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This is the best tablet I've bought so far for drawing! I've owned quite a few tablets in the past, but never a display tablet. I'd heard rumors and drooled over Wacom's web site for years, but couldn't justify the price (in other words, I was broke). However, this year I'm trying to focus on seriously drawing and creating some comic books to sell and the Lord provided a way for me to purchase the Cintiq Pro 13. In the past I've just doodled to make people laugh or gave away gift art to visiting friends and family or for special occasions. My drawing skills have grown to the point where I think I can succeed in publishing a few comic books if I really apply myself (I'm a procrastinator). Plus, Antarctic Press' praise of my recent submission to their swim suit edition also helped boost my confidence ;)

So I have tons of sketches that I'll be working on digitizing to help me practice for the camping story that I want to draw and publish as a comic book. I actually drew the story 18 years ago, so I just need to tweak it a little to take place on the Big Island and redraw it (unlike most of us as we age, Holly looks a whole lot better today than she did back then)...
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May 23, 2018


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