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Update: Krystal Papercraft



I've been working hard on this project and the model is finally ready for export to Pekaura. A lot has happend since last update the most noticeable is the change of pose and I that she now looks in another direction. I'm very proud of have accived that beacuse it was somewhat complicated it involves changing the texture itself.
I have also split the bodyparts into sepearte objects so I dont have to build the model in one piece. I thought it would be interesting for you to show the model in a 360 turnaround so here it is enjoy. Btw so you know I didn't created this model it is the actual model from the game. I will give the uploader credit for making this model avalible but at the time I don't have his name

Now I can't work on this project at the time because my AC adapter to my laptop is broken :(. My stationary computer is a mac so I can't install Pepakura on that either. Very frustrating...
Anyway there you have the update hope you like it so far.
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i really wanna know what happend to this project :C