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Mists of Eden.

By cartoongirl7
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I'm baaaaack...after an unproductive 3 months OTL;;;
Once I stopped drawing for awhile, it was hard to get back into pace again. I was so scared that I might have forgotten how to draw completely D'8

So yeah, no more extended hiatus for me again, because it's crunch time for Anime Expo preparations. So many things needed to be drawn for Artist Alley, so little time left =_=;;

As for this picture...I felt like doing something soft and laid back. I just loooove drawing water, even though the end product never really looks like water >_>;;

The design is inspired by Heather, of ANTM Cycle 9 :'D <3

Materials: Copic markers, white ink, the last of my airbrush spray :<, and photoshop retouch
Time: 8 hours
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This is beautiful
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She feels like an illuminating dream.  And there is a wise saying that awakens within the touch of a dream.  The fantasy of it all is a mist beyond the sectors of reality.  And she feels stronger with every note.
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She is so beautiful and gentle, tremendous work! Love 
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Such a great artwork. I wouldn't be able to ever beat that it's SO GORGEOUS!CURSE YOU! Meow :3 XD...o.O 
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:iconinloveplz: So beautiful, lovely and gorgeous!! ^_^
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Can I draw this character and put it on my account please I'd like you to see it if you'll let me thank you for your time
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Really pretty! Heather is my favourite model from ANTM!
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It's beautiful TwT.
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Are you taking requests?
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This is a beautiful picture/artwork, I really like it.:D (Big Grin) 
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wow, she is very beautiful. Nicely drawn
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thats soo good your drawing skills are so much better than mine
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This is so beautiful 
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Love the dress. Great work.
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How what an amazing drawing you made check out mine if you like.
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Cute! :heart: rvmp I like it! :lovesquee:  
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Aww...this is a beauty!
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