew what sort of fate awaited it. You squeezed it tighter, feeling as though
:iconprincess-notte:Princess-Notte 87 44
The Dagger Key ~ Pirate!England x Reader Part 16
You walked along the shore just outside the cave, taking in the warm morning breeze. This place was so quaint and peaceful - such a pleasant change from the chaos you had experienced such a short time ago. Wang had told you that he had used this island for several years as a sort of stop-off on his long journeys from the China Sea to the Caribbean - to the island with the Gate. You felt the weight of your dagger on your hip as you strolled aimlessly through the sand. It was heavy with purpose, much more so now. Yet, you no longer could bring yourself to be afraid. You had more than just a promise to your mother to keep. You had a promise to yourself, a vow to protect the people you loved, and that vow far outweighed any fear that still lingered in your heart.
You rounded a small inlet in the shore, and as you passed some trees, you smiled. Alfred and Lovino were happily playing together in the gently crashing waves, laughing without a care. You watched them for several moments, impress
:iconprincess-notte:Princess-Notte 49 21
The Dagger Key ~ Pirate!England x Reader Part 15
You jerked upright, sucking back a knife-like gasp. You looked around frantically, gathering your surroundings. You were in your and Arthur’s bed; the room you shared looked exactly the same. The sun shone through the porthole above the bed, reflecting off of a full-length mirror in the corner. You fought to calm your raging heartbeat, then slipped your legs out of the bed.
There was no possible way what you saw had been a dream…
Images of blood and innards and faceless demons flashed across your mind’s eye so vividly, you had to cover your mouth against the sick feeling rising up from your stomach. You quickly rose from the bed and dashed to the door. The instant you reached for the handle, the door swung open, and a confused Arthur stood before you.
“Oh, morning, love. How did you sleep?” he greeted with a smile.
You shook at the sight of him. That was him… wasn’t it?
You examined him carefully, paying close attention to his eyes. They were
:iconprincess-notte:Princess-Notte 62 13


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Alby Rei
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Arab Emirates
Welcome to my page~!

(What does one say in a bio, I don't even--)

- I'm an otaku, I've seen lots of anime of different genres, but my all time favorite is Yu-Gi-Oh! (all generations)
- I have tons of favorite characters, but no one can replace Nagito Komaeda (danganronpa), the Bakuras (Yu-Gi-Oh!), and Vector (YGO! Zexal) in my heart.
- I love art in all its forms from drawing to writing to music to games.
- My interests shift very often
- I always start projects but seldom finish them XD
- I'm a child at heart, but I act like a mom to my friends.
- I love learning languages and listening to music in different languages (Korean, Japanese, German, English)

- I'm working on a game for one of my favorite k-pop bands, EXO, and I'm looking forward to releasing a demo soon~ if I can figure out how rpgmaker works XD
I don't know if I should post updates or previews on here just yet, but if anyone is interested, leave a comment~!

My birthday badge


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